Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


The Alchemist subliminal represents what I have worked on most consistently throughout my entire life.

I do not need to put this down to work on Wealth and Business. On the contrary, it is that path which has eventually led me to focus on Wealth and Business. There is a reason that it is only at this age that I am focusing in this direction.

So, the Alchemist program does not feel like a load or a burden. Yet, at the same time, I can feel the power of this program interacting with my mind. All of these various moving parts coming together to form an exquisite clockwork of internal and external Purpose and Engagement.


If you should happen by fortune to come across a friendly genie, a benevolent spirit, or a wise angel, don’t threaten and cajole. Don’t mock, complain, and argue. Approach it with joy and respect. Give it rose water and sage, and communicate your appreciation.

In the same way, approach your internal genie, your internal spirit, your internal angel with respect, value, and a bit of awe and wonder. Don’t beat it with a stick like an abused pack mule. It is here to help you. Make a comfortable space for it, welcome it in appreciation, and most of all:



Pretty active on the forum these couple days.




Got this song in my head since last night. But can’t remember the title or any of the lyrics. Only the melody and harmony of the hook.

Funny thing is, I know that the exact same thing happened with the exact same song about 6 years ago. I hunted it down and somehow found it. Wrote the name down and…now, I’m on a different computer and have no idea where I might have put it.

I only know that it was from a member of the Solesides Collective out of northern California. I keep thinking it was Lateef. But somehow that doesn’t seem right.


Found it.

My brain has this song filed as “Zulus” because of the hook. As a result, I can never find it when I remember it every few years. :star_struck:


hahha. that bassline and hook could easily be my theme music as I walk through the streets many a day.


dippin in my solesides bag today

this was a very particular moment and sound.

including DJ Shadow before he blew into the stratosphere

I saw these brothers Lateef and Lyrics Born perform in Santa Cruz way back when

I had the New York hip-hop arrogance that was still able to survive at that time, but I thought these guys were talented, especially in live performance

weirdly the part that keeps going in my memory and draws me back to it every few years is when he’s listing off city and place names at the end.

I always have his voice in my mind going: ‘Richmond and Vallejooo’ ‘Brooklyn and the Bronx, Staten and Manhattan and the Queens posse’ ‘Africa…The Caribbean too’

man, that was a moment.

I was right at that time about to leap off into more and more acid jazz and Takemura Nobukazu/Spiritual Vibes. Brings back memories.


might as well eff with this too

while we’re at it


Somehow I was just in a Solesides/Quannum space yesterday and today.


PATHS Terminus is my focal program. It is also the program with regards to which I take the least decisive and coherent action. I believe that is in the process of changing; but, currently, it is still the case.

Here are the modules of PATHS Terminus:

Core Modules:
Ecstasy of Gold Stage 4
Power Can Corrupt

Wealth-directed Modules:
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Debt Annihilator
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Positive Being Attractor-Wealth
Secrets of Akasha-Wealth

Enhancement Modules:
Lion IV
Inner Voice
Divine Will
Power Awareness

I think this is such a beautiful custom. I love it. I’m walking with it, working with it, and growing into it.

It basically guarantees that my mindset and conditions are in the right place. I was thinking this evening that it’s like having a pair of those Seven-League boots that I used to read about in fairy tales as a boy. Every action that I manage to take will be optimized, energized, and compounded. All I have to do is to choose a direction and then take a step.

For me, the action of Ecstasy of Gold is to develop a business, to make deals, to provide services. All aspects of life in which I’ve tended to be very, very tentative.

I mentioned somewhere above, I think, that Ecstasy of Gold/PATHS actually led me to begin working with Alchemist and Quantum Limitless now, because I think those are helping to build the structure that helps me to do my style of business. I think they’re part of the plan.

Right now, apart from my two customs, I’m stacking 4 other non-Custom subliminals. That’s 6 programs total. The 4 non-Customs are: Alchemist, Quantum Limitless, Regeneration, and Mind’s Eye.

But when I get to stage 4 in Alchemist and Quantum Limitless next April, my current 6 programs (2 customs, 4 non-customs) will become 4 customs.

At that point, my two new customs (NAISSANCE and ELESCE) will absorb all of the individual programs I’m running now. I consider NAISSANCE as the Higher Chakras Custom and ELESCE as the Heart Chakra connecting Upper with Lower Custom.

They will look like this:

Those may change, of course, based on what I learn or achieve between now and then; and also based on what new amazing developments occur here at Subliminal Club. But, this is the current plan at any rate.

Whatever business(es) I create will be grounded in and geared towards endeavors of spiritual, psychological, emotional wellbeing (and that wellbeing grounded in somatic/body-based engagement). I feel that those three customs: PATHS, NAISSANCE, and ELESCE all work together as part of a unified vision.

(My fourth custom: IMBUE (geared to Physical Sexual Wellbeing and Attractiveness) feels like its own thing. I think of it as a kind of Satellite Custom. I play it during workouts and aim to workout 3-5 times a week.)

In the meantime, I’m seeing that the process is happening, right now. Not next year. Right now.

I’m doing my Arya Stark repetitions of my modules and reminding myself of their benefits, because that gives me motivation and energy. But the activity of the moment also seems now to be about generating the same kind of grounded focus and love of my action plans as I’ve been pouring into these subliminals (and concurrent magickal practices). It’s seeming like a natural progression.

The journey continues.


I’m really digging this song.


So 2 customs and 4 regular titles.
How many loops of each?
Apologies if you said above, I didn’t see it.


So you are slowly transitioning to running all customs subs once you finish each ST4. Cool idea.


Things are working right now.

I’m having the first truly productive-feeling work day that I’ve had in a very long time.


if I can recreate this on several more days, then I’ll feel confident that I have some degree of control over it.

Maybe it’s about how I curate my work environment.

I’m an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and I have been one for my entire life (that’s how it works). I learned not to cry about it fairly early on, but I also learned to mismanage it, and to walk around over-stimulated and pretending not to be. Even though it has been many years since I learned about and read about High Sensitivity, I probably still have a long way to go in setting up my lifestyle, relationships, and physical environment in ways that work best for me.


I’m finally sitting down and writing some of what I’ve planned to write.

I’ve had relative solitude today.

As I work, I’m listening to ‘Native American’ flute and I’m also playing Alchemist. As soon as I started playing that music, I felt a benefit.

So far, it seems that Alchemist is the program that has worked fastest with me and conferred the most immediate and obvious benefits.

Guess it’s what I need?

Really does seem to help me do everything else.


Perhaps that has been the one you’ve taken most action on.

In terms of Wealth are you working on a business of any kind? How about your Vitality Custom, do you look like Dwayne Johnson yet?

With reference to your nickname, profile picture and the way you interact with others, you often release a lot of insights and valuable intuitive, channeled information I’d say you’ve been studying a lot of spiritual theoretical knowledge.

So if that’s where you energy is mostly going into, it only makes sense to have Alchemist, Mind’s Eye and maybe Astral Projection/Remote Viewing, Quantum Limitless is appropriate too.


Back at you. haha. Not so much theory anymore, for me, though. I took in enough of that when I was younger. Now, I just work to look at a simple thing and see it. That is good.

And also, Yes. I’ve mentioned it up above in my journal. The areas covered by Alchemist are the orientation of my natural temperament and motivations. I’ve been taking action on it for my entire life. It’s not really a choice. It’s what my brain and being do when left to their own devices.

Yes, I am working on a business. (And that is a very good straight-forward question). My plans are currently in the gestation phase.

I do not look like Dwayne Johnson.

I took a pic. a couple of weeks ago when I first started to notice progress. I’ll see if I find it.

(ah! that’s funny, when I opened a new tab on my phone to post the picture, Dwayne Johnson’s picture popped up at the top of the news feed. Something about his Black Adam movie. )

Here it is:


Not The Rock. But I like it. I’m more interested in functional gains and health benefits.

There was a period of time between 2011 and 2015 or so when I systematically attacked working out. It worked. I put on a lot of muscle and made big strength gains. Now, I don’t really care so much about that anymore. But I am middle-aged. I do want to make sure I don’t go to the opposite extreme, and I’d like to optimize strength, mobility, and flexibility. There are tons of straight-forward ways to do that. It’s just a matter of choosing the right ways for you.

The IMBUE custom is wonderful and is working fine.

Agreed. That’s the plan.

The exciting part is seeing how the energy from those comfort areas is beginning to extend, expand, and support other areas (such as Wealth and Business) that are not always stereotypically linked to them, and that are sometimes, by some people, even held in opposition to them. This is my current focus.


What was your body composition before hitting the workouts hard to build mass? I tried that at one point but I couldn’t force myself to eat the necessary amount to grow. Also I’d zone out when lifting weights because it bored the crap out of me lol


The world we live in is pure chaos, Spirituality is key to alchemically transmute chaos into bliss, vitality to live long and prosper as Spock would say.

Anyhow, I like your looks, looking kinda gladiator, I like it!


Before I did the mass building, I was 145 to 155. Afterwards, I was 170 to 175. It was a pretty major change. It was pretty instructive, but ironically, if I were going back, I probably wouldn’t do it like that. I bought into the whole ectomorph, hardgainer thing, and I decided to just try it as yet another experiment. (Quite a few of those over the years.). I found a method, and just followed it. It was very straightforward.

The simple fact is that the entire engine behind my workouts was music. I was probably 70% focused on music and 30% on the weights. Haha. Maybe 60/40.

The workout for me, mainly, was an expression of the emotions evoked by the music. Certain songs just give me energy that I want to channel into that kind of activity. Pushing against something.

I’d have to rotate them because a given song would only keep its emotional charge for a certain amount of time.

It would usually be songs that combined beauty and anger. But not too fast and intense. Like Biko by Peter Gabriel. I even used that tonight. :-).

Another one that immediately comes to mind:

Basically, if you can imagine someone collapsed to their knees in the rain, looking up to the heavens and screaming ‘Faaathheerrr!’, then it’s good for my workout. I’m joking, but it’s a bit accurate. Sometimes I just like something that swings or bumps. Either way, music was more or less integral for me, personally.

That’s another astrology application by the way. Mars tells you what your preferred exercise mode is. My Mars is in Pisces and so activities into which emotion and meaning and fantasy are channeled are what I prefer. I pretty much made my workouts into my own musically-accompanied mood/vibe/fantasy.

But as with everything else, I think meditation also helped. Everything just has like 5 more inches of space around it mentally. You get a little more phenomenological wiggle-room. Not sure whether or not that conveys my meaning. It’s like you have an internal adjustment dial as well as an external one. If the room is too hot for example, you can change the thermostat or you can adjust (a little bit) your internal experience of temperature.