That feel when you’re hitting reconciliation and you want to add Libertine to your stack because you’re reading the Libertine thread and want to join in the fun - even though you’re using your custom and Stark/Khan.



There is always room for…Le Libertine :slight_smile:


Just make libertine a situational use! :slight_smile:


Is there? :joy:

I make BLU situational use, every so often. This could be a good way to incorporate for sure.


Before I start I’d like to say - I’ve learnt my lesson and it won’t be happening again :joy:

Also do as I say, not necessarily as I do .

So, I’m definitely at a point where I need to take a break from subs for a bit. I did what we were told not to do, I like to experiment and before we were told not to do it (I’m a good few hours in front of the US so I didn’t see the DON’T DO IT MESSAGE before I went ahead and did it anyway :sob:)

I layered my subs using that Infinity Player app and well…the results…(don’t blame the app, it’s useful for a bunch of stuff - blame me for being an idiot.)

Hitting super hard reconciliation and processing of the subliminals…

I’m super super tired af and questioning so much shit. Personal stuff has happened and I’m just like…that shouldn’t be happening. I’ve been having a lot of negative thoughts and all that jazz so I’ve definitely over done it.

This week has been a good week but it went downhill quickly.

I had my custom, Khan and Stark playing a lot that night when layering. After I realised this wasn’t working I switched to my 6 day a week thing where I’ll play my custom one day, Stark one day and Khan one day throughout the night on a certain amount of loops and repeat. On Friday I accidentally had Khan on for 10 loops as I slept 10 hours. I didn’t mean to keep the repeat button on.

Fucking face palm.

So now? I’m resting. This week and subs has not been the one and this is definitely a learning curve :joy:.

It’s happened, time to learn from it and move on. So I’m taking a few days out to let everything process and reset before I come back and when I come back I’m going to deload and listen to a couple of loops doing my 6 day a week and one day rest, maybe two and start the day after the second rest or the one below:

My routine I think (not sure if right ahead or not but):

My custom x2
Stark Q x2
Khan x2

For two nights and then one night dedicated to each sub that starts with maybe x2 loops and then builds up gradually again. That’ll mean I’ll have done 5 days a week and have 2 days rest.

In case you didn’t get the message.

don’t fucking layer your subs and don’t be a hero it doesn’t work out. I wish I had done more research but I just experimented.

Oh well. Upwards and onwards.


Lmao…it’s funny seeing this posted after I posted a response strongly discouraging it in the other thread. And that thread itself is a repeat of another thread which was from 2019, where again SubClub said not to ever layer subs.

Heh, this app is definitely VERY useful. Just not for layering multiple SubClub subs.

Maybe it’s time to do a 1-week washout!


Yeah I was thinking a 1 week wash out too. I want everything to hit me - in a good way! :joy:

  • I read everyone’s responses after I did it. I wasn’t on the site as much as usual so I didn’t see any questions regarding it. However, it’s a strong no haha.

I’m sure I read the responses from the 2019 thread but I have a shitty memory and thought I’d experiment but here are the results.

I think a one week wash out will be good. Allow me to get back on track. It also helps me deload mentally too.


Still taking my time off subs.

However I wanted to discuss my feelings during this time.

Mental fogginess is definitely there. Felt less of it today.

Still super tired. Having to nap during the day, but better.

Thoughts of not feeling good enough.

Manifestation of things I’m being negative about.

Being negative more often.

Remember me saying I’m not caring too much about my weight? INSECURITY ALERT. I’m feeling chubbier than normal AND caring about it too much.

Not getting on with my clothes anymore, totally feeling like everything is too tight and nothing fits. Also that nothing goes together so I have ‘no clothes’.

Wanting to switch and/or add to my stack. Today alone I thought of adding Emperor Fitness purely because of the two points above.

These are just a few of the thoughts and feelings I’ve been having since the layer and 10 rounds of Khan in one night, oops.

It’s definitely starting to fade away - well, that’s how I feel anyway) as I haven’t listened to any subs since Friday night/Saturday morning (I had Stark T on 3x - moving back to Q for consistency and better results).

Going to give it a few more days, maybe until Friday/Saturday then it’ll be a week I hadn’t listened but we’ll run it by how I feel.

Excited for this to be over but I brought it on myself for sure.


If it’s any consolation, I think this is an unsurprising trend for many during this time as many are still in a quarantine of sorts.


We’ve been out of lockdown since July 20th and I’ve been dancing 3 hours a day pretty much :/!

Definitely worried about my looks and stuff more than I was a couple weeks ago.


Very interesting. I will not be returning to office until sometime in the middle of the first half (and that’s optimistic).


Yeah I know certain parts of the world are still in lockdown. We’ve been out since July - may be going back into one but we haven’t had anything confirmed yet.


Feeling creative today! Only two 8 counts left of my choreography or so left to do and I started choreographing very little yesterday. These are some of the fastest pieces of choreo I’ve made and I’m here for them :joy:

There’s one module that’s been sticking out to me because I’m constantly waking up super early. I’ve been up since 6am today even though I went to bed at 3:30am which seems to be (I think it’s called???) Carpe Deim. I’m fully of energy even though mentally I’m exhausted (the fog is definitely down today and I’m not in my head as much).

I’ve been waking up at 6-9am every day so far and before the subs I was waking up later than that.

Something I noticed but don’t think I’ve mentioned.


Also I heard Subclub are possibly making a dance subliminal, I need this in my life please, asap.

Can we have a dance subliminal and a choreography subliminal please :sob:


I’m backkkkkkkkkk.

I was going to have 7 days off but I took up until last night as I was eager to get back into the subs.

I feel refreshed and ready to go. Listened to 3 loops of my EoG/E:HoM sub, going to listen to Stark tonight and start with Khan Stage 1 on Monday. I’m too happy to be back!

Mental fog has gone, everything feels all good. I’m energised and awake. LETS GO.


woo! woo!
which Khan stages do you run with Stark and your custom?


Just stage one. Too me, it’s the most important stage.


never stage 4?

I have Khan Stage 1 in my custom and it seems to keep clearing a good foundation for everything else

why do you value it…how does it effect your stack? (do you feel any of the dominance aspects of khan from it or just the healing)


Before my custom I was doing Khan Stage 1 and 4. I’ve never done 2 and 3 tho.

I don’t feel any dominance from the stage, just the healing at the moment. I wanted to ensure it did what it needed to. Do you suggest I change to 4 or any other stage?


I can’t say personally and it also depends on your goals.
I’ve been running Khan Stage 1 in a custom for almost 3 months and experienced benefits from it.
And while it speeds up results in some ways it also perhaps slows them down in others but still increases a foundation for better long term results.

Stark and your custom is essentially the mix and khan stage 1 is helping healing and a continued foundation and increased effectiveness of it.

I would say keep using khan stage 1 until it feels right to move on. Then do just Stark and your custom, and after seeing what that is like, try adding stage 4.