Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


Back from my cleansing walk.

Got thoroughly soaked and kind of loved it. Typhoon is getting started. Knew that going out, but just didn’t want to stop. Ended up going the whole 6 miles.

By the way, thanks to @BLACKICE, every nighttime car now reminds me of Ironman.

(That was from around mile 3)

A few more thoughts but first it’s shower time.


Haha you’re welcome…? :nerd_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Damn, I’ll be honest your journal always intimidates me. This is some heavy duty sub usage. Don’t know how you do it.

It’s inspiring, definitely a well planned out approach that systematically hits stuff. Maybe it’s just my perception of subs but I stay on them a long time before I switch. Consequently as they dig deeper I experience more and more reconciliation. Do you find switching things up helps you keep forward momentum? It’s very interesting how everyone responds to subs, makes it difficult finding a good approach for yourself at times.



Well, I’m still running the first program that I bought here back in September 2019. That’s Ecstasy of Gold. I worked that program up to Stage 4 and then integrated the Stage 4 core as the primary core in my custom. I plan to keep on running it over the next three years (at least).

The main change has been adding other parts. Originally, I added Emperor and stayed with it for about 4-5 months. I ignored Stark at first, but then when the Terminus build was introduced that seemed like enough of a potential game changer to warrant an adjustment. So I switched out Emperor for Stark Terminus. I found that I liked it and noticed change more easily so I stayed with it. When customs arrived, I combined Ecstasy of Gold stage 4 and Stark into one title. That title–PATHS Terminus–is still my central title and will remain so.

So, I don’t feel that I’ve quite switched per se. But over the past few months, I’ve experimented with adding more elements. This was mainly prompted by the invention of the Q builds. Suddenly, 1 loop became so much more potent that you didn’t need to play so many loops anymore.

I wrapped my head around that for a while and watched to see if I would get any discomfort or challenging reconciliation issues. Nothing unmanageable happened. I started this experiment with a Terminus2 program that interested me. Nothing crazy. Just within the recommended guidelines. Again, no problems.

So gradually my mind opened to the possibility of adding in additional programs. This climaxed in June and July when I added another custom. And then three non-custom programs. And now, here I am.

My personal guideline is this: if you’re already engaged in real-world work and action or if you’re confident that you’re prepared to engage in such action then you can add in the related program. In that case, the subliminal is upgrading your programming rather than completely replacing it. The learning process will be smoother and easier.

I’m sure there’s still a limit, but I think it’ll be higher in those areas where you’re already open to the new messages.

When it comes to these additional programs, I haven’t added any that are way out of my action zone.

My ‘challenge’ program is Ecstasy of Gold. That one has a lot of patient work to do with me.


I’m feeling manifestations from the programs that I’m currently running. EGO ADSUM is particularly active right now.

Just a simple shift. I’d been writing about and thinking about my next planned Custom (for next year), and there was that feeling of ‘okay, if I just get to that point, then I can start to get the benefit of that next program’.

Then my mind shifted. ‘The benefits of the programs you’ve been running and the work you have been doing are manifesting RIGHT NOW’. ‘This is happening right now.’. There was a sense of resting and luxuriating in that awareness. Allowing it.

Good stuff.

Last night, as I walked through a typhoon, I was wearing these:


My trusty Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4’s. My running/walking shoes over the past few years. Good support, but the soles are slippery and stay that way.

I had two near-spills in places where the ground was smooth, wet, and slippery. But the good ol’ cerebellum righted us up well enough and I was able to keep my balance and keep on walking without kissing the earth.

Thought: Thank you Equilibrium!

I’m noticing an increasing presence of other modules as well. For example, the simple fact of feeling so much enjoyment in walking through the weather last night brought me back to Extreme Exercise Motivation. Sultan has definitely been at work (together with Yggdrasil and Informaticon) in drawing to me information about my own path of Calling, Work, and Vocation over the past two weeks. Informaticon has actually been super-active with me. I’ve got a wealth of information and am gradually getting through it.

I reminded myself of young Arya Stark reciting her list of names, but instead it was the modules of my subliminals. But there’s an added level to it now. There’s the understanding that these names that I’m remembering are at work within me RIGHT NOW. Not at some undisclosed future moment, but right now.

Like a basic sense that rather than progressing from bad to good, I am increasingly progressing from good to good. The good is here now, and more good is coming down the pike.


One thought that I had last night as I was walking down a hill was this:

You are the one doing the work. It’s not the subliminals. It’s you. All of these amazing results and outcomes are being made by you.

I think people tend to forget that.

The subliminal is a program. It is a set of descriptions and instructions, about a) what the world is, b) what is possible, c) what is coming to you, d) what you are capable of, e) the best ways to attain your goals.

In this metaphor, the subliminal is the program, and your mind is the computer. Your mind was already carrying out instructions and applying descriptions to reality; it was already, in other words, running programs. But those programs, inherited, improvised, and internalized (from history, evolutionary inertia, society, random experience) had some problems. They needed some improvement. The subliminals are precisely that improvement. They give your mind a better set of parameters and blueprints. Your mind is still the 3D-printer that makes it all real, but the subliminal is a better set of building plans.

The point is that the major power in this equation is YOU.

The subliminal is helping you to more effectively access the potential that already exists in you. In YOU.


Absolutely! Subliminals push, boost, enhance, and guide… but there needs to be an intent (and action) to work with. :nerd_face:


Right now, I’m playing with taking it even further. The subliminal doesn’t actually DO anything.

It’s like a map to Heaven sitting folded on a table. If you pick it up and feel excited. That’s due to your desire. If you try to use it to reach Heaven. That’s due to your own intelligence and determination.

It’s like interacting with an attractive woman (I’m cis-hetero male). She’s attractive, but it’s my nature and my desires that make her attractive. That’s why rocks and boats and clouds aren’t all trying to talk to her.

I’m just playing with these ideas right now. I don’t believe I’m ‘absolutely’ correct or anything. But I’m sitting with this view for a while.


My addition to this is that there needs to be a stronger connection between the CPU (our subconscious mind) and the Graphical User Interface (our conscious mind/awareness) .

The CPU can make a trillion calculations in 17 seconds, but if the Graphical User Interface is not working properly with the CPU to render the output to something visually-coherent, then most of the commands that have been executed will not be of practical use.

Similarly, when we key in new data (instructions) to the CPU, if the Graphical User Interface is not working properly, then we don’t know whether we are keying in the right input.


Very cool analogy. My imagination can get a lot out of it.

It reminds me of the relationship between the Peripheral Nervous System (sensory and motor neurons) and the Central Nervous System (spinal cord and brain). In a VERY general sense, the sensory nervous system is providing that Graphical Interface that you talk about. Whereas the central nervous system is making use of that interface to process and generate complex reactions to/decisions about things.

But sometimes, the sensory neurons are just maxed out and can’t function well. This is like when as a teenager I had to walk home from school in weather so cold that in the time it took for my hand to get my house keys out of my pocket and to the front door lock my fingers were already too numb to feel anything. In that situation, my interface was like ‘uhhh…sorry, dude. you’re on your own.’

Interestingly, I found, in that situation, that even though I could not feel anything, I could still manage to get the door open, by just imagining how things probably felt.

So, I think that as much as a great Graphic User Interface helps things to work much better, if you currently have a crappy one, that’s no reason to give up hope. You can still make it work.

It’s also similar to how magickal workings can still work great for people who ‘feel nothing at all’ or don’t have great visual imagery skills. (‘uhh, hi. just asking for a friend.’). As long as they go through the right key steps; powerful results still come.

[I’ve warped your original CPU/GUI metaphor a bit. As penance, I’ll think about the original a bit more.]


These words mean a lot to me. I find that as a dyspraxic, my GUI is not working very well, and I am one of those persons who “feel(s) nothing at all” and don’t really have great visual imagery skills. I can’t even feel myself at a beach.


Yep. Doesn’t matter at all.

Journey’s the same.

Just slightly less interesting postcards. :wink:


Yea, I realise that in fact being non-neurotypical has in a way made me very much empathetic to people with similar problems.


The statistically ‘average’ individual is only slightly less elusive than the Yeti.


That sounds like a “closed-umbrella curve” in the distribution chart.


Every limitation is also a potential innovation waiting to be developed.

The vaccines that we have developed were all to deal with our ‘physical disability’ of lacking the antibodies to neutralize a particular virus.

Our eyeglasses and telescopes were responses to the disabilities of our sight limitation.

In my own meditation and magickal practice, my lack of talent and aptitude in visual imagery has also been an invitation to develop other powerful means to grounding, engagement, and manifestation.

Here’s one, for example. You might not be good at ‘feeling yourself at a beach’, but when you’re actually at a beach, do you know that you’re there? What other than visual images, lets you know that you’re there? I don’t mean the sensory percepts, I mean the ‘knowing’ itself. You can observe this sense of ‘knowing’. It’s somewhat similar to ‘knowing’ your name. Or ‘knowing’ that you are human. These knowings are not based on visual information. You’re not in doubt as to your species until you look in a mirror each morning. You already know. It’s actually a type of imagination that is similar to memory.

Next time you encounter a visualization exercise (if that’s something you do), when you read the words ‘see’, ‘visualize’, or ‘picture’, replace them with the word ‘know’. Try to simply ‘know’ that whatever is being described is ‘there’. If I tell you to imagine that an elephant is playing piano in your living room, experiment with simply ‘knowing’ that he’s sitting over there caressing those pearly keys.

This approach. also gets the job done. Over time, it also relaxes you enough that actual visual images sometimes sneak their way through too.


For now, right now in this phase, writing, reading, and studying seem to be the timely actions for me.

At least that’s how it seems.

There is a bunch of learning, internalizing, and studying to be done. I think this may be the current, timely phase in my long-term plan for business-building. I seem to be being led in this direction.


Just got this weird little burst of bliss sensation. Felt like nostalgia, but without any specific memory.

Playing Quantum Limitless Stage 1 right now.


Thank you. I tried this one today. It’s kind of fun. I am learning how to believe that there really is an elephant playing the piano in my living room. At least even imagining it is fun.


I love my customs and my stack.

Once again I’m seeing that everything is beautifully in place. Nothing needs to be added. It’s all about clarifying and taking action at this time.

I have always been very slow to act and slow to change. What takes others a year often takes me three years.

That’s me. And I ducking(sp) love me.

I’ll work with who I am. 1 year, 3 years; who gives a Duck? I’m here for it.