New year just hit, I know a majority of you are behind me and it hasn’t hit for you yet but…

Here’s to a happier and greater, more successful, 2021.

Love you guys.


In regards to this, I definitely don’t have low self-esteem anymore. I used to. I have insecurities, who doesn’t, but I’m actually quite confident and proud of myself. I’ve grown to love myself, more and more each day and the subs have helped but my boyfriend also made that happen for me too - along with myself.

I appreciate your kindness @Voytek, you’re an incredible being and I’m super glad I’ve met you and got the chance to converse with you on a daily basis.

I believe I’ll get there too, eventually. It’ll come for sure.


Now it’s time to go back from Mordor and leave Mount Doom behind us… the Ring has been destroyed. :slight_smile:


On top of that, I’ve been following @Brandon for some time and I would never say he was someone with a low self-esteem or that he didn’t love himself.

Thanks for the feedback @Voytek.
@Brandon, I was just going off what I observed in other people and in myself. Don’t take it personal.


Of course not dude, I appreciate observations. Sometimes we don’t see what other people see or feels, it’s never personal.


Off we go.


Updating my custom:

Major Core:

Inner Circle


The Spotlight
Fortune’s Favourite
Natural Winner
Invincible Presence
Dragon Tongue
Sacred Words
Transcendental Connection
Chosen of Venus
Aura of Craving
Godlike Masculinity

Limiting People Remover

Result Enhancers


If anyone wants to let me know their thoughts as I feel this is the final draft.


To me, it looks perfect since I know your main goals and I see a beautiful synergy between the modules. How about the name of your custom? :slightly_smiling_face:


I do need a name and actually was meant to ask people for a name…I have no idea what to call it though.


Just a try…

Morning StarQ

Star since there is Stark in it, Stark and StarkQ = the same pronunciation. It’s also about you becoming a star.
Morning since it’s a new beginning.

Morning Star symbolizes Venus - the goddess of love and love is at the core of your project.


Funnily enough I’ve been hearing this term for a few weeks mainly because I’ve been watching Sabrina and I heard it last night when I watched New Mutants.

It’s meant to be.

MorningStarQ it is (I don’t think it should have a space.)

I like your reasonings too!


It’s time to turn the page then. :slight_smile:


I’m ready, it’s coming!


And a happy new year to you too brother. 2021 is going to be THE year we shake things up. Cheers :partying_face:


I bet @JCast would like to rebaptize it to “Lucifer”. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The Latin word lucifer , corresponding to Greek φωσφόρος, was used as a name for the morning star and thus appeared in the Vulgate translation of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל (helel), meaning Venus as the brilliant, bright or shining one (…)


Happy new year brother! Here’s to the year of success. We’re gonna shake things up most definitely.


LuciferQ will be when I do my Khan/Stark custom haha.


Awesome build! I really like it and am kind of jealous aha (note to self: must. not. build. new. custom.) :see_no_evil:

Also I hate to be that guy but did you know that you have 21 modules? :eyes:


I must admit I felt something similar when reading the list of the modules. It looks really awesome.


Nope, there are 20 :face_with_hand_over_mouth: