I’m feeling way better. More positive and happier.

My stack now:

Khan Stage 1 x2 - I want to stick with this throughout my Khan journey - I read in the Khan thread or somewhere Saint said about having to get rid of 18 years or so of negative beliefs etc isn’t necessarily going to happen in 30 days so I’ve decided to keep this with me.

Khan Stage 2 x3 - Doing this daily until next week Friday - the following Monday will be Stage 3. I feel like I’m getting the effects of this. I’m definitely feeling like people are starting to understand my worth and I feel like I’m taken more seriously now. I’m making money, my classes are good, my company is good etc. I’m taking more center stage into my life.

I’ve started to notice I’m more confrontational which to me is great, I know when to leave things alone but I’ve had a lot of people come at me recently and I’ve not been afraid of saying what I’ve had on my mind - normally I would and I’d just let it slide. No more.

I’m definitely more sexual and social which again is great, I used to be so closed off and anti-social. Now I’m taking the action to go out more, have a couple of drinks and live life. Something I was afraid of doing. Nothing to big yet but I’ve been out there and it’s been fun. I’ve been more open in all these aspects above.

I’m hoping the next week will add onto this and that stage 3 will take it further. I’m excited and eager to move onto stage three. I feel good about it.

Anyway, I woke up super happy today. My boyfriend is away for a few days, and I miss him, but normally I play my stack on Ultrasonic but last night decided on masked out loud. Next minute - fast asleep. Had a good 9 hours or so sleep and it was a rest that I needed. I feel good. - I did also use a lavender sleep spray which I believe helped but I also put it down to the great masked sounds too.

I feel like today is going to be a good day. I’m going to try and update tonight and see how it goes.


How would you say the wealth aspects of khan ?
Any improvement in that?


I wouldn’t be able to say it’s entirely Khan yet as I’ve dropped my wealth custom (for now) and Stark.

With Stark I made a good amount. I was making making 500 a month or less before Stark and got to 2.6k which I cashed out this month. My job however has changed (I’m now off live streaming and back into dance) so I’m hoping Khan will help me make a consistent amount per month. We will see the results soon.

I hadn’t used my wealth custom enough to see the amount of money I could make yet.

I’m sure Khan will work on that as it states in in the sales page but my income has been a consistent rate to help me get through so far.

What I will say is that Khan has increased my worth in myself and it made me increase my prices for my company and stick to prices too. Also not giving things out for free like I used to so …technically yes more money.


Been questioning myself so much recently. I think I’ve been oblivious, as per usual, but I think this is Khan Stage 1.

It’s been making me question myself self worth. So much. Last night I was in class and all of these questions have been coming up. I’ve been weirdly journalling them on my Instagram and I been annoying people aha. Saying about how I’m trying to find my place and be worthy etc. Some of the replies have been so supportive for sure.

Is this definitely Stage 1? Should I stay on Stage 1 because of this? I’ve really been thinking about moving from Stage 1 and going into Stage 2/3 (I’ve done Stage 2 for the past month).

@RVconsultant thought I’d tag you since I’ve been having good conversations and this is my journal so it’s all on topic. Your thoughts and opinions would be useful and definitely appreciated. I wanted to talk to you about future customs too…


I think that’s stage 2, sage 2 has you questioning everything to becoming more in alignment with your ideal self. Stage 1 may have breakdown in letting go of what no longer serves, so in a way that is a questioning, but stage 2 is hardcore self-assessment lol


That makes complete sense. I actually think I read about people saying that Stage 2 was just as brutal as Stage 1 - which now is making sense.

I’m going to get rid of Stage 1 tonight and move onto stacking Stage 2 + 3.

It’s time.



All the questioning… hmmm… read about Khan Stage 1 on the advert page, then read about I AM in the Q store…

I think the general idea is stage 1 is about destroying the crap, so Khan can rebuild.

When I was about to run Stage 1 of Khan, I felt scared. I thought I would be curled up in a corner of my room whimpering, but it was actually okay.

Now I’m thinking about getting I AM…

What do you want for a future subliminal?

What have you mapped out as your plans or goals for the next 2 or 3 years?



I’ve just read both - I’m slightly confused. I do feel like shit. Today and yesterday I’ve been in my head and comparing myself to everyone else. Recently I’ve been able to pick up choreography and stuff pretty easy, now? I’m forgetting, I’m struggling, I’m finding everything difficult, I’m in my head nearly all the timing questioning myself, my dance, my business, my company, my choreography, my relationship and all that.

What do I do? Do I need to continue to use Stage 1, or is it Stage 2? Can I move on or is this now super important? It’s confusing me. I don’t want to keep feeling like crap. I will if it’s necessary right now and it’s ultimately making me a better person - which I’m sure it will but I really did not expect to feel like this at this stage of month two.

I’m just so confused right now. This amount of questioning is making me feel weird and depressive.

In regards to a future subliminal, I want what I want now - Fame, wealth, dominance - I want to be an incredible dancer that books jobs, I want to be a choreographer for big artists - I have a lot of doubts about both my dance and choreography ability - especially at the moment.

I want to live this life with people knowing my name for my talent and all that kinds of stuff.

That’s why I wanted a Stark, Khan, EoG sub. I feel like that’s still the case that I should do however I feel like I need to finish Khan before I move into a custom like that.

I do currently have a Wealth Custom of EoG Stages 1 + 4 and Emperor: House of Medici.


Most definitely Stage 2 at work:

And while Total Reprogramming sounds easier than Total Breakdown, do not be fooled – Total Reprogramming will make you question yourself and your deepest aspirations, emotions, beliefs, personality traits… until you come out reforged with a purpose akin to steel…

Fuck me silly.

These feelings I’m having.

I’m definitely moving into month 3 now and I’ll be using Stage 2 and Stage 3 until I can drop Stage 2. It’s time.



When I start having a lot of overwhelming emotions, I take an extra rest day. In fact, one time my rest day turned into 8 rest days. Yes, I did it. I stopped listening to subliminals for 8 days in a row.

You said you were forgetting and struggling and comparing yourself.

What if when you compared yourself, the comparison turned out in such a way you felt happy with your life and connected to others.

What if you were forgetting how to do your negative habits.

What if you were struggling trying to think of things you dislike.

What if you had a new understanding of things so you could feel calm about confusion.

When I don’t know what to do, I try turning things upside down for a bit.:grin:


@RVconsultant I was supposed to have a wash out but that never happened. Maybe it should. I haven’t done any subs today. I’m cutting down on my usage.

I think I’m also going to change my schedule from 5 days a week to 4 days a week, rest on Wednesday and rest on Saturday and Sunday too.

Makes sense considering when I used to workout at the gym I’d do Upperbody on Monday and Lowerbody on Tuesday and then repeat on Thursday and Friday. This sounds more manageable for me.

We’ll see what happens.

I do also need to focus on the positives too. That’s what I’m finding difficult. Everything I’m questioning is leading to a negative and I don’t want that to occur. I need/want to be more positive.



I like to use gym metaphors when thinking about subliminals, such as over-training. If I feel overly tired or achy from my gym workout, I take an extra rest day. Same with subliminals.



There is also Ultimate Artist at the regular store and the Q store.

Maybe if you request, perhaps @SaintSovereign or @Fire could arrange for Ultimate Dancer or Ultimate Choreographer.



Just had another thought. Might was to check out @pacman 's journal. I think he’s going Khan.



Same. That’s how I run them now. It’s simply a subconscious gym. More doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Running subs via the Upper/Lower metaphors and resting three days rather than 2.

That’s always been on my list actually, I think I’d forgotten about it as of yet as I thought Stark/BLU would bring out my creativity (which it did) but I do need to use that.

I really hope they bring out both of those, it’s necessary for me but the demand might not be enough. I think Saint mentioned something about dance a while back so I’ve been patiently waiting but we’ll see :eyes:

Giving it a read now! Thanks for this :pray:t3:



How are you finding Khan currently? I’ve still got a tab open reading your journal, which has already been insightful but just wondered if you have a summary so far.

Good thank we’re going through this journal together. I’m interested in seeing your goals, journey and outcome.


Goals for Khan:

Be dominant, in all aspects of life. Be considered Alpha - because I don’t feel like I am. My worth is growing and being questioned but I want my self worth to be up with the greats who know they’re fucking great - except I don’t want to be arrogant.

Have some fucking fun. I’ve been so reserved all my life, not going out, being anti social, saying no to things, not drinking, not gonna out with boys - I want that shit to stop. I want to have fun.

Not be afraid to ask guys to do my ‘thing’ - like I said I’m more open now and I don’t really care about it to the point that I’ll tell people - not really many issues - but I just want to be able to tell them and get to the point so that it can happen rather than running through hoops to let them know. Bored of it.

Be way more social. Create a good name for myself, have people know who I am and have this irresistible charm.

Build my dance classes and company - these both bring me money. Once our new lockdown in the UK is over I want more. I want my classes, any and all of them, to be sold out every single week. I want my company to have 15-20 people in it and at a price I deserve.

I feel like Khan can do this for me. It’s starting to but these are my goals that I want.


So far im on stage 1 and 2
All i can say is that it makes me very

  • confident…this confidence is very different from ascended mogul or ascension.
  • it makes me extremely productive.
  • winners mindset.
  • i started reading books which i have hated for years.
  • i fast daily for around 20 hours and dont feel it at all.
  • my sideline business is really picking up alot i spoke about it in my journal.

All the other small things that i notice are in my journal…
Also remember that what i have achieved so far is because of my actions…if i take mre action which i will as i get used to khan scripting the results will be way grander…
Its like i cannot sit and do unproductive things.


Sorry @Brandon
Khan will not do that for you buddy…



I can actually relate to what you feel with stage one and two so far. I haven’t been reading but I’ve been taking more classes including online classes and doing ballet workouts for class instead of not doing anything.

I don’t fast but I can understand the determination. My company has been randomly picking up too which I’ve noticed.

I agree, action is massive. I used to suck at it but I’m gradually getting better. These subs are super powerful.

Truth right there, I will do that with Khan. Nothing is going to stop me.

Thanks for the motivation buddy.