Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


haha. yes. I actually use a different method. but still, yes.

I just a kind of seed called 決明子 or cassia torae. (so-called ‘wise decision’ seeds. They’re also good for eyesight (i.e., liver function). Oh, I should tag @raphael. I think they’re boiled and combined with other ingredients.

Anyway, for Yijing use, you focus on your question and just dip into a bowl of the seeds and pull them out between 1st and 3rd finger. Odd number of seeds is a yang line. Even number of seeds is a yin line. Then one more dip to show which line of the situation is primary. Long ago, I started using a Mancala game board since they’re perfectly suited to the purpose.


I am wondering if you can do the same with tarot cards, or maybe turtle shells.


Pendulum too


Wow that is extremely interesting. Can you also do it for other people?

444/444 post


Perhaps you could try this for fun.


Nice, with the 444 post

You can do it for other people, but it’s a reflection of the mind that asks the question. Better for the person to do it.


There’s another interesting Chinese divination method called the Plum Blossom Divination Method.

Head of this one?


I’m not really actively investigating this kind of thing. And even when I was my knowledge was not encyclopedic.

These days I just like to keep it simple. :sunglasses:

I’m always interested to hear an anecdote though if you’re having interesting experiences with it.


Could ask one question for me? :slight_smile: Only if it is not too much work on your hand


You can do it @friday

  1. pour rice into a small bowl
  2. get a piece of clean paper or paper towel
  3. write down your question or concern in a book or file set aside for that purpose
  4. hold your question or concern in mind
  5. use your thumb and third finger to pick out rice and put onto the paper in six small piles. (build it from bottom to top, as a tree grows).
  6. pick up one more pinch of rice and put it to the side of those 6 piles.

When you’re done it will look like this:

  1. count the grains of rice in each pile and note the numbers.

  2. You’re done.

To find the corresponding hexagram from the Yi Jing.

  1. For those first six piles. An odd number corresponds to a solid line. An even number corresponds to a ‘broken line’.

  2. For the last pile to the side. This pile will indicate a number between 1 and 6. Simply note that number. If there are more than 6 grains of rice, then subtract 6 (or the largest possible multiple of 6; so if there are 15 grains of rice, subtract 12). You’ll be left with a number from 1 to 6. Note that number.

If this part’s unclear, just tell me (or someone else who’s familiar with this) the numbers you got, and I’ll help you to identify the right one.

Then you can check a translation of the Yi Jing to see the guidance/response for your situation.

Here’s a good quality, if a bit abstruse or cryptic at times, online version:



So, yes, got my boosted version of Regeneration yesterday. Haven’t played it yet because it’s to be played as I go to bed and Sunday is more of a rest day. Will play it tonight or tomorrow night.

Depending on the experience, I may first do 1 or 2 loops per week. We’ll see.

The Mind’s Eye Terminus2 experience since May 24 has been fine. I know I could do more. I just don’t need to. So, i prefer to take it easy, and let it open up over time. So, we’ll see how I respond to this second Terminus2 track.

Everything in my current stack is meant to be played until May 2021. The right ingredients are all there, so there’s no rush.

In general, when I’ve seen people ask about running somewhat heavier or denser stacks, the advice has been ‘yes, they’ll work. but you need to give them more time.’

I’m cool with that. I’ll give them time.

At this point, they’re like friendly companions walking along my path with me and assisting me.

I like them.

They’re good company.

Now my attention goes back to the path itself.


Thank you I will try it out <3


Hopefully, you saw my typo. It should be built from bottom to top or from the ground up, as a tree grows.

This represents the situation evolving through time.

Also, here’s the book from which I learned the method, in case you or anyone else might wish to explore further:


I feel like, thanks in large part to sub club, my subconscious processes and strategies feel just beautiful.

It may come up more hre because it’s something I’m feeling aware of these days.

At the moment at least, it’s actually making it easier for me to focus on actions; because I feel so satisfied with the internal, subconscious resources I have supporting me.

This feeling itself, I feel, is actually being supported by what I’m running. I’ve noticed many of the modules at play, helping me from day to day.

Here are some:

From PATHS: Power Can Corrupt, Sultan, EGO ADSUM, Inner Voice,
Quantum Limitless
From IMBUE: Extreme Exercise Motivation, Equilibrium, Serum X, Stress Displacement

There have been others too, but these I have really felt. Truth is, just one of these really activating would be an incredible thing.

Alchemist was like the binding agent that started bringing everything together. This is definitely my core program.

I feel like I don’t really need to think or worry about subconscious strategies anymore. They’re working for me. It’s great.


Most forum users are widely above average in terms of consciousness, so it’s is worthy to say that we’ve build a telepathic connections and pick-up on each others ideas.

Humanity has one big overlapping Egregore, with bubbles inside bubbles of smaller ones which are encapsulated in the Collective. So that makes you think doesn’t it? There’s nothing we can hide from each other, especially not once we moved into 5-D; no thoughts or emotions will be hidden.


I think it was about two months in when I started to feel the effects of my customs more clearly.


First night with DUAT Terminus2. Went to bed late (as often happens), played DUAT Terminus2 for one loop as I was going to sleep.

Woke up relatively rested after about 4 to 5 hours. Have things to do, otherwise, would sleep longer.

Subjectively, feel pretty good and even-keel. As ‘movie-trailer effects’ go, this is a nice and smooth indication.

Now, I’m preparing for my morning meditation with PATHS Terminus. And then on to the day’s tasks.


Okay, relax, manno.

The first day with DUAT T2 felt great. But I’ll still start off slowly. Played it on Sunday night (1 loop). So, I’ll play it again on Wednesday night. If I still feel great, then I’ll switch to every other day. If that’s cool, then I may try 4 or 5 nights on, and 3 nights off. Then we’ll see.

With Mind’s Eye Terminus2, I was never that curious to see what my comfortable max was because I just wanted a relaxed ride with the title. 3 days a week, 1 loop each time. I’ve done that consistently for 3.5 months and I don’t plan to change that until next May when Mind’s Eye becomes part of a Custom build. I had no special expectations or demands for the title. I regularly do rituals/practices that involve ‘visualization’ (really, imagination) and manifesting. So, that gives Mind’s Eye play-doh (read: action) to play with and I just leave it alone to have its fun. Just an open-ended Terminus2 experiment. It’s been good.

DUAT Terminus2 is a little different.

The modules are all related to healing and healthy functioning. I have a vested interest in optimizing those effects. So, I want to take it to the level of maximal benefits. Unlike with Mind’s Eye, I will be trying to find the maximum number of loops and frequency of play that seem to present no ill-effects. Having said that, it is still a Terminus 2 track. So, I’ll treat it with the respect it deserves and see where it takes us.

One day in though? I love it.


oh, and also, just now made the connection that I’ve gotten a few repeated numbers today.

I usually take a picture when it happens, so let’s see:


As I was out on the usual (beautiful) 6-mile walk tonight, I had the thought, ‘At some point, it might be cool to extend this to 10 miles and see how that is…’

Cut to: some time later, ‘ah, so that’s how it is. :thinking: Kind of like that.’

Sometimes you make your own manifestations happen.

(But I need better shoes if I’m going to start adding more distance. These running shoes are still blistery.)