Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


Had a little food for thought as I thought more about the Mars, Venus, and North Node astrology information.

Had to do with the way that Alchemist and Quantum Limitless are functioning in my current stack; especially Alchemist.

I started out with Ecstasy of Gold one year ago as my first subliminal. Choosing it was a natural outgrowth of having consciously committed to working out my wealth situation in life. I made a commitment to put this area at top priority in 2018 and the practices I began then were the same that serendipitously led me to Subliminal Club the following year.

I do not regret my choice of first subliminal and I believe I might do much the same thing were I to start over again.

But I was not ready to take immediate action for Ecstasy of Gold. As a result, my journey has been more gradual (though I do, objectively, have more money than I did when I started).

My journey of wealth is really still in the beginning stages.

Which brings me back to my original point.

My Mars is in Pisces in the Ninth (or Sagittarian) House. With regard to vocation and passion, this placement indicates a mystic/philosopher/psychic/psychologist/artist in the context of Higher Learning and Travel.

My policy when it comes to so-called wisdom teachers is this: If, with minimal prompting from me, you are able to discern and describe specific hard-won insights that I’ve gained about myself, then, as long as you’re not too nuts, I’ll give you a hearing. In other words, if you can tell me something I already know to be true about my past, I’ll give an ear to what else you have to say about my present and/or future.

That Mars in Pisces description? It describes exactly what I’ve done or tried to do, repeatedly throughout life. And I’m doing it right now too. So, after seeing that? yeah, I’m listening.

I remember when I was 17 years old and finishing up my first year of college. I had some trouble finding my way. I was only interested in things that were ‘personally meaningful’. I remember that in that entire year, there was one paper I wrote that felt ‘true’, as if I had really put my true effort and meaning into it. It was unorthodox, predictably. But I was fortunate to have a kind professor. After she read it, she praised my effort and wrote a statement that stuck with me: ‘You are a mystic’. At that formative stage, it made quite an impression.

I knew it was true.

For years, I’d been feeling my way along my path, intuitively, in the dark, and with various readings/teachings as I encountered them.

Okay, great. So what am I saying right now?

That Mars placement describes my driving will, my urge to establish and create, my Vocation (the origin of the term Calling).

I’ve been noticing that it’s possible to make a basic list of the Greek Zodiacal signs: Aries through Pisces, and to see which Subliminal Programs would express the energy or orientation of each sign.

One very obvious subliminal program associated with Pisces is Alchemist. (Another would be Ultimate Artist).

The sign Sagittarius is about Higher, Aspirational Learning and open-minded Travel in the service of learning and the search for knowledge and truth. A program clearly associated with that is Quantum Limitless.



So, I’m looking at the way my stack has evolved. And it strikes me how well it is described and predicted by the principles of that vocational astrology approach.

I’ve laid a slow, patient foundation with Ecstasy of Gold. My own choice. I haven’t taken a lot of action, but I still do believe that the subliminal is establishing an internal architecture that’s preparing things for when I do start to take purposeful action.

Then about 10 months into the process (post-Terminus, post-Q and all of the other innovations that expanded our choices here), I brought in Alchemist and Quantum Limitless.

Whereas I’ve been slow to take action with Ecstasy of Gold, Alchemist is the exact opposite. I almost never stop taking action in that part of my life. Quantum Limitless while not quite ‘driving’ to the extent of Alchemist also represents an area that has been a constant part of my life.

Then I look over at that astrology info and I see that my driving vocational passion involves mystical, empathic orientation in the context of seeking and spreading knowledge.

And it’s like, ‘yep. Alchemist and Quantum LImitless.’.

What I’m trying to express is that it’s really seeming like, for me, the bridges to ACTION with Ecstasy of Gold are Alchemist and Quantum Limitless. I feel that they’re making me ready to do the kind of project-building and business-building that will allow Ecstasy of Gold to express its power.



I’ve been circling around these same insights for a while.

What I’m trying to express here are strategies for organizing and approaching Action.

We know that we need Action for the subliminals (or any manifestation technology really) to express their potential. And yet, not all actions are equally accessible to us. There are some areas in which we are passionately driven to take action; we wouldn’t be able to stop if we tried. Then there are areas in which we feel hobbled and limited.

Yes, a brash, ‘confident’ person might invoke Nike and give the advice: Just Do It

But that doesn’t always work, and sometimes a more skillful, informed, or nuanced approach might be better suited.

I’ve talked before about so-called Foundational and Aspirational subliminals. Maybe there are other terms that might better express the same underlying concepts; but the idea is of harnessing the energy in your natural tendencies, passions, and motivations (your ‘strengths) to support the directions you wish to go.

What I called ‘foundational’ are areas that are so much a part of your nature and your life that action almost feels effortless. Established lifestyle kinds of things. Aspirational are where you would like to take action and make changes.

I think that one form of effective strategy would involve linking those two together, and that’s what I’m finding is happening for me. The astrology information is just confirming that this approach makes sense.

The idea is to channel your passion to fuel and energize your goals.

In my case, that passion is (expressed astrologically) Piscean Mars in the Sagittarian Context (or House). A passion for mysticism, the psyche, personal (artistic) expression, and empathy in the context of seeking and sharing knowledge. Sounds a whole lot like Alchemist and Quantum Limitless.

Now take that and build it into my Wealth Generation Strategy, by finding ways to serve and benefit people through those passions. At that point, the engine of Ecstasy of Gold will be firing on all cylinders.

I’m kind of thinking about this and typing about it at the same time, so I’ve said the same things a few times in a few different ways. But it seems worth recording here in my journal. I’ll stop it here and see what else comes to me as the days go on.


@Malkuth - I checked the website to see what my marvel character was for INFJ and got Susan Storm from the Fantastic Four lol.

The description of the personality was correct but I needed a second opinion haha. So another website threw up Groot for INFJ. The description here was also apt:

“Sweet, sweet Groot. Who doesn’t love this friendly giant? Groot might be a being of few words, but his gentle demeanor and peaceful nature screams INFJ. INFJs are identified by their insightful, private, and loyal personalities. Groot is that and more. He is a serene being who is dutiful to those he loves. He is not a fan of conflict, loudness, or disorder, and just wants everyone to get along. If INFJs had a motto, it’d be “We are Groot”.”

All good and all but the Leo in me was asking for something even cooler. And even Loki as INFJ didn’t fit the bill. Sigh. Too perfectionist of me.


Well, at least this is a comfort. Captain America and Dr Strange are awesome. And Jean Grey is badass :grin:

PS: the “often mistaken as an extrovert but is really a private individual interested in the wellbeing of others” is very true.


I journal into Voice Memos while I walk. It looks like I’m on the phone (in our ridiculous era of disembodied voices). I try not to say anything too out there.

That element, getting my thoughts out and flowing, is great. Then I’ve got this gratitude thing going where I feel lucky to not be dead (haha :joy: to put it bluntly)

And there’s a big body of water that I get to walk past for part of it. Oh, and I’m just walking (albeit pretty quickly), while I’m going through the park, people are running past me all the time. Walking is more comfortable for now. That probably helps too. My Achilles tendinitis has pushed me to do this for now instead of running, and I think it’s been a blessing in disguise.

Haha all of that probably doesn’t help at all. I don’t know what elements would make you love exercise or even if that matters very much to you. From the little I’ve learned of you here, you strike me as someone who might prefer movement with a purpose. Maybe exploring an Italian city or seeking out interesting items somewhere. Putting your attention onto a narrative or activity that interests you and letting the movement simply happen naturally in the service of that.

You actually seem like someone who might enjoy something like bird watching. Haha. There’s a random shot in the dark.


Groot is pretty badass when he uses his arm to help make Thor’s new axe. But yeah, they make him comic relief-y sometimes, like all of the Guardians.

Actually, the more I think of him, the more I like him. Loyal, wise, powerful, with very low arrogance. Yes, Groot gets my vote! Gotta love a tree.


@Malkuth - haha! Thank you for the vote of confidence. But yeah, Groot is cute.


And “We Are Venom” too while we are at it lol


I think Cap could be INFJ, but Strange? I’d say he’s a T. Remember at the start of his movie, he’s rejecting patients because the procedures he’d have to perform are too boring and uninteresting to him. Ideas and challenges matter more to him at that point than human well-being. Eventually, his character matures and develops, but he’s always kind of esoteric genius first and hero second. I’d say he’s an INTP/J.

Cap, on the other hand, would probably jump in front of a car to save a bird, as long as it did not defy his deeply held ethical and moral code. I think he makes the grade. The source of his heroism is always ultimately his character, (with Strange it’s more his knowledge and his intellectual adaptability. Hmm… INTP?)


@Malkuth - You have a good point there but I must admit that I have a “Dr Strange mood” too once in a while. Will become extremely selfish when I am not allowed my way of doing things even at the expense of other people’s feelings. INFJs will also tend to be brutally honest when we are pushed to the brink and we sometimes go beyond it to purposely wound others with words especially when we feel wounded and misunderstood.

I also think that he matured when he discovered himself and attains a larger sense of purpose. Something an INFJ is eternally searching for.


Ah, cool insight. That’s really interesting. I have more to learn on this topic.


I have wandered around Italy, Venice canals at night and winding through Florence. I think Lisbon is my preferred zone for getting lost. The moorish influence still standing sings to me in a way. That said, if I actually ventured out of my apartment more I’d probably walk abound Central Park as it’s the closest thing with real nature. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of city blocks with townhouses or buildings too tall to enjoy.

Birdwatching is… not a thing I would enjoy unless it was from the comfort of a balcony overlooking a feeder.


That was what is known in technical parlance as ‘a reach’ on my part. :slight_smile:

there’s a sense of aesthetic particularity that seems to radiate from your posts. makes me think of rainbow colored hummingbirds. hence the remark.


It’s her Chiaroscuro custom sub. :relaxed:


And yet, of necessity, she named it (and herself) before she had ever listened to it.

This seems more a case of correlation than causation.



My stack is heavily loaded.

But it’s also spaced out.

Day A: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - PATHS Terminus and Quantum Limitless

Day B: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - Mind’s Eye Terminus2 and Alchemist

IMBUE Workouts: If I do exercise that will last an hour or more, I play IMBUE. This usually works out to 3 to 5 loops per week

Bedtimes: I play a loop of Regeneration when I’m going to bed. Sometimes, I’ll throw on an Overnight playlist that has 2 loops of Regeneration, plus some of the other tracks from above.

One major point. In order to begin playing the Asclepius model as soon as possible, I have created an augmented Regeneration custom to replace my evening Regeneration plays.

I’ve had that Regeneration booster Custom built in Terminus2 build strength. This is my 2nd T2 title. I’m thinking of calling it Regeneration- INFUSE Booster, since it’s tangentially related to IMBUE. (Actually, it’s halfway between IMBUE and my next year’s planned ELESCE Custom. So INFUSE seems to evoke both titles.)

Here’s the final version:

INFUSE Terminus Squared Booster Custom

Regeneration Core
Blue Skies
Deep Sleep
The Architect
Energetic Development XI
Negativity Displacer
The Flow
Dream Traveller

The idea is for it to be utterly geared towards sleep-based benefits. Healing, Regenerating, Processing, and Growing During Sleep.

So, I may choose a name that evokes that a little more directly.


Impressed that you get results with a stack this intense!


You know, though? I’ve looked around at others’ stacks and I think mine might appear more intense than it actually is.

Alchemist and Quantum Limitless are both Standard build titles and they are only played 3 days a week each.

Mind’s Eye Terminus2 is actually only played for about 3 loops a week.

IMBUE Terminus is only played when I workout. So, 1) that limits the number of loops per week (about 3 - 5 loops and, on top of that, 2) it’s directly and automatically combined with relevant action which smooths and facilitates the integration and processing of the messages in it.

The core of everything is still just one title: PATHS Terminus.

On top of this, PATHS and Mind’s Eye are primarily played during meditation sessions. This also helps with receiving and integrating the content.

So, this stack feels ‘full’, but not so intense.

One thing I’ve noticed though is that if I sit around a lot and don’t exercise, things do seem to feel more intense. That’s probably another reason why I’m motivated to take long walks every day.

The last piece of the puzzle is Regeneration, 1 or 2 loops played as I go to sleep, and it’s now becoming a booster Custom. (I’m also floating the name SOMN.) This is basically a healing custom. Everything in there is related to healing and sleeping (and, healing while sleeping). It’s lighter; having only 10 modules, plus Mosaic. But it is also a T2 custom, so I’ll most likely start out with 1 to 2 loops per week and then expand from there. The associated Action for that subliminal is resting, regenerating, and processing feelings.

Having said all of that, I do feel that this stack does seem to be quite impacted by how many loops I choose to play in a day. Yesterday, for example, I started the day with a PATHS Terminus meditation session. Then I came to work and played 2 more loops of PATHS and 3 loops of Quantum Limitless. That night as I walked with IMBUE, it did feel ‘heavy’. Like my mind was processing a lot. So, I’ll probably closely watch my loops. and not play so many in one given day.

For Quantum Limitless and Alchemist, I’m giving 3 months to each stage. My first stage shift will be on October 11, when they’ll both shift to Stage 2. After that January 11, and then April 11.

Then comes May 2021. At that point, everything reduces. Alchemist, Quantum Limitless, and Mind’s Eye will be combined into one Custom. Regeneration will be in another Custom.

At that point, everything will be in 4 Custom subliminals. Yet, I will still be running exactly what I’m running now (a bit more actually). And it will look smaller due to how it’s combined.

So, I think this might not be as intense as it might seem. But it does need to be spaced out and managed appropriately.

(We’ll see if I’m right about this or not.)


My stack is perfect

My actions and projects are not

What deserves attention, thought, and energy now are those

For the next 9 months, nothing major changes about my stack

Lock it in, let it play, shift the focus


This is not about guilt or pressure bullshit

It’s about refining and improving my conscious-level strategies and actions in the same way that I’m already refining and improving my subconscious-level strategies and actions.

Attention and care