That’s great man, I’m glad to hear you’re out of that loop - I will be eventually! It’s bound to happen. Do you believe Emperor helped with this?

Yeah this is exactly what it looks like to me. I’m pretending. I want to do stuff like post my videos but I’m not because deep down I’m thinking I’m not good enough at what I do and there’s people who are better. I don’t know why.

This is exactly what I do need to do.

Question for you @Azriel, I’ve noticed throughout your journey you’ve dabbled with different subs to see how you feel on them. Is this something you’d recommend to try out? I know you’ve stuck with Emperor but I’m sure you’ve tried out Khan, Stark, HoM and whatever else at some point even if for just a few days?


I’ll also answer this.

I’m “blessed” with not feeling anything on the subs. I think it helped me to keep running only one sub at a time. Might be totally different situation if I was more sensitive to them.


My thought patterns still run that loop sometime but I stick to the bigger picture of my commitment.
I have a solid 2 bases Emperor and my custom for 6 months and solid DR base for the last month
so I’m fine flirting things in and out to test.

I plan specific days and test run if I’m interested in something and take a day or so to do them.

I notice the effects and get a ‘preview’ of the ‘full’ subliminal very quickly. I’m very open/sensitive/energetically malleable in this manners (pisces sun/ pisces moon lol) so if you feel something similar-I’d say go for it.

I actual stacked PCC with EQ for a month, and then dabbled with it again for a week, and then again for a several days.

Stark I’ve run terminus 2x and regular 3-4 x
Khan stage 2 3x
Khan stage 4 1 x
Primal 4-5 x
PS 3-4 x

(as far as I can remember)

and I stacked HOM for a month or so at one point

Emperor helped a lot in the beginning with this because it felt almost like a drug that intoxicated me with power, discipline, clarity, and self assured-ness. So I had no desire to run anything else. It was just what I really needed. Now it’s harder because I feel I need it less and that’s more who I am, so the appeal of other things/possibilities are tempting. But I’m also seeing deeper changes so that motivates me to keep going.


That is what is important - sticking to the bigger picture.

I think that’s what I’m going to do to give me an idea of what I need/want. It’ll make it easier to choose for sure.

How was PCC with Emperor? Considering PCC is in my custom but I’ve never used the full program before I’d like to know how it mixed with Emperor.

I actually started reading your Emperor journal from the beginning last night before I fell asleep. Got more reading to do today.

This is how I feel with Stark. Whilst I’ve dropped it on and off I did use Stark consistently up until say August/September from release, whether it was stacked with something or not. It feels like I am Stark now and if I took more action then I’d be an even bigger version of Stark than I am now.

Do I want to continue to run Stark? For sure, it fits me and my personality and it’s what I want but not necessarily what I need. I don’t think Khan is what I need either. I feel like the discipline and push of Emperor is what I need. I’ve been thinking about it massively.

So next week I think I’m going to do a run of Emperor and see what I get done/how it feels.


Most of the time I don’t ‘feel’ anything either and it makes me question whether the sub is working because I’m so oblivious to the results however when I read back my journal I notice little things that make my success with what I have done possible from the subs.

I’m just going to see what they do, if anything.


If you have not met the sales page description then there’s still plenty reason to run it. Once you start feeling like that, that’s the step 5/100. Then you keep running it while taking intended action and getting closer and closer to your version of the Ultima goals of the sub. It may not be as intentionally thrilling, that’s when the real alchemy/transformation comes up-the deep work so to speak, although when you take bigger/newer/bolder actions it seems to restart the ‘thrill’ process of really ‘feeling it’ again.

I have not met the baseline goals of Emperor, so I’m still running it.

That said-I could switch to another sub and it might bring me closer, or be a more suitable pathway, for me to reach my intended goals. I’m just not ready jump into that full change just yet. Cause I know there is a lot of I have not done to make the most of my run on Emperor.


What you mean by this?
You can reply in my journal.
Dont want to mess @Brandon journal. :slight_smile:


I don’t mind it here, and I’m intrigued too.


How funny.
I’ve spoken about Emperor.

Today I’m watching Sabrina and it’s all about an Emperor.
Is this a sign?


Sabrina the teenage witch on Netflix?


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, yeah haha.


Everything is really annoying me today.
My dad pissed me off this morning with his tone. I was not here for it. I got so annoyed, but I stood up for myself and my mom.

He just basically raised his voice and made a demand/command to my mom and I was like…who are you talking to? Now my dad growing up as always been someone I was terrified of, he’s gotten a lot better and I love him to pieces but he thinks he rules the house and he has anger issues so I’ve never put him into his place - I feel this subs have helped me confront that now as I don’t stand for anyone for being rude or unkind to me.

My boyfriend has annoyed me today too, constantly has something to say - and most of the time it’s a negative something. He won’t let things drop if I don’t want to talk about something and if I apologise for something he still makes it out like I did it to spite him so I told him to shut up and let’s just say my anger rose even more.

I’m just not here for it today.

Also, one of the guys I spoke to you guys about ages ago - I told him my thing that I wanted him to do, he simply just ignored me and left me on read. So that’s annoyed me too. I don’t expect people to be like yeah sure let’s do it - if anything that’s one of the beliefs I’ve always had - but one of my biggest pet peeves is someone not replying to me about something - especially something I’m opening up about.

I hate people like that and I’m done with those kinds of people. It’s no longer a big loss.


P.s. today is a rest day.


So I’m noticing that my issues are:

Fear and lack of action.

I’ve been reading about Emperor today and the reason I want to play it is for the nudges and constant drive to do better. On Stark I feel so carefree and I know I need to create content and all that stuff, but I don’t - even when I’m playing The Executive. I need that push to do things. Can I get that from subs? Maybe.

I’m being honest, I’m not taking action and doing what I need to do. Mainly because I’m scared - of what? No idea. But I think Emperor can help me out and push me to drive into what I do need to do more of.

I do ultimately want to come back to Stark and I’m hoping the Stark qualities stay with me if I choose to do Emperor full time based off Monday-Fridays experiment this week but we shall see.


How does Khan Stage 3 compare to Emperor in terms of ‘action’ taking? Does anyone know?

I know I did Stage 3 but I was in a lockdown and my main focus back then was on sexual things rather than productivity in getting shit done.


Perhaps a few extra rest days will help. I’m taking a long rest day. I’m on day #7


I actually wrote about this in @Azriel’s journal, that I feel I need to take a subliminal wash but I don’t want to let go of the subliminals at the same time…

I haven’t taken a week off at all since starting I don’t think.


Lloyd Glauberman has a Hypno-Peripheral Processing product he made called “Money, Wealth and Prosperity”. (HPP for short)
It’s 2 CDs worth, 3 tracks per CD. You could do like I did once and listen to them in order, once per day. That would keep you covered for 6 days at least.

It isn’t subliminals. It’s more of the “dual induction” type hypnosis. Different stories in each ear and they’re designed so the stories work together too.

He’s got LOTS of HPP programs, that just is my favorite right now because of my wealth focus.


How did you find it?

I’m looking into it at the moment and seeing what it is.
Just getting some information now.

Thanks for the recommendation.

  1. I need to make some dance videos.
  2. I need to post said dance videos.
  3. I need to mark my companies work from Friday.
  4. I need to take some dance classes.
  5. I need to work on a business plan.
  6. I need to focus on building up my social medias.
  7. I need to create choreography.