Is it by Gary Vee?

Trends are dances on TikTok that are popular. Doesn’t necessarily have to be dances but most of the videos on Tiktok are dances. Anything that’s in your niche that’s popular.


The very same. So you’ve read it already. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I haven’t, I have it but I’m not the greatest at reading books - I get bored. Gotta do audiobooks x2 now haha.

No worries man!


Ran DR Stage 2 x4 last night, think I need to cut it down to 3 and keep it there otherwise it’ll be surpass my dominant sub.

Used StarkU x 3 today through my JBL speakers (currently listening to the third loop now) whilst I was playing Call of Duty - I started to get a pressure in my head so I know that’s pretty much my sweet spot for that, or around it anyway (normally I run Stark between 4-6x, as U has 2x the info/amount or whatever I thought I’d use less than 4).

Gonna run The Executive x1 after this to get myself up and going.

I think I want to film myself doing a piece of choreography today.


Instantly feeling tired now.


I ended up napping.
Did a class which I got annoyed at hahaha.

I may have listened to too many loops of StarkU. I’m going to limit it to 2 loops of StarkU rather than 3, and one loop of The Executive as well as 2-3 loops of DR.

I felt massively out of focus in terms of doing anything other than playing Call of Duty today. Literally all I’ve done all day.

I’ve also been incredibly indecisive.
Doing my workout took me three hours of deciding/doing because I’m getting frustrated and super annoyed easily - the workout I’m doing is an hour long and it’s actually a good workout but I get annoyed at repetition and how long it is. They’ve released a new one but it has proprietary equipment which doesn’t look like it’ll work with the door/walls I have. The workouts are 18-30 minutes too which is perfect (I know there’s other workouts I could do but I really want to do these ones).


Just a lot of annoyance, tiredness and disappointments today - is this recon or just a general life thing?

Also we’ve been put into another lockdown in the UK where we can’t leave our houses unless it’s for food shopping. This is ridiculous. My house is a mess so I can’t film Tiktok/new videos there, so I have to be creative.


Hope this lockdown doesnt last long, hope thing start to get a bit better, am sure the vaccine will give a ease the UK, hang in there and dont lose hope


I wonder what would the solution to that be… :wink:


Me too man. They say until the end of February here but I doubt that’s gonna happen. ;/


If it was that easy it would have been done. I’m just going to go out though, not far. Videos don’t take too long.


I’ve been noticing a lot more interaction by likes, comments, messages and the likes of people checking out my profile on Instagram so far. Pretty sweet.


You have to Stark somewhere. I mean start somewhere.


I still love this.


@friday has motivated me to do a gym routine rotation.
I’m going to be taking a rest day every fourth day to ensure enough processing time. I’m also going to be using quite a few loops.

I still stand by that subconscious, whilst admittedly I barely know anything about the subconscious in comparison to you guys, runs like the body does in terms of ‘training’.

Whilst someone suggested that you’re still working the subconscious mind and not a ‘body part’ I personally believe you’re giving the subconscious different instructions therefore different instructions need processing time.

It’s just like me learning a piece of choreography, I could work on one piece of choreography one day, let it process the next whilst I work on another piece of choreography and then come back to the first piece the next day.

Just something is telling me to do this, so that’s what I’m going to follow.

So, 3 days on, one day off.

Will be running 4-6 loops each sub since I’ll be using them 2-3 times a week rather than 5 times a week with less loops, or even more. Should even out over time.

This just makes sense to me.

Anyway, currently listening to StarkU as my major program and will let it run whilst I’m sleeping.


So I played StarkU + The Executive last night.
StarkU x4 and The Executive x2.

Jesus did I have a deep ass sleep. My God.
I really think the sounds of the masked sub really helped me sleep. I did wake up a few times but the sleep I had was deep.

Edit: It was hard as hell to wake up. I was that tired.
I still actually haven’t got out of bed but 🤷🏼.


This is why I feel so strange on rest days. No masked tracks to listen to. Now should i listen to “empty” masked tracks on those days I wonder lol


how do you listen to your Ultimas @Brandon

I may have missed this from above


Currently using JBL Flip 4 speakers whilst I’m asleep.
Not sure if they carry the ultrasonic sounds though. Haven’t checked as I’m not sure what I’m looking for.


Constantly wanting to switch subs.


Haha,thats my most consistent reconcilation symptom.i get it at least twice a month(>_<)best is to wait a week and see if you still feel the same the next week and it usually clears.