Woke up to a guy I used to teach (who’s older than me) randomly followed and sent me my ‘thirst trap’ picture when I made a new Instagram account a couple weeks ago and then sent me a picture of him with his ass slightly out.

That was out of the blue. Haven’t spoken to him for a while.



Could something be manifesting? There were reports with LU v1 of ex-girlfriends unexpectedly messaging men… or women on apps like WhatsApp suddenly becoming flirty all at once with the man using LU v1. Scroll through that LU thread section for a bit of fun reading!



I thought I would post this here as you might be at some time in the near future getting more subliminals.

I asked @SaintSovereign awhile back about gender and sexual orientation and subliminals.

I think from what I remember that Primal Seduction, Iron Throne, and Primal are for cisgender heterosexual males. All others I think are gender and sexual orientation neutral.


Could be for sure. I’ve been using V2 but never used V1. I’ll have a look through the thread for sure.

I also asked Saint and just assumed that the whole thing was gender/sexual neutral but thank you for letting me know! Primal is in Khan Stage 3 right? One of them is? Does that mean it’ll affect me the same?

I’ve definitely been feeling the sexual effects of Khan regardless. That guy has been messaging me nearly all day and I was demanding with him, which I’m not usually and well…seemed to work.

Also have a question with Libertine - there’s a guy I really want to do my stuff, should I use it before I talk to him and see what happens? He is straight through.



@SaintSovereign or @Fire

Could you please answer the above questions?

I think @Brandon is asking because he a gay.

If there was a cisgender, self-identified lesbian who I was interested in, I would listen to LU before meeting up with her.


Appreciate you asking for sure! I’ve mentioned it in a few times but I don’t want to be giving out the wrong information.

In regards to Libertine, that makes sense. Maybe I should just use it before I plan on messaging/seeing him. We’ll definitely see. Not too sure about this guy yet.


Currently listening to Khan Stage 2 x3 and Stage 3 x3 following @RVconsultant but tweaked it a little.

Probably going to be running each stage into the next stage, for example it’ll technically be 60 days of Stage 2 but 30 of those days will be stacked with Stage 3 - repeat with Stage 3&4.

I’ve already completed 30 days of Stage 2.


I feel better - not questioning myself as much but it’s still there. I still, in my head, require a lot of healing so I’m working and reflecting on stuff like that and what I want.

Guy number one I spoke about - he’s a weird one, odd to figure who and talk to but he’s very nice. He gives me the energy he might not be entirely straight like I expected. We’ll see how things continue with him.

Guy number two - Kind of gave up on approaching/talking to him.

Guy who I taught: Meh, I cba with this one.

My interests are mainly in guy number one at the moment. I’d like guy number two but he isn’t my sole focus.

I haven’t been listening to BLU or Libertine for a few days, don’t remember when the last time was but this week has been pretty much entirely Khan.

I’ll reintroduce BLU and Libertine next week.

I still need to talk a subliminal washout and I should do it but I just don’t want to stop using the subs. Especially if I haven’t used Libertine and BLU this week. I’d like to add Executive too.

Is this too many? Feel like it might be counter productive. I know Stage 3 has action but more in the fact that if I don’t take it it’ll make me feel a certain way - so we’ll see.

Anyway - lockdown rehappened again for us in the UK so I’m waiting for that to open up and allow Khan to fully sink into my brain/subconscious for this month. Going to be a difficult one since Stage 3 is all about taking action and I already feel so bored with stuff. Going to take it out on my creativity instead. Hopefully we are out of lockdown within the next 30 days.

We’ll have to see.

Also found another guy who’s crushing on me apparently, that won’t lead anywhere as I’m not interested and he’s a good friend but it’s nice to know for sure.

Recently I’ve been feeling myself a lot - in terms of handsome wise. I’ve been changing what I’m wearing and focusing on my style.

I bought contact lenses, one doesn’t fit my left eye properly but the right eye does so I’m wearing one blue contact lense and keeping my normal eye colour for the left. I like the style, makes me stand out and look different - I enjoy it.

I painted my nails black and have absolutely no insecurities about it like I used to - I used to think ‘what the fuck will people say, will I get called a faggot’ etc - now I really don’t care anymore.

I’m really working on how I want to look and come across - I’m back into focusing on working out too as it’s important to me. Need to work on my nutrition just to get food in otherwise I barely eat but I’m working on it.

In other news, still have people talking about me/my boyfriend and the studio but it is what it is. I’m quite bored of it now. Khan makes me confrontation, or at least I want to be, but I’m trying to keep my head low, stay positive and just focus on putting my work out there as it’s good. Moving past the negativity for sure.

Gave my boyfriend the home page of SC to find a sub to help him with anything he has going on, will see what he chooses.


Hi Brandon!

I know this feeling. Usually, I have either isolated myself a bit so I won’t take my annoyance out on others, or I just try to stay very quiet with neutral body language around others. I’ve also found keeping a journal helps.


Hey @RVconsultant

I’ve been isolating myself. People are constantly saying and writing stuff on social media and I feel like I have to say something but I’m trying to hard not to. I may just start writing what I want to say to them in my journal so it’s out there but not on social media. I just want to focus on positivity and moving forward.

I have two questions for you.

I’m trying to build my Instagram and my ‘fame’ for that Instagram and my dance/choreo - can I add Stark into my stack yet, even at 1 loop, or no?

2nd question.

I feel like a lot of what manifests regarding the studio is down to my boyfriend’s thoughts of people not liking him - I’ve noticed a lot of negativity and negative beliefs regarding him and why he isn’t successful. Would Stage 1 help and be beneficial do you think? I feel (and he agrees) he has a lot of healing to do.

Could he also add Stark to build up his likeability and own fame for the studio/him?



If I was in your position, I would definitely put Stark into my subliminal playlist. I would also encourage you to read about Mastermind and The Spotlight in the Q store.

If your boyfriend is on board with subliminals, I would encourage you to feel fortunate.

I’m guessing you are referring to stage 1 of Khan?

Remember that if you are living with him or working with him or seeing him regularly, and if he is listening to stage 1 … he might experience reconciliation … which means he might be irritable and moody. You might be, too.

If you were both listening to Stark, you’d both be getting the same programming and I would think that would improve chances of any business projects you undertake together.



I’m already listening to Khan Stage 2 & 3. Do you think I should add it in for around 1-3 loops?

I am fortunate, he doesn’t know too much about subs but has consented to my use and me listening to the masked versions whilst we sleep is good.

It’s okay for him to be moody, I’m used to it aha. I just want him to erase any negative beliefs he has and anything stopping him from being successful, as well as the studio. It’s time. The healing is important. Also yes, I mean Khan Stage 1 for him.

In regards to Stark, when I was using purely Stark he was pretty much listening to it too. It made us popular on an app we were working on. Now I think it’s time to be used for dance and all that jazz.


I think you answered your own question… :grin:


I would start by adding 1 loop of StarkQ … monitor for any negative effects … continue at 1 loop per day for about 3 days. Then add another loop if no negative effects. If there are any negative effects, I would decrease by 1 loop or run every other day until no negative effects.



Amazing, thank you.
I’ll give it a go.

1x Stark coming up.

3x Khan Stage 2 & Stage 3.


I’m also very interested to see your results. Best of luck


Hopefully it works the way I envision it.



Whilst the story has a good outcome - so far, it also has possible triggers inside - please be wary of this

Feeling much better about myself. Currently on a break from subs until tonight - technically only giving myself a nights rest from subs. Unsure as to whether I’ll give myself more or not this week until my normal break time.

I’m considering doing 4 days a week instead of 5.

Interestingly I added Khan Stage 1 and Stark Stage 1 (I had finished my weekly stack and was supposed to be on break) on Saturday night as the situation with my boyfriend and the people telling him to kill himself and all that stuff had been affecting all of us a lot. So much more than that but it was starting to get to us and I didn’t know how to handle it. My boyfriend told me that he was feeling suicidal due to all of the pressure/overwhelm of the situation and I didn’t know what to do about the situation.

I played Stage 1 and Stark for 1 loop each over night whilst we sleep on masked sounds. When I woke up the next morning I ended up having the idea of phoning the police. I know you’re probably thinking, why didn’t you do that in the first place? Because there’s so much more, that I haven’t written about and kept personal, and was in a fog of overwhelm that I didn’t really know how to think. Also as it’s social media I didn’t know what they could do and how. I wasn’t aware.

Called them and today we’ve had some good news.

To catch you up, basically a guy who worked for us and was part of my dance company has been going out of his way to spread hate and talk about my boyfriend - who is simply a strict, give no excuses, kind of dance teacher. People hate that, and the fact he’s honest, and were accusing him of mental/emotional abuse.

The guy in question had made a video about mental and emotional abuse and all this stuff whilst slating my boyfriend, however not mentioning any names. This has lead, and even before that, to death threats and people telling my boyfriend to kill himself and attacking his business. Along with other comments and all sorts being placed onto the page. The BF has since been on a low, suicidal, questioning his self worth and all that.

Back to the good news, he received a call today to say that the police and watched and done background work on everything and that they’re on his/our side and are keeping a close eye on this guy and everyone else who are involved. He’s also the one behind the prank calls and behind the death threats/kill yourself comments as the police located his calls/IP address.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I truly believe that Stark/Stage 1 helped that night and gave me the idea to do this, by working on the scenes instead of being a Khan and confronting the situation by fighting fire with fire.

I want to say a shoutout to @BLACKICE for this too as I was reading a thread, I can’t remember which - probably the Stark one, about visualising he was in front of Tony Stark and asked for creative help. I didn’t visualise or any of that, but I did ask for help in my head and set Stark/Khan to play. That hopefully set everything into motion and then I slept on the situation.

I thank, and appreciate you for your advice - also for anyone else, especially @Azriel and @RVconsultant that has helped recently as I believe the subs and stack has rounded up to help to this moment.

Before you read this section, please remember that whilst I’ve spoken about my boyfriend I’m also in an open relationship and we’re both free to meet, see and whatever other people. These people below know I’m in an open relationship and accept that.

In other news, the guy I’ve mentioned before - guy number 1, has been messaging me out of the blue. I spoke to him the other day but have been trying to keep my distance as I don’t want to be making any one-sided emotional connects as I’ve fallen for, I’d like to say, “straight” guys in the past who haven’t given a fuck about me afterward but have helped me out sexually. I definitely want to to continue with this guy though, he’s sweet, open and very helpful for sure - I just don’t want to jump into anything.

Another guy I used to talk to, and spoke about my thing with ended up RANDOMLY sending me a message on my new instagram - bare in mind I didn’t speak to him for a long while, no messaged, and didn’t follow him on my new instagram (which he also doesn’t follow) and ended up sending me a video of someone doing something similar to what I’m interested in - so I was like…woah…okay.

The other guy I said who told me I was attractive has invited my around his house and wants to make me some wine and chocolate…(the one I said I think it won’t go any further with) which is sweet. I won’t be leading him on or anything but I’d like to make nice friends with him. Bare in mind I don’t know if he’s actually crushing or just being nice.

The guy I really want to do my thing, the second one in my previous post, I haven’t spoken to - I hope he does it but I don’t want anything with him emotionally.

The other guy I used to teach who randomly messaged me, I’m not sure where that could go.

Anyway, I’ve gone from being with my boyfriend in an open relationship having no sexual interests, that I was aware of, to having a few - I’m good with that!

I haven’t used Libertine or BLU in about a week so hoping to bring this back this week.

I feel like I need to use BLU and Libertine on alternate days as I don’t think my mind is primed to use them every day and it needs the rest - even more than I thought, to make stuff happen. I really need to think about how I’m using them and utilising my rest days. I get really tired after just one loop of each.

I’m super excited for the Ultima customs to possibly make this into something I could use every day (if that’s how it works.)


I hope your BF starts feeling better soon, and what’s-his-name stops the harassment.

I think one of the things I’ve noticed about the subliminals is that I noticed at some point, it felt like there was something guiding me. As though I wasn’t alone in my journey with the subliminals. Almost as though there was some sort of scripting that was there to act like a guide. I wish I knew how to explain it better.



I’m sure he will. He most likely won’t stop the harassment but he doesn’t know the police are involved - they can/will arrest him if he continues further.

Yes! I’ve started to notice this too, that the subliminal are guiding me to be the person I ultimately want to be and to push myself. It’s like my subconscious ultimately knows best (which I mean we hear all the time and technically it does), and the subs are helping with that to subconsciously do their job and push us into the right directions.


I’m glad that I was able to help in any small way, I definitely feel that setting an intention before listening to a sub helps it work faster, or at least in a specific way. It’s easy with Stark, as there’s an existing character to visualize… less so with Khan, I’d imagine.


You helped in a massive way. I’ve seen that comment numerous times and only used it yesterday - I’ll definitely be using it more for creative purposes. Also I agree, it helps to see Tony in your head and talk to him. With Khan I imagine this massive beast like King.

Kind of like The Thing from The Fantastic Four but bigger and a little different looking with a tridant and other stuff. I don’t know, haven’t really visualised it, or tried to, but that’s what happens in my head.