Hmm,i agree about adding modules/cores to fix weaknesses like if your antisocial.running a social program could be good.still a good idea to pick a main core that emphasizes and improve your strengths then use another core or modules as add ons to fix weaknesses or anywhere the main core is of the benefits of the q can perfectly tailor a program to both fit your personality and still get you out of your comfort zone/fix weaknesses with the correct modules/addons


Hmm,i agree something like daredevil would help with a weakness and comfort zone if your an introvert and would be more noticable cause its the opposite of the current personality but i would still pick a base program that personally fits/and gels with me first for personal growth and then add daredevil on top to address the perceived weakness if that were the case.if you pick something thats too opposite without a base to hold it together.theres a high chance of it not gelling with you or dropping it later like how spartan really doesnt gel with my friend or ascension really doesnt gel with me cause its the complete opposite of me and causes massive reconcilation for me.even running it for 4 months in a healing custom couldnt get it working for me.any case i better stop rambling and spamming your journal(>_<)let me know if you want me to delete the messages to clear up your journal


I’m going to reply properly when I wake up later (it’s 5am and I haven’t slept yet) bit don’t delete anything. Your posts are valuable and insightful.

I just haven’t replied as I need to think about what I’m doing. I’m in my head at the moment so I’m going to sleep on all the replies and what I’m thinking about doing.

Also going to ask for help subconsciously.


No worries,have a good sleep


3 hours later and I’m awake. I’ve actually been awake since 8:30am which was about an hour ago…so 4 hours later…
I’m glad I decided to listen to my DR stack today a little earlier before I went to sleep.

Got what I call a sleep headache (where I don’t get enough sleep in one night) so I’m gonna head back to sleep soon.

But first I’m gonna watch Netflix, either The Minimalists which I found yesterday or Riverdale which I’ve tried to watch in the past a few times but just started again yesterday.

I’ve got some work to do today for my company tomorrow so I’m going to come up with some ideas for later.

Also, I still haven’t got my decision or thoughts together yet regarding the above so I can’t reply properly as of yet but I will. Still need more sleep on it time.



Was is an experiment or you’re trying to establish a new listening routine for Ultima?


I replaced StarkQ with StarkU as the other day I had great results from StarkU which is what I feel made me post on Instagram and create for Tiktok (remember the post?) so I decided to make StarkU my major program and use The Executive to get things done that needed to be done.


I’m really curious about how it will go for you. Will you be sticking to that stack only or you’re planning on adding something to it?


I’m only using DR, StarkU and The Executive at the moment.
Whether that’ll stay the same I don’t know.


Take your time. No need to rush. But this time, when you’ve made your decision, stick to it. And I will nag you about it :wink: .

Regarding Emperor and Stark. Pick the one that feels to align best with your current needs. Stay with it for at least 6 months. Then re-evaluate.

You just need to get rid of this habit of jumping subs all the time.


I know you’re just keeping me accountable which I appreciate.
I just feel like I’m letting the people keeping me accountable down, and myself.

I haven’t switched subs yet and I’ve been doing my research but there’s no answer of yet.


No worries,take your to think it through well instead of rushing into it and regretting later.


Playing StarkU through my JBL speakers whilst I’m watching Riverdale.

First loop and I’ve already got a head pressure again.
I’ve still got three loops to go before The Executive plays.

I’m trying to run The Executive more so that I can take more action doing what I need to do - I’m testing the ‘deep change’ that it can possibly make by listening to it consistently.

I still haven’t made my mind up.
I’ve been researching the forums a lot on the differences and looking at the sales pages consistently to read between the different types.


You may find this of some use:


Thanks @Voytek.

My issues aren’t necessarily the broader aspects of the subs. It’s the choice of using one of them in my custom and making either Emperor/Khan famous like Stark.



What about stacking Khan with StarkU when you’re done with DR?


That’s doable.

I keep seeing that people think Khan, which isn’t actually my comfort zone or anything like that, is a mixture of Emperor and Stark. I mean I can see it, but I don’t totally agree.


Maybe I can only take a couple loops of StarkU.

Tonight I’m on my second loop. I normally let subs run whilst I sleep but I’ve had this habit of not sleeping until 5am (it’s 4:49am now) and running the subs whilst I’m watching TV via my speaker. This means I don’t normally feel the head pressure or anything like that. Maybe this is also why I’m oblivious to my results compared to other people.

But yeah, I played my first loop and had head pressure. Second loop and I’ve got even more.

Hmmm… Interesting.


Ultimas tend to do that to me more than normal subs.normal subs only give me head pressure when my stack is dense.starku was too dense for me though to use even at 1 loop xp


They’re two times the information of Q right? That would make sense as to why it feels quite dense.