Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


I found the test to be a slog too.

Lasted a very long time.

I liked the nuance of the results.

I thought I was a 5 for years. But then when I watched my behavior patterns in various social contexts, I had to admit that there was a lot of (grrr) 9-ishness going on. I still wonder about that. I think it may have evolved. Or more accurately, when I was younger, I may have avoided certain types of interactions altogether. Then as I forced myself to engage, it revealed certain patterns that the avoidance enabled me to ignore.

It has been quite the journey.


Just learned about this Indonesian jazz prodigy: Joey Alexander.

Taught himself jazz piano at the age of 6. Was performing with Wynton Marsalis on stage by the time he was 10 or 11 years old. He’s 17 now.

Here he is at the age of 12 playing Coltrane’s Giant Steps in the studio.

tear tanks are on empty right now. Otherwise, this little brother would be making me cry.

Good taste too.


It will take Quantum Limitless Q to be like him I guess.


Because of the tremendous success of my astro chart at reading me :blush:, over the last 2 weeks (and it’s only been 2 weeks :smile:), I’ve shifted more and more into this approach - instead of Goals.

Current Stack is Stark, Medici, Ascension, and Survival Instinct.

Select snippets from my notes:

This is still a work in progress. Yet to account for the full chart.
Eg: Saturn & Jupiter, Taurus Ascendant, Teaching & Healing skills, etc.

@Malkuth, for your Input’s reference:

Mars in Sagittarius = ENTP = Enneagram 7 - Enthusiast/Generalist/Multi-Disciplinary


Not to re hijack Malkuth’s thread but I’d like to know how you picked each? If there were more choices of subliminals would it have been a harder decision?


Perennial bops notwithstanding, I think I’ve realized that I’m dealing with reconciliation.

I had a tendency today towards heavy-heartedness and self-flagellation. Interestingly, and (sigh) predictably, it was followed by a little breakthrough.

Every time is like the first time

it’s like, ‘I don’t have to feel better, I just need to do better. Then I’ll feel better.’


INFP and enneagram 9? No wonder we share very similar cognitive patterns. I stumbled upon being a 9 a few years back. It was a sobering experience. The irony is one of my weak points is avoiding conflict, but I was unable to see it because 9s tend to value equilibrium and stability over conflict. In my overly perfectionistic head I was unable to acknowledge that weakness because it conflicted with that state of false peace. So meta.


A little blurb on the most common enneagrams by MBTI type:


How do you figure out which subs have which houses/nodes/ planets in x,y,z zodiac?

Or is it more of an art then something exact

I’m north node pisces-please don’t tell me that mean’s I have to run Ultimate Artist :joy:


We need an astrology thread. :smile:


We do indeed. Done:)


Putting this here as a note:

11% agreeableness // very low

Contemplative (459, 495, 549, 594, 945, 954)
39% conscientiousness // moderately low
33% neuroticism // low
78% openness to experience // high
0% extraversion // extremely low
44% agreeableness // moderately low

The Contemplative

Gut: 9 Heart: 4 Head: 5

The Contemplative is described as being intuitive, knowledgeable, and accepting. You want to be original, wise and peaceful. Highly self aware and reflective, you are very shy, reserved and self conscious. You need regular quiet time to reflect on your thoughts and emotions. Easily flooded with emotion, it is difficult for you to voice your feelings and ideas to others. Your life mission is to delve deeply into the mysteries of life and share your insight with others. A true philosopher (also, contemplative), you are happiest when you can write about your discoveries and discuss them with others. Making sense of your world is a never ending quest. You can be so focused on your inner world that you can become inhibited and appear to be indifferent to others. Insecure, you become moody and expect others to initiate and come toward you. Your growing edge is to recognize that your need to pull away into the private world of your making to ponder your thoughts and feelings keeps you from engaging with others. true contemplation leads to higher knowing that we are all connected in the universal unconscious. The most withdrawn of all the types.


Is that even possible?

For a married man, with kids, who runs everyday wearing sneakers and does pullups in a park!



bruh, you have no idea what a struggle this has been. every single inch.

working this hard to get to…‘okay’

i know this story is not yet complete.

(I’m diving back into this stuff now to analyze the blocks and find more insight. so my attention is full of it. but I am well aware that I am profoundly blessed.)


If you’re going to run a heavy program load, be prepared to work through some shit.

Deserted office building and no face-to-face appointments means that I can run Ultrasonics from my computer speakers.

On the other hand, I utterly lost track of how many loops played. 2 to 4 loops of Alchemist stage 1 and 1 loop of Quantum Limitless stage 1.

Pain is not a punishment

Discomfort is not a punishment

Unpleasant personal insights are not punishment

Their ultimate significance lies in what you do with them


I love my subliminal arrangement.

I have no questions about it.

I don’t have space for any other programs or modules right now.

Right now is about steady work.


Just realized that I’d been majorly helped tonight. It snuck up on me.

Subliminals work somewhat similarly to how magick does. Let it breathe! Watching it too closely gets in the way of its work.

If you just go about your life as usual, it will continually surprise you with how well it’s working and how much it’s helping you.


I guess things come when they are natural to you.

If you keep on harping on something, that indicates a “state of lack”, which doesn’t do your manifestation much good.

I’m guilty of that too.

Maybe Naturalizer should be more talked about.



We beg and pray for a bumper crop. Then we complain about our back pain during the harvest.

Fair enough, I guess.


So, I went into a brief enneagram deep-dive.

The enneagram tradition tends to have this overtone of spiritual self-improvement; identifying vices, ‘sins’, and temptations at their root, ‘facing your shadow’, and committing to ‘the hard work’ of reforming. Guilt and shame are of course not enforceable or obligatory, but just as happens in religion, they tend to sort of slip inside with the rest of the message. There are appropriate times for that, but I think it’s best to be aware of it if that’s what you intend to do.

At the same time, this system may be unparalleled with regard to its depth of insight into the development of the personality and the biases and agendas that make up our personalities.

So, my type is The Contemplative. No big surprise. It’s made up of contributions from enneagram points 9, 5, and 4. All of the withdrawing types.

Okay. Got it.

The enneagram 9 is described as having the tendencies of sloth, inaction, and procrastination.

This was bothering me a little too much. Sometimes, in trying to ‘bite the bullet’ and to face an uncomfortable reality or aspect of yourself, you may become a little too zealous and strident, and inadvertently over-emphasize that aspect. Or over-emphasize the negative manifestations of it.

Then that critical voice may go on a tear, and just rampage for a bit.

Then it’s not helping anymore.

The balanced truth is that any so-called negative trait is the dysfunctional expression of an underlying neutral trait. Your goal is to reach that place, understand it, and then learn to channel and harness it in a healthy, functional direction.