But do you actually want to do any of these things?


I do, I actually do.
I’m holding myself back.


I think I may have given you a hint… or idea… :grin:


I’m going to start having one every 4 weeks starting at the end of this month, so starting the first week of the month fresh.


I first heard about it reading the book “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot. awesome book full of “weird” stuff like that


Started listening to Emperor. I’m on my first loop.
For some reason I already feel ready to kick some ass.

I’ve got some ideas too on stuff I want to do. I’m ready.


I’ll have to check it all out, thanks for the look out dude.

Did you use it? Did it go well for you?


I wrote up a “field report” on it years ago (not here). If I can find it, I’ll drop it into my journal or something. it can be an intense program.


I’d love to see it if you find it for sure man, thank you!


Onto my second loop of Emperor and I’m feeling quite motivated and energised.

My company did some work that I said I’d ‘mark’ and give feedback over the weekend - guess what? That didn’t happen because I’m lazy as fuck let’s just face it.

So, now that I’m feeling motivated I think I’m going to get that done now whilst I finish listening to the next loop. It should take too long at all.

If this continues, this could be the sub I need.

Let me say that again, the sub I need. I need to be choosing subs based off what I need and not necessarily what I want.

Stark/Khan (the latter less so) is what I want. Emperor could be what I need.


Finally bought Mogul to add to my stack.
I’m also moving onto Stage 3 of DR.


I’ll get my custom sorted once I know what major program I want to use out of the major three (in my opinion).

This week will be the testing of Emperor.

After listening to 1 loop of Emperor and starting to listen to the second loop I got some head pressure as always. I actually got some work done. I did all the feedback for the company members who have sent in their work so far which is great for me - means I don’t have to focus on that now. I’m done until they finish sending in their work however I know some of them are busy due to being in other companies.

Not sure whether to keep my loops down to 2 loops for Emperor for now since I haven’t used Emperor in a while - I think I’m going to - my gut is telling me to listen to that advice even though I really want to do 4 loops.


So last night I did 2 loops of Emperor and 1 loop of Mogul. Listened to Emperor whilst I was awake and half a loop whilst I was awake and then when I started sleeping.

Woke up with the desire to instantly start working out so I did and got it out of the way - started a new workout program today and my body is tired now. Need to get some more sleep since I had a lack of sleep and got woken up a few times but at least the workout is out of the way.

Got to film my dance video and get that done in a bit. That’s gonna happen.

Also going to do some listening to Chris Voss as I really want to learn the mirroring technique some more as well as his other techniques. He has really intrigued me.

Going to look up ways to learn how to edit and do some transitions so I can make my videos more exciting too.

I’m ready.


You taking action on these thing will align the subconscious and conscience mind making things easier on you


For sure, I agree.
The issue with Stark for me however is that, for me, it’s so carefree for me that I don’t ever get anything done unless I really force myself to do it.

I’m a procrasinator by nature - I wouldn’t say I’m lazy as I enjoy working hard if I have a goal and something to do but if it’s something I really need to get done I’ll procrasinate.

With Emperor so far I’m feeling motivated to get stuff done. Even just with two loops. I’m feeling good about it. I’m just in the bath now, gonna utilise this time to listen to Chris Voss and stuff and then I’m going to film this video with my boyfriend.


The mirroring technique?


You seem like the kind of person who wants to know about the mirror technique.


Sounds like you’re picking up exactly what I put down.


What you put down??


Just woke up from a 3 hour nap because I was exhausted. Don’t know if it was just the lack of sleep or because I was exhausted from my workout but oops.

I did go to film my video today but people where at the part where I was going to film it, so going to try again tomorrow hopefully.

I do feel motivated and like I can get stuff done in Emperor. However I am still super tired at the moment. But body really doesn’t want to get up at the moment.