Been running Khan and TMB Custom on alternating days Monday - Friday, 6x a night. I don’t always finish 6 (dpeneding on my sleep) but most of the time do.

Khan is working. I feel way more open and sexually confident than I was a few days ago. A long long way to go but it’s an achievement. I’m way more open and just out there with what interests me. Great.

I don’t know if EoG is at at work since I’ve been making money but nothing enough to be moving out of the house I’m in, pay bills etc. I need to be pushing myself further, offering more etc.

I have been pointed in ways to show off and let people see my work though and that may be an avenue to go down. I’m working on it.

Been running BLU every day, I need to take a rest day from it actually - might do today and then Saturday and Sunday too. I choreographed a whole 1.30 minute piece and started formations etc. I’m super proud of myself.

I’ve got more work to do but it’s gonna happen .


BLU has become one of my FAVOURITE subs to use. Not sure why, it just seems to help. My productivity levels on what I need/want to do are through the roof.

Started adding silence to my playlists so I can listen throughout the night.

May end up running BLU through the night with silence eventually but I’m scared. I don’t want to ruin my sleep. My sleeping pattern is good so far!

Khan Stage 2…I think it’s truly kicking in. Also another one of my favourites. I’m starting to be way more social - to the point that I’m going out with people I’ve made friends with (they were my friends anyway but barely). Tonight I’ve been out and had two drinks - nothing to other people but I don’t drink and I had the best time. Thoroughly enjoyable.

I’m still working on my more personal sexual side but I’m more open to reaching out to people about it and not caring what people think.

I’m starting to feel more dominant and I’m hoping that continues.

EoG/E:HoM I’m not entirely sure what’s happening, but again it’s very dense. Could take more time. I’m definitely noticing Khan and BLU more.

I think I’m doing better with money, and saving better etc but making it could be bigger. I’m not sure what I could about it. I’m trying to market my classes and open more opportunities for me to make money but I’m unsure where to go.

@BLACKICE you just came to mind, do you have any advice again on setting intentions/goals and letting things work from there or?

I know you spoke it before, but anything more?


Thanks for thinking of me, I’m glad you found my thoughts helpful enough to ask for more. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard numerous people talk about synchronicities and manifestations happening so obviously they are like magic, but I can’t think of any examples where it’s happened to me. Just yesterday I was attending a virtual conference and one of the speakers was talking about synchronicities jumping right into his face, and gave the example of a book falling off a shelf without any obvious cause, and opening to a page that had just the insight he needed at that moment. I’ve had things occur that were low probability, but still within the realm of possibility, due to precursor events or situations that had been set up.
So, with that being said, my advice is still to work on setting things up to be possible, and then visualize/intend the desired outcome. I personally have a hard time imagining that checks will just magically appear in your mailbox if you intend to be wealthy, although I begrudgingly admit that I do know people for which that has happened in some form. So, probably a limiting belief on my part.

For money stuff, there’s 2 ways to have more money… spend less and earn/generate more. Ideally, you’d do both, although there’s a lower limit on what expenses you can cut, and no actual upper limit on what you can generate with the right resources and situation.

Set goals that are doable, take whatever action steps are needed to help them become possible, and then visualize the desired outcome. I wouldn’t advise just setting an intention and letting the universe figure it out, I firmly believe you (everyone, not specifically just you of course lol) need to do your part.

Making money, for example… I don’t think you can manifest a successful marketing campaign without doing any work, but I definitely believe you can manifest people being more receptive to one that you actually build and execute on.

Saving money: Set aside a certain percentage of your income for savings - this is personal finance 101, yes. but hear me out. Save whatever percentage you’d otherwise have spent on luxuries… dining out, nonessential clothing purchases, etc, and set the intention that you will experience those things anyways. Perhaps you get invited to a social event at a restaurant and someone else pays as a treat, or maybe you discover your favorite clothing shop has a huge sale and you can get a steal of a deal on something you would have bought anyways.
(Examples clarification: I’m hungry at the moment so thinking about food, and I’m also looking at sweaters on LL Bean hence the clothes shopping example lol)

There’s the old expression, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink… you can intend for the horse to drink all you want, but if you’re in the middle of the desert not much will happen. In this example, of course, the horse is whatever you want to happen. Do whatever it takes to get the horse to the water, and then let the intentions take over.

Apologies for the rambling post, I woke up with a migraine and have been propping myself up with strong coffee and Advil to deal with it. Brain isn’t at 100% today. :wink:


I’m beyond grateful for your reply. Apologies for the delay in response, it won’t be a huge one, but I wanted to really sit and reread what you said before I responded. Super grateful firstly for you taking the time out to reply and help out.

I also agree that action is definitely necessary towards making stuff happen - maybe I phrased what I meant wrong about letting it happen from there, but I do agree with you. I think action is a lot easier once you’ve done healing from Stage 1 of multi stages since you feel, or at least I feel, more capable of doing whatever your goal is.

Your saving money part is great and definitely something I want to work on. In regards to setting the intention for recieving those luxuries without necessarily spending money, couldn’t set the intention for both spending and saving? Or do they contradict one another?

In regards to making more money I’m trying to think of what I could do to do that whilst doing what I love.

I could:

Have more private lessons per week.

Teach more classes.

Get more people for my company.

Make and sell tutorials/online classes.

Not entirely sure what else I could do. I could raise my prices but I also believe in being affordable.

I think for people who join my company from now I’ll raise the prices for and have those that are in it at a set price already.

Anyone have any other ideas for someone in dance as a dancer/teacher?


I was thinking of stopping listening to my wealth custom and using purely just Khan.

I remember when I spoke to Amash (I think that’s his name?) And he said sticking with one major subliminal would be best as your focus is on entirely on that sub. I was going to use Khan along with Beyond Limitlesss and Libertine which I’ve now added to my stack.

I still have to work on money but I think my focus on being alpha and sexual is something I want to work on more. I also believe Khan has wealth building in it.

I just wanted to not slow down results considering my wealth subliminal is dense af anyway.

I did listen to my wealth subliminal last night but not entirely sure I should keep it up. It’s not reconcilation either, I just want to slow down and put my focus on one thing at a time rather than trying to do everything all at once.



Oh updates from what I’ve noticed with BLU:

I’m memorising choreography quicker and cleaner without having to go over it as much. Which is also resulting in me executing it better as I’m not having to think so much about what a move is.

My memory is definitely getting better.

I’m remembering smaller things that I would forget. My short term memory used to be so good and then I’d start forgetting the tiniest shit. Now I’m starting to remember again and I’m feeling super good about it.

Feeling super productive. Tired af but super productive with BLU and it’s slowly but surely becoming one of my favourite subs to use.

My ultra stack as of current looks like:

15 minutes silence
15 minutes silence

I started Libertine 2 days ago and haven’t noticed any effects yet but I’m hoping it help me crack one of the major issues I’ve had with who I am as a person and all that stuff.


It’s going to be hard to notice libertine with 2 loops of BLU, especially so close together. And by notice I mean, it may be to much Ultima for Libertine to really bloom. Try it on a day off BLU perhaps-or at least 6 hours later.


Appreciate the input. I’ll take Libertine out of my stack (it hasn’t ran yet) and use it later when I plan to go to class :hot_face::kissing_heart:

I only made this stack today and only increased my BLU usage yesterday.


I don’t view spending/saving as opposites in the strict sense, more so just a reallocation of resources. And sometimes it’s not feasible at all, for example right now I’m personally spending like crazy to make life easier…

We order food in several times per week if we’re too tired to cook, and just about every day we get a package from Amazon with something that will help make life simpler or more convenient… or just essentials, like diapers and baby wipes, etc. We’ve also got housecleaners and a nanny, which makes me sound rich but nope… just what I’m spending my money on right now instead of whatever else, as it keeps us sane lol. So, to compensate for that I’m doubling down on making more money. Once we’re done with spending so much on a newborn baby, those additional income streams will still be there.

In regards to your ideas:

Trading more time for money works to a point but isn’t scalable. What you could do is have another instructor teach a class and you split the revenue, that way you can increase your earnings without it taking up more hours of your life.

Video tutorials is a great idea, as you can film them once and then they will continue to generate revenue as they are marketed & sold.

Regarding pricing: Your prices should be based on your skills as a teacher, and thus the value you provide to the student, and not on their budget. It’s likely your prices do need to be raised (but grandfathering in existing students is a nice idea), and fair compensation for your work is perfectly fine. :slight_smile:


Accidently did 3 loops of BLU yesterday. (I accidentally pressed BLU as I was in a hurry and didn’t realise until the end when I pressed stop).

Didn’t end up using Libertine at all. Going to use it now and then BLU later on again.

Khan 2. Definitely making me more sexual and open to things. Jesus I’m like a horny humping dog. I’m glad it’s pushing through though and I can notice the changes on stage 2.

Still haven’t decided whether to drop my wealth custom for now and focus on Khan solely as I’m doing alternative days so I’m pretty much listening to Khan 2-3 times a week for 6 loops or so each and 15 minutes silence between the two. Same for my wealth custom…

Then 2 days off before I move back into the subs again.

I also may be over doing it. I’ve been so tired the past couple days. I was way too tired to do my boyfriend’s class on Monday, tired on Tuesday, tired yesterday and even though I’ve just woke up from a great sleep I still feel pretty exhausted.

I’m going to lower the loops of Khan and TMB Wealth (if it stays in) to maybe 2-4 loops each and see how that feels.


I see what you mean, that makes sense. That’s something I need to work on and is also why I wanted the ideas to make more.

I agree with you, trading time for it isn’t the greatest place to be in if I want more and it’s not something I necessarily want to do. I want to ensure everything I do is something that can increase without me spending more time on it (not less action, but yeah).

Video tutorials definitely need to be made for sure. Something in totally interested in doing. Need to write down prices for these. May do a couple free ones to begin with to give interest.

Even though I’ve just spoken about time I may also start a new beginner dance company. We get asked about beginner classes all the time so this is something I want to do too. It’s easier money as I’ll have more interest in beginners. I’m super excited for something like this.

I always struggled with choosing basing on budget rather than my skills but it’s completely true. I do believe where I’m priced now is pretty good however again that may be a limit reaffirming itself to me




Yesterday I received a picture of a girl showing me her boobs via Instagram, today a video of them, and also yesterday a picture of one of my friends, also a girl, sending me a picture of her covering her boobs with her arm but she’s not wearing anything :eyes::eyes:.

Not sure if the fact I’m gay (I’d like to consider myself open :joy:) has anything to do with this but Libertine???

I don’t know but I’m here for it. Never in my life have I received stuff like this. My life just got a bit more interesting :joy::joy:


Currently on a break of any subs. Last sub useage was Ultimas on Saturday.

Due to my overload of physical activity (dancing, teaching and choreographing) plus mental activity (subs) I’ve been feeling so tired. Gonna use the break as much as possible.

Starting this week I’ll be cutting on on my subs and going to x2-x3 of each sub instead of 6x. Definitely feeling the overload.

Also want to drop my wealth custom as I’m having so much fun on Khan - here comes the contradiction though, I want to readd Stark since I want to be famous for dance and my choreography - get known/popularity for that like I did for the app I was using. I haven’t really used Stark properly whilst I’ve been back in dance and it wasn’t my focus.

Both Khan and Stark have stuff to do with wealth. I feel like Khan will deal with the sexual/dominance side whilst Stark will help with my career more in being creative etc. Both deal with wealth, social ability but in different ways.


My wealth has been pretty consistent so I have less of a focus on it as much as my other goals and my goals should also bring more wealth anyway.


Dropped the custom (until my main focus is money and deals) to focus on Stark and Khan.

x2 loops per night for each.
10 minutes silence between each.

These two and BLU are probably my favourite subs.

I haven’t listened to any Ultimas for the last 3 days so going to listen tomorrow.

Hopefully this lower loop usage of all subs (except Libertine) won’t overload me as much.

Excited to be back on Stark:

I want the socialism, to be known for my work, to be ‘famous’ for dance and for my choreography - have people follow me on social media/etc. I want more people for classes and my company - that ultimately will bring me more money away. I want both to be sold out. Each week.

We getting there.

Khan, is doing its job. Making me more dominant which I’m loving, also social but also not afraid to be sexual and human. It’s making me more fearless too, I don’t feel afraid of as much as I used to. I’m having more fun but also more of a fuck it attitude in terms of things affecting me unless it’s major.

I want that to continue to grow. I’m excited for stage 3 to be moving forward but I think I’m going to give it this week, maybe next and then move onto stage three. I think I’m about 20 days in Khan Stage 2 or something. I’m enjoying it.


I’m struggling. Massively. I’m so in my head, I don’t know if it’s reconcilation or whatever but I don’t like it. I feel like life isn’t worth living, if I’m being honest. I can’t get anyone to do what I’m interested in currently - yeah I’ve asked - plenty.

The studio is being attacked by people who are jealous and have hatred in their hearts as my boyfriend is very blunt and strict when it comes to training so he’s getting death threats and told to hurt himself etc which is incredibly stressful.

This week has just been stressful as fuck and I don’t know what to do or where to go with it from here. I’ve been having these thoughts just built up this past week or so and now I’m massively struggling. I feel like my mental health has taken a hit.

I didn’t listen to any subs last night as it’s normally I’ll listen Friday night and then listen again on Monday night so it’s two days off but I think I’m going to take a week off any subs and give myself some time to rest. I think it’s necessary to recharge.

I think I need some healing though. I don’t know if Khan Stage 1 will do the healing I need so I was looking at Rebirth/Regeneration and Elixir but I can’t keep getting stuff to use to sort myself out. I was going to take time off my stack to use the above for a month and come back to it but maybe Stage 1 of Khan will be enough for the month again?

I was going to move to Stage 3 after this little washout since I’ve done Stage 2 for nearly 4 weeks on alternative days with my custom. I did start running my stack like this this week considering I cut down on loops:

Khan Stage 2
Khan Stage 2
Khan Stage 2

Libertine and BLU - one maybe mid day and the other later on.

I just don’t know what’s happening and I feel like this utter shit. Do I need to continue with Khan Stage 2 to get through it? I just don’t understand. I’ve had parts where I’ve felt utterly depressed and wanted to hurt myself (before I came into subliminals) but I don’t understand now. I was good and pretty content/happy - now I’m not.

Anyone got any insight?


(Tagged because you’ve either helped in this thread and/or done Khan before - I believe.)


First, as hard as whatever your dealing with is, if your not in immediate physical danger,
take a breath and pause for a second, your experiencing a difficult mental/emotional point-a triggered ‘reactive’ space and your looking at the challenges in your life from that view.

Second- you are extremely likely experiencing strong reconciliation. I would not run Stark with anything on Khan except maybe stage 4. I highly recommend you do just Khan Stage 2 and Ultimas. (Stage 2 every other day is not sufficient for Khan Stage 2 for 4 weeks-I would do 2 more weeks just Khan Stage 2 and Utltima)

Third-it sounds like you definitely need a 7 day washout from everything. You may also be experiencing bloom from dropping your custom.

What do you need people to do so badly? Or are you just upset you can’t convince/ persuade anyone of stuff?

Also - is your boyfriend at actual real threat? if so the appropriate authorities should be notified and defensive measures taken. If it’s just shit talk-while I get there are some bad eggs/ pyschos, I don’t understand why someone would send a death threat because their trainer was strict. Not condoning or justifying it, just saying there may be a professional line your boyfriend is crossing in his communication/ interaction that would need to be addressed for both long term business success and safety. (I don’t really understand the situation so could be completely off, just saying from what it sounds like)


Definitely taking a breath, going to take a nap and chill out a little. The thoughts that I was literally thinking are thoughts I don’t want to be thinking.

I’ll drop Stark and run purely just Khan Stage 2. I actually had this thought and thought it might not be enough time. I’ll see how I feel after a couple of days without any subs and if not feeling better, after my wash out I’ll just stick to Stage 2 for another two weeks before moving onto stage 3. I think I really need to do what AMASH said and just focus on one thing at once, I’m trying to do it all in one go because I’m impatient. This is something that’s been jumping out at me all over the forums whenever I’m reading.

I have a fetish, which I’ve always been ashamed of - until I started Khan and now I don’t care about it, but getting it done is another thing. It is a mixture of me persuading people because I feel like I have to convince people to do it. I feel like it’s the only way.

It frustrates me that ‘sex’ and everything ‘normal’ is pretty much free but then I have to convince and do all this stuff to show it isn’t worse than what it actually is. I’m just tired of trying to get it done. I feel like I’m constantly fighting people all the time.

He isn’t a threat, he’s just sometimes rude because he’s passionate. He holds and keeps people accountable if they want to be success in an industry he’s been in for a long time - I don’t necessarily agree with the way he does it sometimes but I see why he does it. He just doesn’t take excuses and will treat people as if they’re professional - if they’re late or don’t show up, he’ll ask where’s they are and all that stuff. That’s it.

But he’s been accused of being emotionally and mentally abusive, which isn’t true, and saddening to hear. He’s getting told to kill himself via social media, to do all kinds of things and people tearing down the business name because they’re upset. It’s stressful. It affects all of us and isn’t what we need.


@Azriel Do you think I can run Stage 1 with every stage as I go through? I feel like I’ve got a lot of healing to do. Or should I just go stage by stage?


Yes I think adding a loop of Stage 1 with every stage would be fine, but personally I would do a week of every stage without it at least as well just to get familiar fully with that stag and if I went longer with Stage 4 then a month I would drop stage 1 for that.


For sure. A loop of stage 1 it is until stage 4. I did the nice guy test and oh jheezus I was too nice.

Also, I’ve been thinking about my reconcilation (I feel better now) - since dropping my custom I changed to using Khan Stage 2 every night x3 along with Stark - I think the change to using it every night instead of every other day possibly caused the strong reconcilatIon I felt.

I don’t think I’ve used a sub by itself night after night for a while so jumping to stage 2 each night would have brought a lot of stress most likely.

I think since I’m feeling a bit better that I’ll go into stage 2 starting tonight single use at x2-x3 loops and see where I go.

Adding Libertine + BLU during the day.