Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


“Inside like outside” read this somewhere in a qi gong book.
What if the big bang was a thought which emerged


Just got finished reading this whole journal… it’s impressive AF!

I love the customs you’ve chosen, very well thought out approach and actions taken to support it. Following this journal with great interest!



You could possibly see everything, including the Big Bang, as your imagination pushed out.


At that level and scale of abstraction, possessive pronouns (e.g., my, your, our, their) grow…more complicated.

whose imagination


I’m starting to notice effects from my Physical Fitness and Wellbeing custom. Gradual now, but picking up…

It has been a bit over a month.

It’s exciting.


Well, if we all share the same consciousness…then perhaps possessive pronouns don’t really matter at one point.


stop making your life unwinnable



knee-deep in it at the moment


I’m thinking about build-strength/build-density and how that factor might be related to my listening.

The two Customs I’m working with are Terminus build strength. They feel comfortable and I’ve been fine with them. Even the Terminus2 program I run, Mind’s Eye, has not seemed to be a problem, in any very obvious way.

This is influencing how I think about Standard Q build strength programs. I think it’s why I felt relatively comfortable to add in Alchemist and Quantum Limitless. In terms of build strength (not content) they are lighter than the Terminus programs. And it does seem that adding these programs has not added any build-strength related difficulty.

So, I’m just kind of rolling these ideas around.

I’m thinking about how one type of challenge can come from Build Strength and the physical density of scripting. Another can come from the content of the messages and what the subliminal is supporting you to do.

That means that there could be:

a) a very light script but which was trying to get you to do something that is very frightening or difficult for you

or there could be

b) an extremely dense, heavy script but which was getting you to do something that comes extremely easily and naturally to you

I’d call these two factors a) Content Challenge-level and b) Scripting Density.

These could, independently or in combination, contribute to the reconciliation that a person experiences with a program.


Had my IMBUE hike at the start of the day for a change rather than at the end. It’s a nice change.


Everything I’m working on is a long-term plan. Or at the very least has long-term significance.

This is not a situation where I’m running to the mirror or the scale to check what has changed each day.

At the same time, I can see the effects of the subliminals that I’m using, from time to time.

Today, I found myself taking action on something health-related that I need to do. I’m confident that this is related to subliminal programs I’m running.

Recently, I’ve noticed effects from Sultan. I’ve noticed Serum X. I’ve noticed Inner Voice. I know that there’s much more than these going on as well.

Interestingly, this week I felt a subtle increase in how much I was noticing. I see that it’s been roughly 6 weeks since I started running my Customs. I’ve got two dense customs and both are Terminus build, so this seems about right to me. (I’m actually prepared to wait even longer.)

When I added in Alchemist and Quantum Limitless a couple of weeks ago (both in Standard Q build), I noticed an immediate effect from Alchemist. I wondered if my mind absorbed it more easily because, as a Standard build subliminal, it’s lighter and easier to work with compared to a Terminus track. Or it could be just that my mind is extremely ready for Alchemist.

(There’s some degree of redundancy in my posts. But I’m usually in a rush, so I don’t worry about it overly much.)


So do you think your brain was relieved for the respite or the regular subs just became child’s play after the terminus consistency?


I’ve ignored the Q Module threads, so maybe this has been answered already…

What are the effects of Sultan - as distinguished from EOG, Stark, or Emperor?


That is exactly what I’m wondering about.

I’ve been listening to Terminus tracks for about 3 months now. Starting in June or so, I started taking Sundays as rest days. But other than that, every day for the last 3 months has had either a Terminus or a Terminus2 track. Often both. (Since I still like to sometimes play a loop or two of PATHS Terminus even if I played Mind’s Eye Terminus2 during that morning’s meditation).

It has felt okay and even good for the most part. But perhaps despite this apparent smoothness, my mind has in fact been adjusting to this daily stimulation and ‘strengthening’. (not sure if it’s really about strength or not).

A bit like if you take one of those wood chippers that can manage a normal thickish tree:

and then you just feed in some light bamboo and rattan:


or even some flower stems or thin sticks



They will float through like a hand waving through water.

So, I was wondering if it might be like that. I don’t know. It may be nothing like that.

Anyway, that’s why I’m contrasting Content Challenge to Build Density as two independent factors that could influence Reconciliation.

Content Challenge. I am allergic to tree nuts. Violently in some cases. So, for me, a cashew is an extreme Content Challenge. My body just can’t process that message. It doesn’t matter how dense or light it is. A cashew cream puff is going to lay me out.

I guess there might be some subliminals with content that is just really challenging for me to integrate; so that even if I’m dealing with the lightest build strength in the world, it’s still going to give me trouble.

I’m thinking that with Alchemist, I probably had the opposite of a Content Challenge allergy. It may have been like Content Ease. On top of that, it was a Q standard track, so it was light in comparison to these main tracks that I’m playing. I’m thinking maybe that combination could have led to an initial strong result.

(Of course, then everything calms down and it’s back to patiently assimilating over time.)


You know, I’m actually suspecting that it was Sultan, in part, that led me to begin Alchemist and Quantum Limitless much earlier than I’d planned.

The realization and acceptance that my inner path is not only compatible with my wealth generation goals, but it will be indispensable, crucial, and fundamental to those goals.

Sultan is said to be about finding your own personally-tailored optimal approach to wealth-generation and financial building.

Distinguished from EoG? I’ve been scrutinizing these modules and my guess would be that Sultan or something very much like it was already part of Ecstasy of Gold. And likely Stark as well.

The description for EoG Stage 2 says:

This subliminal will guide you to the skills and knowledge you will need to make the most wealth in your life. It will help you find the areas that you will excel at over all others, and that will make you the happiest you can be.

and also

…will help you dig deep into yourself and find your truest purpose that will bring you the riches you desire.

So, this Module may already be subsumed within those programs. Either way though, I have the sense of having felt it.


Hm…While I’ve been doing hiking and was doing pull-up workouts (until the park covid-closed the pull-up area for a few weeks), I have not been doing push-ups for maybe 3 or 4 weeks (whenever I last mentioned it here).

The last record I have in my notes is from July 3 and on that day 40 or 41 felt like an okay amount.

Just now I was having my son get up to do some exercise, so I did pushups too, and I found that my comfortable amount had increased to 55. That was cool!


Decided to take a week away from the discussion forum. Seemed like it would be a good idea. Corresponded to my current phase of somewhat increasing emphasis on taking action (over talking about action).

Back again now. But the break was a good exercise. Will periodically integrate in little breaks and fasts when necessary.

Still extremely happy with my ongoing subliminals. Really great. After 7-8 weeks with my customs, I’m feeling the movement.


Thanks @SaintSovereign
Thanks @Fire


Back from another 6-mile IMBUE Terminus hike. To the showers!

Mood: Grateful


Your free link sold me on Medici. :grin:

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How so?

Does it mean that you’re using Medici and it manifested this link? Or something else?