Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


Hmm interesting on the workouts. Music is the way to get me to stay on an arc trainer or elliptical for an hour otherwise I zone out. Pilates, physique 57, and now p.volve are things I can vibe with even if my fluidity bar holds my yoga towels and collects dust in the corner most days.

Probably more simple than it should be:


The mirror’s edge makes Malkuth appear like he’s holding a staff or a spear. :smile:

Thanks for the reminder. I’d forgotten that connection.

That is ridiculously true for me. I can’t get myself to workout in a room. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Sunday. Rest day. A bit ironic. Grew up observing Saturday as the ‘Day of Rest’. But here we are. This morning’s meditation was Terminus-free. (Well, only in the literal sense. The effects of the previously listened subliminals continue to reverberate through the days, weeks, and months.)

Generally restless and restive mental environment observed in today’s session. Interesting. Still a general cloak of smoothness around even that.

I always look forward to returning to Monday morning’s meditation with PATHS Terminus. Sometimes, I’ll start Sunday night with an overnight play as well. Figure Saturday night to Sunday night is enough of a rest. But it varies.

Little buds of action plan are peaking up through the soil of my daily life. Maybe I’ll take a page from neuroscience and label them as ‘action potentials’.

And it’s Hong Kong style noodles with various accoutrements (hmmm…accoutrements sounds funny for describing food; okay, with various toppings and goodies) for lunch with my daughter and son. Ordered from a restaurant. Let someone else cook this time. :slight_smile:


oh, also unusually, I had a somewhat extensive dreaming experience before waking this morning.

Yesterday, I’d only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before. Today, I slept more deeply, and woke up much later.

the content of the dream itself is now forgotten. 4 hours later.


lol, yeah I was thinking the same.


Very nice customs! Those look awesome… the thought you put into planning these is evident, and it’s impressive! :+1:t2:


IMBUE Terminus - the Physical and Sexual Wellbeing and Attractiveness custom: I have it tied to my workouts. I go for a 6-mile hike/walk 3-5 times a week. Takes 90 minutes and I play IMBUE for the first 60 minutes. When the pull-up bar is open at the park, I use IMBUE with a pull-up workout. Part of the strategy here is to let that Action directly absorb the weight of the additional custom.

PATHS Terminus and Mind’s Eye Terminus2. I do a morning meditation hour paired with these two titles. I alternate days and take Sunday as a rest day with a non-subliminal meditation. So, it’s M, W, F PATHS Terminus meditation and T, Th, Sat Mind’s Eye Terminus2 meditation.

I call MWF-Day A. and T,Th,Sat -Day B.

On Day A, I start with that PATHS meditation, and then I play 2-3 loops of Quantum Limitless and possibly another loop of PATHS.

On Day B, I start with the Mind’s Eye meditation, and then I play 2-3 loops of Alchemist, and may put another PATHS in.

At night, I listen to an audiobook or podcast with my son and play Quantum Limitless behind that. Then, most nights I’ll put my airpods in and play an overnight play list with Regeneration and some other stuff.

I make changes to that routine as intuition and circumstances guide me.

There, I think that’s everything.


Thanks very much @BLACKICE. That is encouraging and motivating. Thanks to you for sharing your inspiring journey and developments on your journal. I find it really helpful.


I actually feel a tiny bit useless lately, I haven’t posted on my journal in a while as I’ve just been lurking others and dropping comments on a few. I haven’t even ordered my first custom yet and I’m planning my… 4th now, I think. :grimacing:


The Bamboo grows for 5- 7 years underground before shooting up 3 feet a day once roots are established.

Your ‘lurking’ will pay off lol


Me too. I planned out about a bunch of customs when the Q store first opened. I think it’s a good way to get to know the modules. What they mean to you at this point in time.

As to the little bit useless feeling, you sure don’t look that way from the outside. But we all go through various feelings so nothing crazy there. I have this faith/intuition thing. I can’t prove it, but I suspect that when I consciously feel a sensation or a concern about something, it’s because my subconscious is currently processing it and bringing it into my world.

If my theory is correct, then that useless sense indicates that your subconscious mind is preparing a power move in a particular direction. I haven’t explained this very clearly here.


Feel so grateful.


I’m feeling PATHS Terminus starting to work. :flushed: :pray:


Wrote this for Tzadkiel (archangel) a year ago.

Pretty mellow.

I like that it’s in 5/4 time. Scratches an itch.


as is my wont, I have a (spottily maintained) Excel file for recording loops per day with various subliminals.

This one’s a bit much for me. So I often usually don’t fill it in. Even on the days with numbers, probably listened a bit more than is shown.

Anyway, it’s there.

Just had the idea to make black columns with white font color for recording overnight listens.

Then I can not maintain that as well. Should be fun.


My experience with Mind’s Eye Terminus2 is that, in the course of doing what it does, it can stir up deep material in the mind. Including what Jung referred to as ‘shadow’ material.

My intuition is that, in its process of purification, Alchemist Stage 1 can do the same thing.

This morning I got a slight whiff of it.

I’d finished the Mind’s Eye Terminus2 meditation, relatively early this morning (6:30
AM to 7:30 AM). I decided to try laying down again to rest for a while longer and, different from my usual routine, I tried jumping right into playing Alchemist. Somewhere about 10-20 minutes into the first loop, I got a little seismic tremor of the mind. Sort of like driving as a passenger on the highway and as you zip past another car, you glimpse something inside that looks wrong. Not to be too spooky about it, but that’s how it felt. At the same time, everything in my awareness went very quiet; which is something that has happened for me a few times in the past when having one of those ‘altered states’ types of experiences. I guess it just indicates a deepening or stabilization of a certain type of trance state.

At any rate, with those two things together, I said ‘nope!’. Eased back and switched off the subliminal to give myself a longer rest before running it.

I was reflecting that some aspects of purification are like transporting acid out of the system by carrying it in little cups or bowls. Should be done slowly and patiently, and not sloppily. Every drop of acid that sloshes out of the bowl is going to hurt. Not the kind of process to bull and drive your way through.


Alchemist Stage 1 is already having a beneficial impact on my meditation. It is gentle and subtle, but it’s easily noticeable. Mind’s Eye also seems to be doing something as well, but I can sense that that too is guided by the changes Alchemist is bringing. For one thing, there’s a greater impetus to observe/engage the flow of sensations.


Always thought it would be a good idea to have subliminal programs or recommended existing programs or stacks geared toward specific complexes: personality-based, astrology-based, etc.

Just went back to the Enneagram just now. When I first took the enneagram test in my 20s I thought I was a 4 or a 5, but in the decades since I’ve come to accept that I’m likely enneagram type 9. Didn’t really like the sound of that type. But it seems to get at the roots of some of my core issues. (which is probably why I didn’t like it or own it).

Procrastination and Inaction (described as ‘sloth’) is the core failing of this type. And it is precisely this with which I am now working.

The hierarchy of my three main types seems to be 9 then 5 and then 4. I just took another assessment and it was ranked like that.

Here it is, in case anyone reads this and is interested:

Enneagram test

I liked this test better than ones I’ve taken in the past.

Here’s the vice of the Nine type:


Nines’ vices are indolence, inaction or sloth. This can lead to self-forgetting and neglecting their own needs and/or the needs of others. Their inattention and forgetfulness can manifest as “crimes of omission”. They may also be stubborn or turn a blind eye to someone in need. Everyone thinks that Nines are on their side and can misinterpret their understanding as agreement. Overly avoiding conflict, they are most likely to hurt the people around them by not keeping promises due to their lack of follow-through. This can make for a passive-aggressive stance in life where Nines don’t see the impact of their inaction and can appear callous or indifferent.


Interesting. I tested as a 6 initially and so it seems I’ve come back to it from the test you linked (6-4-9 trigram). That was a slog on mobile. Forget what my one before this one was, but it might have been a 4 with 3/5 wings pretty evenly split.


Sixes vice is fear. This manifests as excessive doubt and playing the devil’s advocate. Their drive for security can cause them to envision a dangerous and divisive world in which they feel persecuted and then may persecute those who deviate from the rules or the norm. When Sixes are afraid, they doubt their own authority and can become provocative and undermining. Seeking security, they try to control others by ensnaring them in their fears and doubts. A lack of faith in their own authority can cause Sixes to overly submit to or challenge others, the rules or authority figures.
This fear, and the need to find my courage is a theme that’s gonna keep bopping me on the head until I get it, I suppose.


Yep. Here’s to being bopped on the head.