Yeah, Khan is the best-balanced sub and an excellent builder of foundations and beyond that.

I wouldn’t say Khan was a mixture of Stark and Emperor either. Stark and Emperor offer totally different ways of self-development and are similar to Khan only if it comes to their essential goals: status, money, women (sex). The point is to stack subs in optimal accordance with the way you want to develop towards those goals. To do so, one needs to understand what ways of self-development certain subs offer.


One shoulder is telling me Khan, the other is telling me Stark (yesterday is was Emperor - Jesus Christ.)


Hmm,think its more power than quantity of information causing it

Stark is super dense though in the first place Xp


We spoke about it already and it seemed that Stark should be your self-development core. The Ultima custom I designed for you seemed to address the core self-development you need on the way to attaining your external goals.

I’m not saying you should go with that custom but just try to find a feel about what way that custom could lead you towards your external goals, developing you internally. If you don’t feel that’s the way you want to develop yourself, try to find some programming which would help you develop yourself the way you think would be best for attaining your external goals (financial goals, lifestyle etc.).


Well,you already know how khan and stark interact,its whether you wanna be batman instead(^^)Dont think emperor/khan would be a good idea so you have those 2 choices mainly(><)Stark makes a good base program as the core though.


Now THAT would be an interesting sub to run :wink:
Emperor - Jesus Christ, I mean


I suspect there would be a lot of recon on it… “Kill them or save them? That’s the question”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Users would find themselves flipping tables over.



Hahahaha! I know exactly how you are feeling cause I felt the same thing. Heck, I wonder about it even now!


I’ve been through this space of scrambled brains about which sub to run
and out of it quite a few times now. What I can say about transferring the waters
of so much possibility and not knowing where to go with it

Don’t make stack/ sub choices unless you’ve had two days off at least. Don’t even think about it,
or have fun thinking about it but know that you won’t make a decision.unless you’ve had at least two days off. Because so much of what is perceived as real doubt about what to run is a sense of 'not getting what you want or not getting it fast enough on that sub -in one or more areas or a fear of that for the future.

If you were running something and immediately felt it fulfilled or would inevitably fulfill all your goals and wildest desires and really felt that way-there would be no question of staying on that sub. You’d be getting what you want

The truth is sex life/romance/career/money/ purposeful action you WILL get from Stark/Khan/ and Emperor… .any of them!!

This sense of not getting what you want or not getting it fast enough or fear it won’t happen/continue in the future IS RECON. Then we think its about subs or a conscious deliberation of what would serve us the most (which is the positive commitment behind it)

Once you do do decide then you have to give what your running 1 month at least after you’ve made a decision on the stack before there is anything new to say.

I would guess this experience is somewhat subjectively universal.


I’ve actually been thinking about your Ultima a lot, but my issues with the Ultima is needing/wanting PCC and Inner Circle involved. However I do love the Ultima and have thought about it.

I do, but I don’t. I didn’t make one of them the dominant sub and I should have. Ultimately I don’t think I’d choose Emperor unless I needed to work super hard on something and as of right now I’m not sure I do.

I’m calling it as the next product.

They’d rise from the dead three days later.


It’s super frustrating, like ridiculously.
I don’t understand why my brain is like that…lmao.
I’m going to reply to your PM soon. Just gotta teach.

I’ve just changed my rotation of how I run a stack so I’m doing 3 days on, one day off, but I think I need/want a subliminal wash for a week and then I can probably truly make a decision.

This is literally what I think it is, and it’s so frustrating.

Yeah, if I decided to change that would be the plan, but I haven’t decided as of yet and I’m still currently running Stark.

I really love the thought of Khan and having my custom modules turn it into a Alpha-fame-popular version of Stark but I’m just scared I’m not making the right decision for that.

I also feel like I have a lot more work to do with Khan but also feel like people like me and stuff BECAUSE of Stark.


My suggestion is to pick one main programme example Khan/Stark.
After couple months on KHAN/STARK then add whatever you desire. But dont remove programmes completely.
Removing programmes completely and starting a totally new one confuses the subconcious and takes it into another direction.


@Brandon How old are you? I’m guessing you are younger than me.

I was totally lost in my 20’s.

In a week I will be 40.

I started getting slight success around the age 36. Now I’m getting huge results.

Even if you make a “wrong” decision now, you are still making a way better decisicion than me at the time.
Which ever sub you choose now to run for 6 months (minimum) will take you to the right direction.

The only mistakes you can make are trying to accelerate your results by switching the subs too often, or just plain give up.

Basically, it doesn’t matter what you choose now, both are correct choices. Flip a coin if you want to :wink:


I’m 28. I feel more lost than anyone else I know. Everyone else seems like they have their shit together, or mostly together. But that’s the magic, they ‘seem’ to have their shit together. They’re faking it and I get drawn in.

This is inspirational as fuck, not gonna lie, it’s inspired me for sure.

This is very true.
I’m taking @Azriel ‘s advice and taking two days off from now until Sunday evening when I normally run subs and thinking about my use, goals etc.

I’m definitely feeling a bit like a sub-junkie at the moment…

This might actually be the ultimate outcome aha.


For sure, I just want to choose wisely and dedicate my time - my other issue is that this is going to go into my custom as my main core and it’s going to be focused as heck so if I’m going to put it there it needs to be ‘perfect’ for what I’m wanting to achieve.


There is no such thing as perfect.

I was a perfectionist for most of my life. Not anymore.

It was the biggest thing that prevented me from succeeding earlier.

Now I follow the 80/20 principle.

Good enough is what gives you the results.

One more edit: Perfect paralyzes you.


Amen !! This has been a big lesson for me in the last 8 months and my life is SOOO much better for it.! Every time I’m stuck now I look for where am I bullshitting myself by trying to get things perfect

perfectionism is fear and looking good (as in approval seeking) hiding behind getting it right hiding behind doing pretending it’s about doing one’s best lol I just want wish every would smash it to pieces. Replace perfectionism with jumping in and striving for excellence after the facts.

This may sound brutal -but I say it with Love :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


I think I need ‘perfect paralyzes you.’ as a tattoo considering it hit deep. It’s the one reason I don’t take as much action as I do. I’m constantly over thinking. Dance videos? Where they at? They’re in the back of my mind thinking about how many people will see it and not like it and what not.

I needed this one.