Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


I think that Alchemist is helping me to bridge the gap between Idea and Action; between Thought and Movement.


”After I do [X], then things will work out; then things will be okay.“

This is a mistake.

Not the worst mistake in the world, but still a mistake.

It coddles and heeds the mind of desperation, of lack. It feeds a misguided sense of disconnection from what is good, and of disorientation.

The truth? The actual, fundamental problem is only that sense of disconnection and disorientation itself. Not some arbitrary finish-line or some circumstantial threshold which, once passed, indicates that ‘everything is okay’.

Yes, continue to work on beneficial practices and growth projects. It’s healthy and right to do that.

But don’t defer success; don’t postpone the mindset of success. Embrace it from wherever you are right here and right now.

Connect, with gratitude, to those aspects of your current circumstances that already embody success, right now.

Accept this challenge.


Interesting. I just did a “complete the past” meditation and I have been ruminating on this idea over the past hour.


@Hermit’s Subliminal Club Egregore once again rears its mighty head. :wink:


As I connected with my higher self, this is the message I got:

Be. Have. Do. Give up the battle for your self-worth. Take it as a given. It’s not because of something in the past, it’s not because of what you have right now. You are what you are.


This is a false belief I’ve also struggled with for most of my life. For me it’s always been in the form of “Once I achieve X” or “As soon as X happens” or “After I’ve solved X” (insert algebra joke here), or “After I get past X” etc everything will be sunshine and roses.

But it never is.

Because the reality of life is, there are always more things to overcome.

No matter how many times I think about it and recognize that trap, I still fall into it. Some part of my brain still believes, naively, that at any given moment there exists some singular obstacle that, once overcome, will result in everything magically falling into place.

When I was younger and single, the “mountain” was finding the right girl. Then another time it was getting to a particular goal weight/fitness level. Other times it’s getting a particular contract or business deal signed. And yes, to be fair, meeting the right girl did solve my insecurities about being forever alone (I was actually only single for a few months before meeting the girl who I later married, but at the time the previous relationship had crashed and burned badly enough to leave me in a deep, dark hole for a while… but I had company down there, and it’s name was vodka. But, I digress… lol), but that was it… it didn’t translate over to everything else in my life like magic.

I keep having to remind myself that I’ve solved nearly all of the problems past me ever faced, in one way or the other, but guess what… present me still has issues come up, and future me will too. That’s just life.

It’s summed up beautifully in a Haitian proverb: “Beyond mountains there are mountains.” I’d originally heard it as “After mountain, more mountains” but I looked up the original translation to quote here.


Yup. You can’t earn self-worth. Only realize it. :+1:t2:


“After I get my Custom Subliminal…” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:




Same. I’m typing this now as a way to remind myself of the right way to go. I recognize the correctness of what we’re saying here. But truly internalizing it is another matter. For me, it takes effort over time.

I’ve observed for a while that one of the key triggers that gets us is PAIN. We’re instinctually programmed to respond to pain as ‘badness’, as ‘negative judgement of myself or someone else’. It happens way before conscious thought.

When pain or discomfort happen (or even when we remember or anticipate them happening), it’s easy to enter into a reflexive narrative and response (a ‘script’) about how ‘[I/You/Something/The World/etc.,] is wrong and needs to be fixed’.

Most of the time all it takes is a little bit of pain (emotional, physical, social, existential) to destabilize our view.

If I follow my angst or my desperation way down to it’s tiny sand-grain core, I usually just find a bit of pain or fear of pain that is being compounded out to a huge degree. I’m reacting to that pain, and I’m valorizing whatever I see as equaling the relief of that pain.

Anyway, that’s how I see it.

Either way, it takes time and insight to actually see through some of these things. So, we hang in there and do the best we can as we gradually increase wisdom.


Yep. Guess what I just received today.


@Malkuth - what? What? What did you get!!!? :grin:


HI @raphael,

I wanted to start running Asclepius module immediately, and the only place I saw to possibly squeeze that in was in my bedtime use of Regeneration. I decided to create a Regeneration booster custom with just 10 modules. Ordered it on Sunday and it arrived today.

I noticed that my lack/desperation was a bit too high about that and about my other titles. My intuition tells me that I’m making a mistake. But sometimes my body takes a little bit longer with the follow-through.

I analyzed my mistake and wrote a post above to try to remind me of it. I’m still making it right now in real-time. hahaha. But that’s how it goes.


@Malkuth - I absolutely understand those feelings. Sometimes I have them too although am currently in a good mindplace right now.

Asclepius is so worth it though and can’t wait for you to experience it. So far, I have this feeling of surety for manifesting healing and I already got one manifestation which would help with physical healing by just playing one loop of the custom sub with Asclepius in it.


Let me know how your eyes go and if they improve. Gonna send you some more healing energies in a minute. :sunny:


@friday - thanks bro. Will do.


Follow that intuition.

I don’t practise Ritual Magick, but like our fellow Dowsers, I’m sure you must have some way to take the help of a “Subliminal Modules Selection Specialist”. :wink:

Ask for what fits your current needs, and that the quantity be limited to 20.

Also, expect to have your mind blown about why some of those weren’t selected - which your rational mind would have definitely picked.

:astonished: :+1:t2:


haha, it’s very funny that you mention this.

this is precisely what happened.

I used the Yijing/I Ching (易經 or 周易) to help me select the modules in this custom. I don’t usually do that. In fact, I don’t usually use the Yijing very much anymore. Used it a damn lot over the past 20 years. I feel like when you use things like that they’re a scaffold for your own intuition. And it’s good sometimes to put them down and just use your own gut. So, I’ve been doing that more over the past 2 or 3 years. From time to time, though, my own mind feels too implacid ( that may not be a word. can’t think of another word for that right now), so I’ll still consult the 周易.

Anyway, used the Yijing to get feedback on my modules. Actually asked about each one. Ended up removing Gratitude Embodiment and DEUS. Interesting. Also, I was planning to get standard build for this to keep things light. Yijing said ‘no’. So, went for Terminus. Yijing said ‘no’. Asked about Terminus2. Yijing said ‘great!’

So, this Regeneration/Asclepius booster Custom is in Terminus2.

Here’s the final version:

I’m calling it DUAT - Regeneration Booster

Module List

Regeneration Core
Blue Skies
Negativity Displacer
Energetic Development XI
The Flow
Dream Traveler
The Architect
Deep Sleep


Kind of…

I meant TOTAL 20 - replacing everything - PATHS, IMBUE, DUAT, QL, AL, Regen, Stark, … evveeeything.


That’s a LOT of coin tossing. :sweat_smile:


ah. that’s not gong to happen right now. I’m locked in. This is what I want. And I’m actually feeling benefits. So, I’m not thinking of changing.

Took a lot of time and experiences to get to this point.

Instead, my focus now is on Conscious level strategies.

The subconscious strategies feel good. Honestly, there’s even more. Because there are more than just subliminals going on. I trust my gut with this area.

The current growth area is shifting to feel a similar sense of space, agency and prosperity around conscious actions and strategies. If I don’t manage that so well, maybe you’ll see me back here again, regrouping.