To Shayul Ghul and Back





Thanks man!


Hmmm… Interesting. More food for thought.



As suggested by @JCast, I only played 2 loops of DR ST1 today, and a loop of ElixirU. As I mentioned in my previous entry, after playing ElixirU, I had this small push to work on something. And yet my eyes were very tired from working last night and staying up late. Took a short nap in the afternoon, and went back to work on waking up.

I was able to finish the work assigned to me from yesterday. Though I know it isn’t really of the quality I liked, it was the best I could do given the circumstances.

I was also able to work on my conference presentation. Still feel that there’s a long way to go for this, but at least I feel motivated to push through it. For me, this is actually one of the few times where I feel that I need to finish what I started. Considering the fact that I submitted my abstract half-heartedly, I have a totally different feeling towards it now. Maybe because I suddenly realize that this is real?

In either case, I may sleep earlier tonight. I still have a lot of stuff to work on tomorrow. And for once in a long time, I suddenly find myself writing a mental checklist of things I need to work on, and the time I should be prioritizing them on. Before, even if I know what needs to be done, I just do things based on what I feel or fancy doing at the time. Now, I have something like a priority list.

I do hope this feeling lasts.


DAY17(early update)

Decided that I could take some time to relax last night. So I watched the movie “Archive” over at Amazon Prime Video. Actually made me think about the progress of AI in our current society and the possibility of actually moving our consciousness over to a machine. Liked the twist at the end.

In the end, I slept a little earlier than usual, although not as early as I really hoped. Woke up about an hour early because of a bang I heard. Turned out the hook holding up a frame fell off. Good thing nothing was broken.

Went back to sleep but shortly after, my alarm rang. So off I went. Did my morning meditation and then listened to DR ST1.

Though I feel some tiredness in my eyes and a minor headache, somehow, I feel more meh than exhausted.



Got to talk to my mentor who’s helping me with the conference talk. Figuring out the flow of the talk, topics to add and remove, etc. Learned a lot from him actually and grateful for him spending a few minutes of his day to talk to me.

Took a nap in the afternoon as my headache was getting worse.

When I woke up, I started working on some office-related tasks I have been putting off for some time. I suddenly had the urge to do things that, before, I didn’t like really. But they just kept piling up higher and higher. So, I don’t know really. But somehow, I felt “motivated” (I guess is the closest word for what I felt) to work on them.


DAY18(early update)

Had a weird dream last night. I dreamt I was back in my home country and had a flight going out. My dad and wife took me to the airport, and when we got there, I suddenly realized I forgot my passport. Somehow found a way to get back to my parents’ home and get it, then back to the airport. But it was a rush since time was ticking. Don’t remember much and I’m not even sure if I actually got on the flight on time or not.

Woke up about an hour early because of the dream. Went back to sleep, but when the alarm rang, I just felt sluggish and also had the feeling of a headache starting.

Did my morning meditation and then started DR ST1 right after. Somehow, I feel motivated to get some work done this morning. Even if I’m a bit pissed after reading all the office emails and stuff. But still, it’s not like it should affect me much. Stupid people do stupid things.

So now, while listening to ElixirU, I find myself logging in to the office network and starting to get some work done.


DAY19(early update)

A lot of things happened yesterday. Had to sleep early as my head was hurting. Couldn’t get myself to update this journal last night.

With that being said, I feel much better now. Although, a bit sleepy still. Woke up a couple of times because either my wife hogged the blanket, or because my kid had a nightmare again.

In either case, grudgingly got out of bed and did my morning meditation. Was a bit surprised to find out I forgot to program the coffee maker last night. So had to wait a bit for the coffee to brew.

Played 1 loop of DR ST1 and got the kids ready for their classes. Turns out I had an interview also! HR only emailed me last night, so had to rush things and make myself look presentable.

Not really sure about the interview though. Wasn’t too technical though a few questions caught me off-guard. Oh well. Unlike before, I don’t really feel disappointed with myself. Could it be healing? Not sure really.

Will be playing ElixirU later. Hopefully, I can update tonight.



Somehow, I think that either ultrasonics in general, or listening to subs while I sleep at night, are not really compatible with me. Before, I used to listen to ultrasonics at night and I’d wake up the next day with a headache or beginning one. For the past 2 nights, I have not listened to any sub while I sleep. And even though I am listening to the same number of loops per day (I added 1 loop while I’m awake), I don’t have any headaches.

As of now, I have listened to 3 loops of DR ST1 and 2 loops of ElixirU. I was able to work a little on my office tasks (not much, but was able to work on the bare minimum), and a little on my conference presentation. The draft is going fine, and hopefully I should be able to finish the slides by this weekend.

Felt a bit sleepy during the afternoon. Actually took a nap. Not sure if it’s because processing the subs make me tired, the fact that I’m sleeping only for about less than 6 hours a night, or the weather, but I feel that the bed is constantly calling me.



Can’t really say much about today. Being a rest day and all, it was rather boring really. Got to play around with the kids, watch some tv and even got to take a nap.

I was able to work on my powerpoint presentation a bit. Although not sure how I may improve it now. But still a part of me feels that there’s some improvements to be made. Just not sure where really.


It will come to you dont force it, your brains probably working on it in the background, you might want to take a break or go do something else still


I know how you feel. I’m taking a rest day as well and even though I’ve gotten some things done I’m bored as fuck



Woke up to a massive headache. Given that yesterday was a rest day, it may be because I slept way past midnight last night. Found myself binge watching and just couldn’t bring myself to turn off the TV.

Anyway, today was also a rest day, so no subs. Pretty boring lazy day. Maybe because it was the rainy weather we were having. Not really sure.

Finished the draft for my powerpoint presentation. Will be working on “beautifying” it tomorrow. Hopefully, I can also find the time to make the video by then. I’m not really in the mood to record my voice as it’s been so “nasally” lately.


DAY22(early update)

Woke up around 2 am and went back to sleep. It’s a good thing I didn’t have problems going back to sleep.

Got up as soon as my alarm rang. Although sleepy, I was able to start my day by doing my morning meditation. Played 1 loop of DR ST1 soon after.

Given that although I have been able to work on some things, I feel that I can do more and accomplish more. Because of this, I’ll experiment by switch out ElixirU with Limitless Executive Ultima. Hopefully, I get more than just a slight push and really get shit done.



As stated in my previous entry, I experimented with Limitless Executive Ultima. However, given that the stacked recommendations came out today, I ended up doing the following:

  • 2x DR ST1
  • 2x Limitless Executive Ultima
  • 1x ElixirU

So for now, I’ll be treating Limitless Executive Ultima as a major while ElixirU will be a booster for DR.

So far, I am starting to come up with a plan for my conference presentation. Previously, I just finished the powerpoint presentation, but the demo is still not there. In fact, before today, I didn’t even know what to demo and how. However, after listening to my 2nd loop of LEU, I felt like I had an AHA moment. So now, I got all the materials needed and will be preparing the demo tomorrow.

Also, earlier today, I got to study some materials. I believe this might be useful for my interview this coming Friday.


DAY23(early update)

Slept around 11:30 last night. Didn’t play any subs while I slept. Not sure why, but I woke up around 3:30am. Good thing I was able to go back to sleep.

Dreamt of my ex. We were in college again, and I were going to meet my folks. However, prior to meeting my ex, I supposedly had a date with a fling. Had to cancel on the date because of this. Somehow, in the dream, I felt that I would drop anything just for my ex. Not really sure what this dream means TBH.

Woke up a bit groggy. Maybe because of the dream, the weather, or what not. Did my morning meditation and then played a loop of DR ST1. Will be play LEU later.

Somehow, I feel the urge to work on my office tasks. This is good, not because I love my job, but because I want to get things off my plate.



Although I was feeling a bit tired and sluggish, and even took a nap, I can say that my day was semi-productive. Somehow, I feel like I’m starting to get on a roll. I was able to submit a report that was long overdue (at least for me), do a few tasks on my office checklist, and even provided an initial analysis for a problem our team saw (although it wasn’t really assigned to me).

In addition, I’ve been reviewing some stuff that I may use for the conference presentation I am preparing. I think it may also be useful for some technical interviews that may be asked in the future. So I’m actually hitting 2 birds with 1 stone here.

Overall my stack today is still:

  • 2x DR ST1
  • 2X LEU
  • 1x ElixirU

Somehow, I’m feeling good (at least emotionally). Maybe because I’m seeing my progress and being able to check off some items in my to-do list.


Forgot that this was your journal now. Was about to ask how you were. Now I’ll just read here and find out.


I love this stack . I may run that myself or at least test it. Healing and getting shit done. Can’t go wrong there