Thanks man, it’s thanks to @RVconsultant @Apollo @JCast @Hoppa @Voytek @Azriel, you, @raphael and everyone else for helping me create it. If I hadn’t have taken RV’s advice I’d have my custom and it would not look the way it does.

Also, I counted with a panic attacked heart then, but it’s 20 haha.

Yep! Haha


Oh my bad, I was counting the line that said “results enhancers” hahaha crap

Carry on :sweat_smile:


Haha, no worries man!

Also I should of wrote this in your journal but congratulations on your health improving so far, I’m glad it’s happening for you.


Thank you! It’s really been a weight off that it’s been going so well


I bet! Can’t wait for your journey of healing to continue and for you to be back on the mend completely!


Playing Dragon Reborn now.
Official loops are:

x3 loops for DR
x4 loops for StarkQ
x1 loop for StarkU

Edit: due to my Google Home Mini being a shitty speaker in terms of Bluetooth connection with my iPhone I’ve switched to my JBL speaker. I’d rather use my Google Home since I don’t have to charge it and it stays on all the time but meh.


What stage of DR are you on


I’m on Stage 2 at the moment dude.


Nice! I think I’m going to switch over tomorrow :slight_smile: how long have you been running it?


Only got about a week or two dude, do you feel you’re ready to switch over? How are you finding it?


I think so. The way I see it is that I’m ready to move to the next step and anything that might have been “missed” will get taken care of with st4/DRU. How are you finding st2?


If you’re ready to move to the next step then into the next step you shall step :sweat_smile: sorry I felt philosophical. Haha.

Yeah I think even if a stage missed something (since it’ll take more than a certain amount of hours or days to pick up everything) that it’ll be gotten somehow in the next stage. Especially if you run them longer.

I’m enjoying it. Stage 1 and 2 are smooth for me so far.


Just woke up about 30 minutes ago.
I swear listening to the subs on masked through a speaker gives me a deep sleep, like I’m dead to the world - even if it interrupts it at times.

No dreams or anything that I can recognise today, I don’t remember anything.

Time to kick off 2021.


I feel like I need/want higher loops.
I don’t feel as alive off lower loops like I did yesterday and before.


So, does anyone have any learning strategies?

I get super bored if I have to stand around a while. My focus in terms of learning has always been difficult.

As I’m in lockdown I want to take some online classes (which I already find super stressful) but I know I want to be better however they talk for a while without actually doing anything (especially Foundations classes which I’ll be taking).

It came to me a couple weeks ago that I should speed up the classes interns of x1.3-2 times so that I don’t get bored and get through their talking.

This is something I’m going to do, but does anyone have any ideas on anything else I could do?

I also want to apply these learning strategies to listening to audio books and learning new things.

I’m currently learning how to train my dog and even a 15 minute video of that was difficult to get through, I had to speed it up by 1.5x to not get annoyed or bored as easily.

Please help :sweat_smile:


The best advice I can give is primarily to have fun learning, whatever it is fine a way to make it enjoyable. The easiest and simplest way to do that is to remember your motivation. Mindset is key.

Secondly, teach what you learn to someone else. Find a person in your life that you think would be interested in learning the info. Tell them you’re taking a course, reading a book, whatever and would like to regularly get together to discuss what you’ve learned. When you learn something with the objective of teaching it to someone else you’ll pay more attention and pick up key specifics. Also when you teach something you’ve learned, you in a way get to learn it twice.


I do that with many things…


Of course! I love to dance and it’s a passion of mine but I just hate standing around before we learn the next bit, I think this is where the 1.3 will come in (any faster and they sound like turkeys haha).

In regards to teaching it back - I’d do this anyway. I have my own dance company so I’d be teaching them basically what I learnt in my own way.

Thanks for the help dude!


What do you do it with?


Movies. Documentaries. Educational programs.

Why 1.5x?

As I think Dieter used to say on Sprockets on SNL “Talk faster you’re boring me.”


Haha, makes sense man.
I’ve just done 8 dance classes (they were fairly short anyway - foundations dance classes) in one hour due to listening at 2x speed.

Thanks for the help!