Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


So, yes; now, the focus shifts, pretty definitively, to Projects and Action.


I seem to notice over time a kind of wave movement—an inhale and an exhale—to how I respond to the subliminals. There’s a kind of gentle fluctuation or undulation between Reconciliation (the trough), Integration (the neutral point), and Expression (the peak).


Not a huge shock, I guess, since most phenomena in life follow a similar pattern. But I was really noticing it yesterday. A single cycle can (subjectively) take a week or several weeks, but the cycle is there. (This is a simplified representation. It’s more likely that there are cycles within cycles within cycles, but this is what I felt subjectively.)


So, the other night, guess it was Monday night, after I spontaneously decided to try out how a 10-mile walk would feel (it felt good), I got home and mentioned it to my daughter. She said, ‘oh! did you do the normal walk twice?’ and I said ‘…’ Because it had never occurred to me to try that. Instead, I did the normal 6-mile walk, ended up in a park with a track close to where we live, and then walked around that track until the distance reached 10.5 miles. (Was on the phone chatting with my sis, so the walk was pretty effortless.)

After she said that, I thought. Hmmm… that would be interesting. Maybe I’ll try that sometime. But I’d definitely need proper hiking shoes, because these running shoes give me blisters every time. Then y esterday, I found that I was spontaneously doing a bit of research on hiking shoes. And then I found that I’d identified the ones that were my top choice (Salomon X Ultra 3 Lows). Then I found that I’d located a store that sold those shoes about 30 or 40 minutes away by train. About an hour after that, I found myself inside of that store trying them on, and some time later I found myself back at home having purchased the shoes and ready to try them out the next day. (lots of ‘finding’ happening yesterday).

So, then of course my mind started thinking, ‘hmmm…maybe I can try out that 10 mile hill walk.’
The usual distance is 6 miles. It’s pretty perfect, because right when I hit the highest point of the hill, I’m at mile 3. Then I kick a post 3 times, turn around and walk the 3 miles back home. The actual steep hill portion goes from about mile 1.8 up to mile 3 (about 1.2 miles).

So I thought to myself, 'hmmm…if I walk the 3 miles up to the summit, and then turn around and walk 2 miles back toward home; then turn around again and walk 2 miles back up to the summit a 2nd time. Then the final 3 miles to take me back home will get me to 10 miles and I’ll get to see what a double ascent is like. Should be an interesting challenge.

Did that tonight. And it was a much more…engaging experience than just doing laps at the park.

The limiting factor wasn’t muscle endurance though. It was my achilles tendinitis. The 6 miles is pretty much fine. But the 2nd ascent caused my tendon to start complaining. That was a little nerve-racking because I do not want to get badly injured. Nevertheless, I got through it and loved it.

The usual walk is 90 minutes, so I get one play of IMBUE Terminus in. This time I realized I’d have time for 2 loops. I made the somewhat controversial choice to play Aegis: Survival Instinct for the 2nd loop. A little controversial to me, because I already have a pretty packed stack, so I’ve been keeping that for later.

But, as it turns out, I think that AEGIS: Survival Instinct actually helped significantly. As I walked, I had some pointed insights that turned out to be accurate about how to take care of my tendon, and then I realized why this problem had probably flared up a few months ago.

That was all just from one loop. But I think it gave a pretty immediate benefit. Interesting. I usually think of subliminals in terms of long-term plans and strategies.

I suspect that Survival Instinct was also what made me feel more aware and vigilant about monitoring the tendon during my walk tonight.

So that’s the hike report.

In other news, tonight is also Wednesday, when I am scheduled to play the next bedtime loop of DUAT Terminus2, my new Healing in Sleep booster custom (replaces Regeneration in my stack). This feels like very fortuitous timing because I can really use its influence after tonight’s workout. This is the 2nd session playing it. Sunday night was the first. It seems to be pretty smooth so far. We will see how I feel tomorrow. If it still seems fine after a couple of days, then I’ll raise the frequency to every other night for a week or so.

If I can get this tendon situation sorted, I will look forward to periodic 10-mile hikes. That feels like a great prospect. (I’m very, very aware of the hand of my IMBUE Terminus subliminal in all of this. It contains, among other things, Emperor Fitness Stage 4, Inexhaustible, Extreme Exercise Motivation, Epigenetics and DNA Modulator and Serum X, all of which seem to have a noticeable and direct beneficial impact on the experience.

Keep thinking of Q-Tip saying:

A glass of OJ and a 10-mile walker

Peace to Kamaal the Abstract


Postcard from the DUAT

Woke up naturally (without alarm, etc.) at 6:15 AM. Feel relatively rested so am starting day.

Bedtime playlist only contained two tracks: DUAT Terminus2 and Alchemist Stage 1 (Pathfinder). One loop each.

I’d say that after the first 5-6 minutes of DUAT, I was aware of nothing else until morning. Do have vague, distant recollection of dreams having happened.


I did a particular practice this morning with attention centered around the heart region. I felt a sense of energy almost like a globe or star, half in and out of my chest. Also felt a kind of energy flow.

Now, I’m remembering that the custom I ran last night contains both Energetic Development XI and The Architect. So perhaps it was related to that.


Another intuition that came to me last night while walking:

don’t put too much pressure on the action.

trust yourself. the parts of your mind are working together to produce what you’re trying to do. this includes the actions and impulses to act.

your conscious mind is just as natural as your subconscious mind. trust them.


I’m 2 months into Alchemist and Quantum Limitless Stage 1. In one month, on October 11, I’ll shift to Stage 2.


Feel like writing something, not sure what I’ll write.

This morning began, more or less, with a PATHS Terminus meditation.

Paths, again, is: (module list hidden under arrow)
  • Ecstasy of Gold Stage 4
  • Stark
  • Power Can Corrupt
  • Financial Success Reality Shifter
  • Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  • Sultan
  • Debt Annihilator
  • Wealth Limit Destroyer
  • Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
  • Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
  • Yggdrasil
  • Jupiter
  • Lion IV
  • Informaticon
  • Inner Voice
  • Divine Will
  • Overdrive
  • Omnidimensional
  • Power Awareness

I’ve been working with it since June 2-, 2020. In two weeks, it will have been 3 months.

I envision working with it over 3 years.

Not as much to say about the actual subliminals themselves right now. They’re great.

The main thing is just looking out to see what new and amazing applications the creators here will develop and release.

Instead, now, my focus naturally shifts to the choices and actions of my daily life. I have a wealth of subconscious resources available now (magick, meditation, mantra (subliminals) - I’m classifying subliminals as mantram because I suspect they may work in identical ways, and it also lets me keep the M’s going).

With all of that subconscious goodness happening, I was starting to put pressure onto my Actions and Projects aspect. Then I noticed that I was artificially minimizing the Actions that I am currently taking. It didn’t seem right.

Instead of sprinting desperately, I want to walk confidently (i.e., to where my life is headed). Maybe at some point that will become a joyous sprint, and, in that case, cool.


Need some Stuart Davis





Think about it

Why is it that exercise, meditation, and Action-taking all lead to smoother reconciliation and integration processes?

Try to identify the underlying principles


This is honestly such an insane stack…


I see it. It is there.


I feel a general sense of being in a ‘working phase’ at the moment.

There’s a sense of quiet engagement and also of tiredness and adaptation.

That makes sense. The core programs I’m working with are all around the 60 to 90 day mark.


My exercise times are crucial opportunities to process reactions and thoughts. Didn’t do one today, but I highly value them. They help a great deal and I think they significantly enhance and facilitate the work I’m doing with subliminals.


Just going for a walk is beneficial.


vehemently agreed



Playing an Ultima track right now. These feel like an unknown country to me.