Feeling super tired today.
Frustrated as hell.

My workouts on Beachbody are pissing me off because they’re not a quick enough pace. I love the workout I’m currently doing BUT it could be a quicker pace (what I mentioned earlier) and her counts are OFF - as a dancer this annoys me.

Anyway, I feel like Stark is kicking in. I’m getting nudges.

My mind and body and telling me:


So tomorrow I’m going to work on some stuff. Take some classes, upload a Tiktok, maybe upload an old piece of work etc.


I’m sitting here watching my boyfriend play Call of Duty whilst I can’t stop thinking about learning stuff.

Does anyone have any books/material/master classes (as in the website) that would relate to Stark/MoonStarQ goals that I could learn something from?

Tagging for suggestions: @RVconsultant @Simon @Azriel or if you want to tag anyone.

I’d appreciate the help.


What are you wanting to learn about?


Honestly I don’t even know what I need in regards to Stark, but I’m picking up a copy of 48 Laws of Power to help with MorningStarQ.

Just stuff like that, if that makes sense?


“The Prince” is a classic.

“Getting to Yes” is another.

“Get the Life You Want” might be another one.

The website Masterclass has seminars by people at the top of their fields.


Thanks man! I’ll check them out for sure.

Any you can recommend? I’ve got a membership.


You have all in one in this book; Efficiency: Get Rich Without Giving Up Your Life by Wall Street Playboys.


I second this suggestion.


ah ho! Nice! Did my Lucifer custom influence this name at all?


Thanks man! I’ll check it out! Apologies for not tagging you. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Always appreciate your input and opinions, I’ll definitely check it out for! On top of my list today.


It was actually @Voytek’s idea haha (and I had been hearing the name MorningStar in TV programs recently) but LuciferQ is going to be my Khan/StarkQ custom name next time.



Okay maybe not a massive deal to any of you but it is to me who judges everything I do.

I haven’t posted it yet but I will do.
I’ve also filmed my choreography too.


Just remember that Perfect is the enemy of success. You will never get anything done.

Go for Good Enough. You’ll see results and you will learn much faster.


I think you would benefit from the one for negotations. Voss is his name.

Any on dance that are there?

There are some on business and PR too.


Also check out Daniel Pink’s Masterclass course on sales & persuasion. I found it exceptional and filled with good advice


I’ll have a look for them for sure! Thank you very much for the help.

There is one dance one on there by a choreographer which I need to finish watching. I’ll be using the 2x listen with this haha.

I’ll check out the business stuff for sure.

Thanks for the name man, I’ll be sure to listen to it tonight! Thank you! I appreciate the help.

So I’ve got

Parris Gobel - Choreography
Daniel Pink - Sales and Persuasion
Chris Voss (@RVconsultant someone else recommended him and I can’t remember who it was, I feel like it was @realbillperry but I’m unsure) - Negotiation
RuPaul - Self Expression & Authenticity (He’s a role model of mine)
Wallstreet Playboys - Efficiency (I bought this this morning and read a little).

Anything else people can recommend?


It was actually me, @HappyHero and @Neurokinetic in different posts!


@Brandon, Coup d’etat A Practical Handbook by Edward Luttwak is excellent.

So much to learn from this one.


Thanks for crediting these guys too, I couldn’t remember where I read it or who I’d seen it from just something told me you. I knew it was others though! Thanks man :pray:t4:

I’ll check it out man, something tells me your offering is super legit and I need to see it.