My goal ultimately: To be a person everyone loves (not everyone is going to love me, but I want to feel loved by many), to be popular, find myself attractive and others to find me attractive, to have that alpha energy that fills the room but also the joker playboy - all whilst doing what I love and making as much money as possible and to have great relationships, both sexually and friendly…

That’s why I created my Wealth Custom and continue to use StarkQ + KhanQ.

I wanted the wealth and relationships from my custom, EoG + E:HoM.
The sexual alpha and dominance, even the social, from KhanQ.
The billionaire playboy joker who’s popular with all from StarkQ.

I paused to write this next bit as I wanted to look at the description for Khan and I truly think that I need to move onto Stage 2. I’ve been using Khan Stage 1 for a while. I used Stage 4 in the past but I think I need to focus on changing my beliefs with Stage 2.

I’m going to add that. Everything is going to change.


This is pretty cool!

How do you find the effectiveness of the script with two heavy cores like that?

My first custom consisted of a mix of Stark, emperor and Khan. I felt the heavyness of the script!


Slow but good. I can definitely feel the heaviness too when I listen to it. I’m actually going to lower my usage now that you’ve said that. I had it on X3 but going to have it on x2 instead.

I made more money with my custom than I had prior to it.

It’s going to be a slow cause of digestion but definitely a worth while one.


Yeah, well, my intentions were not to make you stop or lower your loop, I was just curious about your feels on such a heavy stack :wink:


Oh for sure, just you writing that made me realise how heavy it was in terms of me feeling it on a day to day basis. I didn’t really register it prior.


Meh. Feel like I want to change my stack.

Not sure if my goals are aligning with the subs I’ve chosen anymore. Emperor is seemingly shiny to me.

I feel like I’m not getting results. I don’t feel popular, I don’t feel smart, creative, intelligent at the moment. I don’t feel any of the results and have been questioning them recently. Not sure if it’s to do with the loop thing I did before but this sucks.

I however also feel like I’m not taking action, but I don’t know what I should be doing. I don’t understand.

I want/need more money.

I want to be popular and well liked.

I want my class to be sold out every week.

I want to be a great dancer.

I want people to love me.

I want to feel the sexual side of Khan. Like I can approach people and all that jazz. - Libertine seems like a great shiny object right now…I feel like I’m missing out. I want to be able to explore my sexual side more since I don’t and feel like I can’t.

I don’t know what to do. I was going to add Executive to my stack as my booster for all the above to help increase action - but again I don’t know what action to be taking to be honest. I’ve been taking action to promote my classes and stuff and I’m still not getting them where I want to be yet. I really want to though.

Feeling like a bit of a failure to be honest. Meh.

Also, considering I dance a lot and I need to pick things up I moved back to Khan Stage 4 as it has limitless in and didn’t want to have to add Limitless to my stack.

What’s your guys opinion?

Do I cut down on my stack/change things around? Do I keep it as it is? Any input?

My Stack currently and what I’m thinking of using:

Wealth Custom - EoG Stage 1 + EoG Stage 4 + Emperor: House of Medici
KhanQ Stage 4
The Executive

Feeling lost right now.


Does your environment support these goals?

For me:

A good deal of these are tougher (or at the very least, have transformed temporarily) due to COVID. It is why I have tabled some similar goals—and that has influenced my custom—in the meantime.

I would drop these two.


Uhhh, in terms of environment, I mean kind of. I’m always at the studio as my life is the studio, so yes and no. I know it’s easy not to be a straight answer but yeah.

Regarding Co-vid, the lock down stuff might be happening again here but as of current it isn’t in place. Just silly rules.

  • Why drop Khan and Stark?


Agreed, I would run 1 or 2 titles at most for now.
Try dropping khan Stage 1 as that could be a large source of your dis-ease.


Possibly run your custom for 1 month solo and then stack stark one month, and then add Khan.

You can actually have everything you want running one title. We fall into the trap of thinking we will not be enough or reach where we want to be if we leave a title out but that is not necessarily the case.

I’m increasingly of the opinion that is a real art to stack more than 2 subs with the current power levels. There might be a science to it that will be unveiled with the stack article. But from everything I’ve read so far, there are only two people very happy with large stacks (3 or over), and they are very patient, level headed, and action oriented from what I can tell.

I’m in the middle ground, I can do well with large stacks because I’ve become very confident and structured and can take action consistently. I don’t identify with my ‘internal state or disposition’. My mood rarely effects my actions and behavior negatively. I simply for the most part do what I tell myself I will do. But internally if I am stacking too much I definitely feel the antsy-ness of it, that constant questioning, and reconciliation.


@Azriel, what I’ve also found is that people who stack seem to try and stack titles that contradict each other in some way. This is problematic for long term results. It would be better to stack orthogonal titles if anything. (e.g. A social title & a fitness title, instead of two social titles)


Interesting concept-orthogonal, great word btw ;), would be better for reconciliation if one was highly displaced from the subject matter of two distinctly similar titles. As in someone had a lot of issues with being social, or with sex, or with wealth. Running two titles in that vain may be too much, but if someone was streamlining their next level of success in those areas and was already good in those areas, two similar tracks would be better i.e EOG and HOM

The biggest reconciliation from experience and what I’ve read
comes from contradictory major titles-usually the Alpha one’s, two many different directions in the stack, and over exposure.


Exactly. Khan + StarkQ is the epitome of this!

This kind of thinking also extends to designing single customs, since one may try to put in disharmonious cores (Khan + StarkQ) together or harmonious cores (Khan + IC + PCC) or orthogonal cores (QL + EF + ME, which is what my custom has).


I’m no longer using stage one, I went to stage 2 but needed limitless, or felt like I did, so just swapped out for stage 4.

I just feel I need to change things up. I’ve been running Stark since its release and I don’t feel what it gave me initially. Maybe I do need to drop that. Whilst it isn’t the same E: HoM has the whole relationships thing too in similar ways to Stark I believe so hopefully that can take out Stark for now?

I’d love to keep running Khan though I think. I do not feel alpha AT all. I did for a little while but no longer. I want people to sense my presence and feel like I’m highly valued in several aspects but I don’t feel like that.

I definitely think Stark needs to come off the list though for now.

I know the whole point is dropping subs but would either of you recommend using an Ultima if I’m dropping Stark? I still think I’m struggling to take the action I need to feel the way I want so maybe Executive. I noticed yesterday that I was postponing things I should have been doing anyway.

You both make incredibly valid points and I actually agree.


Pick which ever two main subs you want to run, and then add Ultimas is totally fine.

I would guess your custom is probably giving you some recon at this point, especially if it has EOG stage 1.

Hazarding a guess if your anything like me: You may be wanting this for validation or to affirm your worth, Powerful presence has a foundation of not needing this things. And the combination of your subs are now showing that to you.


I’m going to be really stupid, I’m tired af - it’s 3am :joy:

My custom and Khan together would be the two right? Like, obviously my custom has 2 major titles in it - one of which is multi stage.

  • Again, being stupid, can you explain your last bit? In regards to what I mean when I wrote that, as an example from yesterday, I shrivel into this shy guy who can’t talk to people properly and can feel my ‘alpha’ energy being minimised when I’m around other guys.

I’m constantly thinking they’re better than me, better looking, hotter, smarter, more talented etc. I had a private class and the guy running the private just gave off an alpha energy - I want mine to match if so I don’t feel uncomfortable in these situations.


I understand what you are saying, what I said doesn’t apply.
A custom counts as 1 title yes.

Have you ever not felt uncomfortable in those situations? If so when? were you running a particular sub?


Thanks for clearing that up, appreciate it.

I think I’ll use Khan + my Wealth custom - needs a name - and The Executive/BLU when necessary.

  • I don’t think so. I used to be insanely shy and unconfident. When I met my boyfriend I became more confident but whenever I’m around other guys, especially ones I think are attractive, I think the above. I’ve always had this insecurity that people, especially guys, are better than me - in more than one thing.


Hey @Azriel,

I was going to PM you but thought I’d just put it in here.

How many loops do you think I should do of each? I have both at 3 loops each.

Currently using Khan Stage 4 and My Wealth Custom.

I think the removal of Stark will be hugely beneficial now as what you and @SubliminalUser stated is completely true about major titles and them pulling in different directions.

P.s I’ve been reading your journal and the parts of Emperor - bruh, your results are insane and incredibly inspiring. I’d pick Emperor if I didn’t have a need/want for being social. I’m hoping Khan covers what I need/want out of Emperor but with the socialised aspect.


Thanks man :slight_smile:

We all have our thing, I feel stuck at a new plateau and seeing old issues, but what I see now is that is really good, because when we highlight what we really want, everything that is not that shows up.

To answer your question
Have you run Khan stage 4 before?


Sorry for the slow reply, Executive had me running stuff I had been procrastinating on :joy::joy:

What kind of issues are you seeing? And yes, agreed! It definitely brings us challenges to overcome before we can truly get what we want.

Only when I was running it before my custom with StarkQ. I ran it for a short while before I got my custom.

I was meant to run the multi stages of Khan and then got picked to do the Ultima tests, hella grateful, so it was held off until then. I think I started with Stage 1, StarkQ and Khan Stage 4 all together. Similar to my custom but in a social/sexual/playboy alpha sense rather than money/power/relationships.