Gonna stop Stage 2 of DR and follow through with Stage 4. I intend on keeping it this way for a while and seeing how I react. I want to stick with Stage 4 whilst I follow through my stack for a good few months.


Oh, I forgot.
I had a nap tonight - only for 45 minutes/an hour or so but whilst I was napping I was getting so vivid dreams. I woke up and completely forgot what I was dreaming about but it was so vivid. Only reason I woke up/stopped dreaming was because my boyfriend woke me up (I asked him to.)

Finally glad I can dream again, even if it’s just this once aha.


Interested to see how this goes for you. I’m still planning on doing a month/4 weeks of st2 but was considering skipping st3 and going straight to st4


Stage 2 honestly has been really smooth, so was stage 1. Plus I want to do it for the long term and I’m taking what Simon said about his theory that stage 4 would be more beneficial long term than 2/3 over the course of a few months.


I like this approach too, however, according to his notion, which is treating a multistage program like a toolbox, it’s better to consider if the goals of a certain stage aren’t in stronger alignment with your personal goals right now than the goals of the final stage. Or maybe just the objectives of a certain stage are required to achieve earlier than the objectives of the final stage, or those objectives just need to be worked on more thoroughly.


I don’t actually believe that I’m feeling the stages more than I’m feeling stage 4. I connected to stage 3 when I read it but I do feel like having the overall box in stage 4 will work on whatever I need it to.


Chris Voss is so good
Jesus man. I started the MasterClass last night and the mirroring technique definitely hit me with a Stark quality.

I had heard of mirroring beforehand but never really looked into it and actually thought it was the selling process of mirroring which was to copy what a person does body language wise.

Wow was I behind the times. Mirroring seems great.
Labelling I’m having trouble understanding - I’ve just watched the exercise class where he shows you a demo of labelling and mirroring and I’m having a difficult time understanding what he means.

I’ll have to watch the videos again (which I will anyway).
@RVconsultant @realbillperry this was a solid recommendation.

@Neurokinetic I started watching Daniel Pink but something drew me to watch Voss instead, so I’m gonna watch him after I’m done with Chris’s MasterClass.


Apologies, I missed your message!
Yep! You’re right.

Me and the boyfriend go by the quote, or we’re at least trying to haha:

“Done is better than perfect”


I’m investigating on TikTok right now and I found an interesting statistic:

Douyin, aka TikTok in mainland China, just hit 400 million daily active users there (and the most active dance video creators are over 60 years old.

Another one is:

TikTok has recently created a $1 Billion Creator Fund. This money will be paid by TikTok directly to its creators in an effort to further solidify its relationships with influencers. TikTok has many competitors, large and small (Facebook’s Reels, YouTube’s Shorts, former Vine creator’s Byte, and Triller, among others). This fund should prove to be very effective for the platform.

That’s interesting.

Do you think TikTok could work for someone who wants to share their poetry and aphorisms? Or you have to show off or perform something drawing the eye like dancing?


You’ll need something eye catching just in the beginning. Even a subtle movement like panning(correct term?) the camera might do it. Basically you need to hook them in.


Yes, that’s right. Avoiding being static.

Thanks for your suggestion! :slight_smile:


No worries man! Glad you’re enjoying Chris Voss. I read his book long before I watched his masterclass. Amazing stuff. Labeling is exactly what it sounds like. You put actions and beliefs into specific words i.e. “It sounds like you’re having trouble understanding how this works.” This gives the other side the opportunity to either clarify or certify your label, which gives you the advantage either way. Hope that helps!


People have a soft spot for the older generation on TikTok. I’ve seen it with a few people in the US/UK.

You’d have to do trends to get started in my opinion - however I haven’t posted anything yet. I’m going to today. My first video is actually out of time due to using a Bluetooth speaker so I could hear the sound :unamused: but done is better than perfect.

Once you’ve got a decent amount of followers from trends you can get into making your own content. I’m just going to mix the two.


This is also true. Something that gives a little ‘I didn’t expect that’.



Chris is great, I was reluctant to start his but something told me I should. I felt uncomfortable doing it since I knew it was something I needed but his words are magic and I need to keep listening. I’ll have to pick up his books for sure but on audio.

Labelling makes sense and I get it I’m just struggling in an action side. I watched the video on demoing it I just think it’s going to take some time for me to actually learn it.

I used the what and how question technique to get more information from my boyfriend on something he was doing this morning - worked like a charm and he had no idea what I was doing even though he’s seen Chris’ beginning MasterClass.


So much annoyance and so much anger today.
I’ve finally taken a stand but that stand led to some stuff that annoyed me even more. Gah.

So I personally get annoyed at the fact no-one in my family will help me take the dogs for a walk. I’ve got three dogs, one is my boyfriend’s. We have a pug, Siberian husky and a stafford bullterrier mixed with a shar-pei that we found last abandoned last January.

They’ve barely been for a walk and I always want to take them but I struggle doing it by myself. My mom and boyfriend always moan about going to take them out - they huff and puff or say they’ll take them later and later turns into not going. It’s frustrating as hell for me because it ultimately means two walks for me (it isn’t a major issue but like…c’mon).

Anyway I stood my ground today. They both said later (my boyfriend has been saying it all week and it’s turned into never) and my mom huffed and was on her usual road of ‘As long as it doesn’t take too long’…

I get frustrated and I’m just like you know what I’ll take them alone, I can’t be bothered waiting for people and having people be consistently selfish towards the dogs. It’s not fair they have to rely on us to get the right exercise. It’s frustrating to me.

So I take them - what happens?
My Shar-pei sees dogs and wants to play so he manages to escape his harness and runs to them (they’re scared af) and my other dog who is protective thinks my Shar-pei is getting attacked so tries to attack the dogs…gahhhh. My shar-pei is off the lead at this point and the pug comes off somehow too. He’s running in the road and this whole thing leads to a dangerous frustration for me because I’m alone.

Better still NO-ONE walking past helps me to get the dogs back on their leads or harnesses so I’m struggling.

Me standing my ground lead me to this but I also hope it teaches my boyfriend and mom a lesson, that they SHOULD be helping considering it’s their dog/family too.

I’ll probably get push back for this but I entirely think they’re in the wrong. I’m just done with standing by and not fighting for what’s right even though I’m constantly thinking it in my head.

It’s annoying. I’m glad I stood up for what’s right even though it lead to those consequences.

I even had to shut my boyfriend down before I left because he always seems to have an excuse as to why he can’t/won’t do something and it’s unfair.

The alpha came out. I wasn’t here for it. I’m proud of myself, even if anyone else isn’t.



Thanks dude, it’s been a struggle. I just started training them using stuff off Masterclass this week and it’s been helpful but not to the point on their lead.


Been trying out Chris Voss’ stuff all day and it’s been helping building rapport with people. Jesus, where have I been? Under a rock? His what and how question technique is so good.

I posted a video on my instagram of me dancing, haven’t done that for a while so it’s fresh for me and decided to use it on people commenting rather than just writing ‘hope you’re okay x’ I was just writing what and how questions, guess what? Simple replies back that led to more replies. Why did I not even think of something so simple as this?

Clearly my former ‘question’ is more of a statement whereas what and how are questions. Man, I was missing out.

I feel more Stark like already.
I cannot WAIT for my custom to be here.

In the meantime I’m using StarkU as a major program.
Something from StarkU hit me the other day when I played it as a booster and it made me more proactive and gave me the push I needed that I hadn’t felt as much on Q. I felt more nudges to be creative and all that kinds of stuff hence why I was like ‘GUYS I MADE A TIKTOK’ no big deal, now I’m thinking why the fuck didn’t I do it before? What was stopping me.

Anyway, StarkU is my major program now.
I wish I could make an Ultima version of the custom I’m creating, imagine? HOLY JHEEZUS.


What does it mean to “do trends”?

Also, I’m listening to a very interesting audiobook about building your brand on social media - “Crush it!”. I highly recommend it to you.

Thanks! :slight_smile: