Played one loop of The Executive during my walk to the studio, had it playing through the Infinity Player app on iOS (so I can use YouTube and all that jazz).

Holy fuck.
Just at the time I felt like subs weren’t working for me, The Executive blew all that away.

I started getting the urge to choreograph and get some of it out of the way - create a basis. I have my class tomorrow and the song I’ve chosen is a good challenge for me so getting the beginning is a good start.

I worked out for the first time in MONTHS. I have procrastinated about working out since around May/June when I stopped running Spartan. Every week since then I’ve told myself I’m going to diet and workout and get back into shape but nope.

Ran Executive today and here we are, workout and my Yoga stretch done.
I dance every day but I don’t consider that my workout.

I’m feeling productive. I did the washing up, washed my clothes too, made some food, took 2 dance classes, worked out, stretched, played with my dogs, etc.

Fantastic. JUST what I needed. I needed that push to take action with things I was putting off.


Sounds awesome with Executive.

Honestly if I were in your position I would run Khan Stages 2,3,4 each for a month either solo or with you custom. I think running the stages over time, will give you that deep sense that your are as good and worthy as any one else or more so, and that you are the best option for any/ love/ sexual interest, and your energy, aura, presence, internal mindset, and emotions/energy will reflect this.

Although, and please forgive me if I misread this, I believe you are sexually/romantically interested in men, and I wonder if Khan’s scripting specifies woman or simply sexual/ romantic interests. Have you looked into this?


Just woke up and put The Executive on again, we’ll see what happens since I have a lot of important stuff to do/get out of the way.

Okay sweet, I’ll drop back down to Stage 2 and run it from there for the month, and so forth. I’m excited for the result to be honest, I can’t wait.

No you’re correct, I’m sexually/romantically interested in men, they’re my preference for sure, however, and funny that you mentioned this, I’ve noticed that I’ve been more complimentary - sexually and romantically, towards women - even though I don’t have a ‘sexual’ interest of such. Women I know who have consented are talking with me about their sexual stuff and are being way more open with me than they have before - and things they’d do with me.

I don’t know if that’s anything to do with the sub, just something I noticed when you mentioned it.

Anyway, I actually asked a question about subliminals and sexuality a few months ago and I believe the answer pretty much stated that they’re pretty unisex and that the subs are inwardly focused for sexuality. I was using Emperor at the time (my first sub) - no idea if it’s the same thing for Khan but I would assume so.

Not sure if I read it wrong but here was the answer:

Maybe someone can clarify? @SaintSovereign @Fire @DarkPhilosopher


awesome, I think you’ll be much happier with that.
Will you run your custom alongside the stages?


Definitely run my custom along the stages for sure. I have a lot of wealth I need to build so it has to be there.

My stack:

TMB Wealth
Khan Stage 2

Ultima: BLU/The Executive


Sweet, just stick to that for the next 3 stages of Khan.
Decide now that there is no changing it
Don’t question or deviate-you will be glad you did.


I can’t be 100% certain, but I would definitely say it makes makes you more confident and comfortable with yourself and your sexuality. And you won’t mind talking about it. Which of course draws women in as well, as they love being around somebody like that. Finding mentally and emotionally mature men of any kind is a rare thing. SubClub does not presume which sexual orientation is “right” and will not attempt to change it.

Of course, some of the subs may cause you to lean towards being the more masculine, dominant partner in a relationship. That is to be expected and applies to any relationship.


I’m going to see if I can get a complete answer on Khan as that’s part of the sub I want to work for me. It’s a large reason on my list. But yeah will stick with Khan stage 2 and so forth.

I did notice I became more open about my sexuality and more comfortable with it when talking to guys about us doing things together.

I definitely don’t want it to change my sexual orientation, I’m pretty happy with it to be honest. I actually try not to label myself, if I was to end up with a woman and be happy then I’d be content.

Definitely want the last bit of what you said for sure :joy:!

Maybe I need Libertine? I’ve been dying to try it to be honest.


Executive is a God send.

Choreography? DONE.

2 classes? DONE.

Workout? DONE.

Go out with friends? DONE.

Put yourself out there on social media after a long time away? DONE.

Stretch? DONE.

All things I procrastinated on initially until I listened to Executive. It just tells me I NEED to get it done.

If you struggle taking action doing the things you want/need to do - get Executive - especially whilst it’s free.


I’ve woken up super early today after I went to bed late last night.

Had Khan Stage 2 playing on several loops. Must be something to do with that.

Will get some rest later as I’m tired and got things to do but feeling good and content in myself. Feel like Khan is now definitely processing in my brain and body. I’m excited for these results.

My stack is playing A/B Monday to Fri/Saturday

Khan 1 day, TMB Custom the next and so forth.

This mental workout is going to be great.


Didn’t play Executive today to see how it would go, I did 1 class and walked one of my dogs, the rest was a lazy day.

I didn’t do my workout even though it was only 10 minutes long, gonna do my workout tomorrow, Friday and the 10 minutes on Saturday instead.

Frustrated I couldn’t even find the mental strength to do 10 minutes aha.

Got my stretch in tho (forgot about that).

I can feel Khan processing still, I feel like Stage 2 is going to go well…


These two back to back make an awesome testimonial, better than the first solo :joy:



Honestly, I didn’t do anything. I had stuff to do too.
I’ve got stuff to do today.

Gonna play BLU and The Executive today.


I didn’t play either today.

I didn’t workout. I didn’t stretch.

I took two classes and taught my own / created choreo but I didn’t do the things that were also priority. Meh.

I’ll need to do it tomorrow. Need to pick back up.


Get back into shape. I’m not dieting. I burn a bunch of calories dancing every day. I need to eat healthier but I’m intuitively eating. I need to figure out more ways to get higher protein in. I’m literally just focused on eggs at the moment. - Hopefully Executive will help with this.

Have my class and company sold out each week. Create amazing choreography for it each week.

Figure out ways to make more money doing what I love and promoting myself. My old Instagram is dead from doing Follow/Unfollow so I’ve made a new one today, going to promote classes and privates and all that jazz using new videos etc.

Feel more confident in all areas of life, enjoy life more, be more masculine and be able to switch between both my femine and masculine side more often - the joy of life - hoping Khan brings out my masculine side more often.

Become a better dancer/choreographer/teacher. I want BLU to help me with this.

QUICK QUESTION: Do I need to run BLU with a program like Stark or Limitless for results?

I have both but don’t want to add more to my stack for the obvious reasons stated above in earlier posts. Can I just listen to it and receive the benefits?

I believe Libertine works in conjunction of a program…do I need the same for BLU?



I read that before, don’t know why I didn’t think of it.

Thank you for the reply!

BLU and Executive it is tomorrow then. I’ve got stuff to work on :smiley:!


Libertine works solo but works may better in conjugation with a program related to sexuality and attraction

BLU can certainly be used solo to maximum effect, it is designed to be stacked particularly well with Stark, but stacks well with anything.


I really want to add Libertine :joy: the reviews are killing me.

BLU is definitely getting added for sure. I need the creative juices and all that.


Been waking up not fully rested the past three days since I’ve changed stack a little. Khan S2 and my custom are on a few loops each, waking up tired but in a good mood. I can feel the dominance of stage 2 already. Like wtf. I’m here for it.

It’s not a dominance in terms of I’ve already become a different person but I can feel the changes happening, I can feel what Khan is, it’s like Khan is the symbiote and I’m getting turned into Venom/Spider-Man (I always loved Symbiote Spider-Man :D) but I’m not fully embodying the custom yet. It’s attached to me but it’s gradually still attaching and growing. That’s how it feels. I like it.

I’ve had a few manifestations with the wealth too which I’m also here for, I’d like to know how I can make more out of what I do but yeah, I’m taking the process and journey. I’m sure BLU which I’m listening to now along with The Executive will overflow me with ideas and all sorts to push me even further. I’m excited.

Also, talking about BLU - I think, and I don’t know why I didn’t do this already, but I think I’m going to explode as a dancer/choreographer and teacher with this. I can’t wait to document the results. I’m definitely going to grow BLU and The Executive to a couple times a day eventually and it’s going to help so much.

I’m too excited for the results.


I’m really going to journal my use of BLU.

I want it to:

Help me remember choreography.

Create great choreography.

Become more intelligent in my field.

Pick up choreographer quicker.


I’m going to journal how I’m doing in classes and how I feel.

I did a mentorship company today and have never felt as stupid as I did today. I listened to a loop of BLU this morning and I ended up remembering the choreography but foundations and freestyle I did terrible at.

These are things I’m going to work on but I want BLU to really help me with as I start to study in and all that. I’m excited for this part of the journal and to see how much I can improve.