@realbillperry Can you answer this? Is it best to go with a label or a ‘no’ question for the no response?

@Neurokinetic I’ve been thinking about it and the no response has been difficult for me to make. I think labelling makes it easier as I’m addressing the elephant in the room/him being uncomfortable.


That’s totally fair it’s a difficult scenario due that technique lol I just recall him saying it was the best way (I remember he used a particular example about an email someone sent). Hope the labeling works out for ya :slight_smile:


I would suggest not adding any specific Brandon-provided meaning to being left on read. I’ve left someone on read before and they got pissed at me for days. I read the message in a hurry before rushing out the door to drive my wife to the ER.

Just saying, don’t assume too early on what it means.

You could send another message of “What do you make of that?” regarding what you told the guy.
If you want to go the labeling route, I’d make it more in a joking manner. “I think I must have come across as a bit much haha” or something.


How is she?


She’s fine. That was a few years ago. I just included that as to why I didn’t respond to that person right away, and they PMd like half hour later “I KNOW YOU SAW MY MESSAGE! FUCKING ANSWER ME!”

So I said “Sorry, was taking wife to the ER”.


One main thing I’m noticing from Emperor is I don’t want to slack - this is something I did notice with Stark as it was my personality to do things later and I don’t want to do that at all.

Emperor is giving me the motivation to get things done and things I was enjoying before I’ve stopped enjoying so much - or just doing less of. It’s not necessarily that I’ve stopped doing them or whatever / I still make me time but now I’m feeling focused.

In the past couple days from listening to Emperor I’ve:

Taken a video that I’ve procrasinated on filming and posting for about 3-4 months.

I edited and posted that video the day it was taken.

I’ve been figuring out a way how to make online classes for me because normally I struggle so now I’m making it a way to get content for my social medias which is important to me. It means I grow in taking a class a day AND get content at the same time.

I just took a dance class online and it’ll be one I probably film tomorrow.

I’ve been figuring out more ways to add money - bare in mind I’ve added Mogul but I know this is already coming from Emperor. I spoke to @Hoppa and I told him I had already been procrasinating about an idea I had - now I’m starting to put it into action. (I know I haven’t replied yet, but I will).

Each day I’ve woken up this week I’ve been determined to get my workout done and out of the way this week.

I’ve been focused on my nutrition - I still believe in eating freely and still enjoying life and not dieting but I’m working on eating better and more.

I’ve been figuring out ways to make my company better, I’ve already come up with a plan for this week. I’ve still got to do more work for it but I’m ready to get it.

I’ve stopped wanting to play CoD as much - I still do but I don’t feel like playing it as much as I was.

I’ve also stopped visiting here as much. With Stark I was on here wanting to be social wanting to talk and be in the discussion - with Emperor I’m wanting to get stuff done - I still want to be social but the social aspect is on the lower priority. I don’t feel the need to post/reply until I’ve got other things done.

Those are just a few of the things I’ve noticed so far.


I’m doing 3 days on, one day off.
Today will be my rest day and then getting started back tomorrow.

Currently doing 3x Emperor, 2x Mogul and 1x DR Stage 3.


For sure, I still haven’t replied about it - I’ve been thinking about it and been listening to Chris today and one thing he said in regards to getting them to say no is ‘you have to mislabel them’ so I’m assuming a label would work.

This might work, I feel like he may ignore me but after I say this I can label him. Hmmm.

I’m glad she’s well my man :sparkling_heart:


Losing my urges to be be on here as much.
I’ve not really been on social media to be honest.

I did my workout today.
I did two classes today and went over the class from yesterday.
That’s three classes in two days. Great for me so far.

Figuring out some tutorials to make online.
Figuring out what my dance course will be too.

I need to do a photoshoot of my clothing line.
I need to film the above.
I need to figure out what my company is doing tomorrow. I know a little bit but need to give them a bunch of things to work on.

I like the fact that I’m thinking about things that I can do for money and I’m liking the fact I’m getting some stuff done but I need to be on social media. Not as much as I was before but I need to upload stuff.

I’m feeling like my Stark major may need to be switched out with Emperor and I may end up using StarkU as boost.


I’ll be adding and testing the Love Bomb Ultima which I’m excited for.


Almost the same thing here