I feel the same every couple of days.


Bro. You know all too well my mistake… don’t do it. :expressionless:


Haha,thats pretty often.what do you feel that your stack is lacking that needs to be changed?


I haven’t switched, I just want to - all the time :sob:


Meh I don’t even know.
I just keep reading certain things that my sub doesn’t match (personally, may match something or someone else).

I don’t even know at this point.


I get that a lot but I think it’s because the number of options is so vast now. I imagine it had to be easier when the only stuff available was Emperor or whatever the first title was.


Isnt that normal though?the subs here use your subconcious to grow into a version that fits you rather than a set model so even people running the same program might have results that dont match like some people become more quiet or extroverted on primal seduction depending what suits them better.


It is haha. That’s exactly the title I keep reading about too. I’m just likE:

This sub fits this, this one fits this, this one does that.



Haha,emperor used to be pretty specific.the new versions seem to adapt to the person can be social on emperor now but dont have to.haha,feel that emperor might be better than stark or khan for you?


Can understand the overload of choices now with the q store though.always worried that i missed a module that ill need later(T-T)figure its better to have so many choices and not pick them than no choices at all though(^-^)


That’s what I keep chasing in my mind. Even to the point I was going to make three of the same custom but change out Stark for Emperor and Khan in the other two.


Emperor has become a lot more multipurposed than it used to about throwing it in a stack rotation for a month first and see if it gels with you?if you like the effects,then can always build a custom including it later


Lately always recommend trying a major first before throwing it in a custom cause sometimes a program that you think will gel doesnt like my friend who gets opposite effects from stark although hes smart and a computer programmer that should fit it well and threw spartan in a custom and also got opposite effects from it.hes still using the custom though cause he doesnt want to waste money and rebuild and the opposite wasnt too bad.just less motivation to exercise(>_<)


I could do that, Emperor was the first program I bought so I already have it. I only used it for a couple weeks though until Stark came out and then mixed it with Stark at some point.

I just don’t know what I want and why I’m so confused. My mind just scrambles about Khan/Stark and Emperor.


Can understand completely.keep having the urge to change to Khan whenever i read good posts about it.the only things stopping me are its a multistage,dont think it will gel with me and i like how stark/medici is treating me but the compulsion to add it in to a custom is painful xp


I wonder if you can hear the facepalm…


I’ve heard it all day.


Khan is amazing to be honest I can’t lie.
Stark is too, I just feel that Stark is already my personality. Idk.

@HappyHero said to go for things that you’re not already, something along those lines anyway, and Stark is pretty much already me. I love the fame aspect and all that but I also want other things.



Based on what?

Yes you love fame, but are you famous? Are you yet the famous billionaire playboy changing the world?


Hmm,your personality might fit stark but if you list out the objectives of many have you achieved already?i find the best way to know if i should move on/change programs is make a list of my current priorities/objectives and then a list of the objectives of each major program based on the program description.then i match those objectives with my current objectives and see which one fits the most of my objectives becomes my core.i then repeat this process whenever i have reconcillation and feel like changing and see if the new program fits more of my current objectives than my old program,if it does then its ok to change otherwise its reconcilation.if the objectives of the old programs still fits,i then go over the objectives of the programs and see if i have achieved all the objectives from the program description.if i have,its ok to move on or drop it.if i havent,means its reconcilation and i should run it longer.sorry if its a bit long winded(>_<)that process usually keeps me accountable and prevents me from changing programs too often