Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


This is from my original journal about 8 days ago. I think it’s as good of an answer as any other I might give.


Thanks must have missed that. But I understand your goals now better. Other question, because I’ve noticed this when it comes to manifestation, do you feel you have a lot of limiting beliefs centered around wealth? I’ve always found it interesting how some people start off at certain “levels” so to speak when it comes to manifesting. It’s kinda funny how some people can effortlessly make money, but continually have trouble with relationships. And it’s just all down to a simple thing like belief.


“do you feel you have a lot of limiting beliefs centered around wealth?”

Not really, actually. I’m answering overly simply for the sake of brevity, but, yes, not really.

I don’t really look at it like this, to be honest. And I mean that literally. It’s not, in other words, that I think this is wrong. It’s literally that this is not the main paradigm or frame thorough which I view this issue.

I think I tend to use more of a frame of learning and growth. I am learning and growing in a new area of my life in which I have a lot to learn and a lot of room to grow.

I’m not really primarily concerned with ease or difficulty or precisely with my beliefs. (Of course, sometimes such concerns arise, but they aren’t what feel truest or most ‘right’ for me.) [Note: and that’s not quite true, because I do keep reminding myself that this can be easy. And not to make it more difficult than it needs to be. That’s one of my mantras. I think it’s just that I like to work with my beliefs as more fluid phenomena.]

I feel that the change could happen very easily or it could happen with great difficulty or both at various times.

There are tons of fears and beliefs in me, just like in anyone else, and they’re just as powerfully manifestive and creative as anyone else’s would be.

But I also feel that those things can change. Some slowly, some quickly. They are part of me, but they’re not precisely ‘me’ in some unalterable way. With the right technology, even gravity becomes negotiable. And it wasn’t for a long time. Until it was. But the fact that gravity is easily negotiable now, means that, in fact, it was the whole time.

So, my primary paradigm is probably one of Search. And of cultivating internal flexibility.

But again, as with all paradigms, it’s really just another way of saying the same thing. This is just the ‘languaging’ that feels right to me right now.

But who knows? Maybe next week I’ll flip and start talking about beliefs. Just depends where the trip takes me.


I’m also someone who pretty much rejects the notion of self-sabotage. It kind of feels to me like a 20th/21st century reboot of the same old Puritan/Protestant self-flagellation sorts of ideas.

I’m made up of many elements. The idea of easily uniting all of those elements behind a single, simple agenda is actually grandiose and ambitious. Just because they don’t all immediately get in line with whatever ideas this one part of me has decided are the most important doesn’t mean they’re sabotaging.

That’s similar to me to how therapists often describe a client who disagrees with them or is not on the same page as being ‘resistant’. I reject that too.

I believe that to work with someone else (and to work with the various parts of yourself), you need to learn what motivates that person and what she values. Then you have to make sure those values and motivations are included in the agenda, and you need to effectively communicate to the person that this has been done.

(Sometimes time is short, though, and you just need to put your foot down.)

I think most so-called self-sabotaging beliefs are probably a misguided attempt to do something that is actually useful or even necessary. They need to be upgraded and included.


Gotcha. These days for me there’s a fine line between acknowledgement of desire to think a certain way vs the reality of how I really internally feel. Or rather what parts of me are hidden from conscious awareness that I think I understand, but really don’t. I like your approach of framing it as growth. I can see how that can be helpful when confronted with potential fears surrounding it.

And 100% agree with the self sabotage thing. I think self abotage is definitely just a label given to describe a phenomena people find undesirable and it goes way deeper than that. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve learned to not treat those other parts of me as an enemy. It’s definitely beneficial to not just assume there’s some internal part of you that wants to ruin your life and happiness. As such I think there’s definitely a whole “war of the mind” that comes associated with the idea of limiting beliefs.

Thanks for the response. It’s just always interesting seeing how different perspectives are at times when centered around a common thing that exists.


First day working with the custom subliminal. Woke up early this morning and did a meditation hour with the masked track from 5:45 to 6:45 AM. Then tried to go back to sleep for an hour or so.

Now I’m at work and about halfway through my meetings for the day.


Sharing some of the notes from my process of constructing subliminals strategy.

Prior to the Q Store…in fact, prior to the Q Build or to Stark, I had a Subliminals roadmap based on my life priorities that looked like this:

Phase I: Establish your Material Foundation and your Center
Phase II: Cement Wisdom and Creative/Intellectual Flow
Phase III: Enjoy and Contribute to Society

more or less.

After the various innovations and iterations that have exploded onto this scene over the past 5-6 months, there were various reflections and adjustments. And, to date, the culmination has been the Q Store.

Last week was busy with work but eventually there was time to get a handle on the modules. Eventually, as I mentioned, I divided the modules into 7/8 areas corresponding to my ongoing values and projects.

Then it was time to try to integrate them into a new map. Here were two attempts:

Not quite there, and back to the drawing board. List out the Custom plans and reflect on it some more:

Eventually, these coalesced into a new four-phase progression.

This is my current plan:

First Phase: Wealth, Health, Foundation
Second Phase: Connecting with the Soul’s Flow
Transitional Phase: Sexuality
Third Phase: Building and Producing (orientation to productive projects)
Fourth Phase: Relationships, Leadership, and Contributions.


Lately, I’ve been going for a 6-mile walk with my daughter most days. The walk goes about 2 miles on flattish ground, 1 mile up a hill, and then turn around and do it in reverse.

I’ve worked out a pull-ups regimen that feels pretty good, but still needs a bit of tweaking. Basically, I walk about about 1.5 kilometers over to where there’s a pull-up bar. I do a set and then I walk a circuit that takes 5 to 8 minutes to recover in time for the next set. Pretty simple, but I need something to do in between pull-up sets or I’ll jump to the next one too quickly.

Tried it the other day and it worked well.

I’m not doing any freeweights in the gym right now. I want to consolidate what I’ve already got first.

I created a second custom subliminal: IMBUE. This is my Physical Health and Wellbeing custom. I’ll be running it in this period as well.

I figure I’ll play it during the daily hill-walk. The walk’s a bit more than 90 minutes, and the exercise should help with reconciliation too.

Here are the modules that I’ve included:

Emperor Fitness ST4 Core
Sex Mastery XQ Core
Deep Sleep
Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Extreme Exercise Motivation
Facial Morphing
Male Enhancement
Master’s Coordination
Serum X
Stress Displacement
The Architect
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
Stop Porn and Masturbation

Physical, Sexual, Energetic Health.

I’m also considering resuming Taijiquan practice and regularizing Qigong practice. For anyone who’s into that, I’ve learned Chen style - Lao Jia Yi Lu (陳氏太極拳 - 老架一路) and a routine of Medical Qigong exercises by this man (and his fam): Master Hou

So…that’s that.


Paths of Wealth
It’s working.

Today was my 2nd play of Paths of Wealth Terminus. During a morning meditation session.

About 90 minutes after I was done, I felt an enhanced clarity and several ideas about ‘next steps’ came to me.

Research and (product) development ideas. I’ll move forward on them today and see how it develops.

I don’t like to over-dramatize things. I have a ‘hype’ allergy. But, I’m going to go ahead and cautiously state that this feels like a big deal.

I expect that my Physical Health custom, IMBUE, will arrive tomorrow night or thereabouts.

Last night I did another pull-ups circuit with walking.

Today, I plan to do push-ups. I’ve tried to work to 100 push-ups in the past. The farthest I got in one set was 72 push-ups. It’s not a real goal anymore. But I want to do regular calisthenics and get them to a solid, good level before going back into a gym for some good ol’ free weight ‘muscle-tearing’.

One thing that I annoyed me in the past about my weight-training was that due to the hypertrophy focus of my workout, I was almost constantly in a state of recovery. For what it was, it was great. I could pretty much depend on a 5 pound per week increase in my bench press, like clockwork. Leg(push) and upper body (pull) increases were regular and constant as well.

The annoying part though was that when I’d go to do push-ups during that phase, around say 40 or so, I’d get this different kind of pain. Not related to muscle fatigue, but related to doing push-ups on unrecovered muscles. Subjectively felt like ‘ripped fibers’. Didn’t like that too much. So now, since I’ve been out of the weight room for a significantly long time, it feels like an opportunity to develop my calisthenics, especially push-ups.


I went ahead and sent my studio cans information to Saint regarding the Ultima test. If they turn out to be trial-worthy, then I figure ‘why not?’. And if not, I have a wonderful program here to work with.

Maybe I figure, the more of us who do this test, the sooner the new innovation can be integrated into programs for all of us to use. Also, when it comes to things I care about, I definitely have early adopter tendencies.

So, we’ll see.


I know things are working and going in the right direction when I find myself focusing more on my actions and plans than on the subliminals.

(unless I happen to be running a subliminals company)


Wealth, to me, represents independence, personal power, and self-determination.

That’s a big part of the drive.


Number of things to say.

  1. First of all, Marc Maron is a fucking G. For anyone who is a fan of him and/or his podcast ‘WTF’, you know that about 6 weeks ago his girlfriend suddenly died. Marc is a revelatory, transparent, sober (16+years?) comedian who bases his art around being open and honest about his anger, neurosis, funniness, wit, etc., He’s in the midst of grief right now, and in keeping with his general style, he’s just continuing to podcast through it. Thoughts and prayers to that man.

I’m thinking about him because I was just listening to him talk for a few minutes.

Okay, back to me.

  1. I’ve tidied up my 4-Phase plan. I’m going to post it here again.

I’m currently in Phase I of my subliminal journey. The first bit involved Learning Subliminals. That and going through the stages of Ecstasy of Gold.

Now, I’m in the real thick of Phase I. It’s based around two custom subliminals. Paths to Weatlh Terminus (Paths) and IMBUE Terminus ( a comprehensive Physical Health custom).

I’m continuing with my Mind’s Eye Terminus2 experimental meditation. That experiment is somewhat independent of my overall plan. I started it to test out Terminus2 and because imagination and visualization is such a crucial part of everything in life and everything I’m working on.

  1. The last 24 hours.

Well, to get to the point, I didn’t really go to sleep last night. This doesn’t happen that often, but every so often I’ll stay up super-late. Last night was that night.

I laid down in the dark for a while, so hopefully got some rest that way. Around 3 something or 4 AM or so, I got up. Then I noticed that, yes! my IMBUE custom subliminal had arrived. I decided ‘eff it, i don’t feel that tired. I’ll just go ahead and meditate first.’. So, sat down to meditate and guess what time the clock/phone said when I picked it up to press play: 4:44 AM. haha. I dig those synchronicities.

So, today was a Mind’s Eye Terminus 2 meditation. Smooth and comfortable. I actually felt almost like I was submerged in a silky breeze. I wasn’t sure if that was just my fan or also some effect of the subliminal or my sleep-deprived state.

I noticed something interesting about imagination/visualization. I think the barrier/pathway to imagination for me involves mental relaxation. I could say more about this, but I’ll just leave it brief for now. It seems to be more about ‘allowing it to happen’ than ‘making it happen’.

I start out some meditations with a Circle of Power working/visualization that is similar to the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Basically, an internal connecting to 4/5 archangels and 4/5 elements. Good stuff.

In my tired state, I noticed a kind of richer imagery that was slightly more accessible. So, we’ll see.

As my meditation progressed on, I found myself planning…

  1. Meditation ended. It was 5:45 AM. Still not that tired.

For Paths Terminus and Mind’s Eye Terminus, I listen during meditation. For the IMBUE physical health custom, I’ve been thinking that I’ll listen during my hike/hill-walk. I decided to take it out for a test-drive. :slight_smile: I was so excited that it had arrived and that my current program is now ‘locked in’.

So, at 5:45 AM, I went and downloaded the files. Got them ported over to my iPhone (in ‘Music’) and properly labeled. (I also save a copy in AudioShare so I can use background play if I wish.). Had to wait patiently for all the cloud-syncing etc.,

By the time that was finished, I changed and headed out the door for a brisk 6-mile walk. My walk went from 6:20 to 7:45. Pretty quick pace for me. It was awesome to think about how at the same time that the exercise was helping me in real-time, the subliminal was also at work seeding deeper and farther-reaching changes.

So, I figure that just as I use the other two subliminals in meditation, I’ll use this one in physical activity. These all also happen to be recommendations for easing reconciliation.

At the same time, I’m also now thinking about increasing loops, playing at other times of the day. Not much obvious reconciliation so far. So, I want to try pushing it a little bit.

I have one question about consolidating past subliminal programs into Maintenance Customs. I’ll ask it in the Questions area.


You’re Chinese?!!!?!!!?!


nah, the genotype’s strictly sub-Saharan

just use the language a fair amount in my daily life


This is the first day in a long time that I’ve run subliminals outside of the morning meditation sessions.

I’ve run two additional loops of Paths Terminus. First one was Ultrasonic while I listened to Marc Maron. Second, now is Masked. I still prefer the sound of masked.

And it just finished.

We’ll see if there are any ‘difficult reconciliation’ effects or not.

Now I’m running an additional loop of the physical wellbeing subliminal, IMBUE.

If I feel like another after that, I’ll run Mind’s Eye Terminus2.


Great morning.

Paths Terminus (custom) meditation
Hill walk with IMBUE Terminus (custom)


Current thought: forget about the subliminals. There’s nothing else to say about them right now.

They’re excellent. They’re working. They’re in place and locked in.

Now leave them alone and give them the time they need to do what they do.

Put your focus on your projects. Talk about those. Think about those. That’s where your attention belongs now.


I knew someone would tempt me with the idea of a second custom…