Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


Well, that was interesting.

Last night, I ran one loop of DUAT followed by one loop of Alchemist. Unlike previous times, I did not fall asleep quickly. Or at all really. I was still awake when the two hours ended. I decided not to play any more after that.

As I was playing DUAT, I experienced the ‘I love you, maaaan!’ effect that sometimes comes with drinking alcohol. I’m making light of it, but it was deep, altered states-y and inebriate.

Memories of people I’ve known over the years came to mind so vividly, and I wanted to tell every one how much they meant to me. That sounds kind of Blue Skies-y, I’m not sure how each module precisely contributed to it, but it was striking.

Eventually fell asleep and by the next morning whatever was going on had made its way back down into the deeper levels of mind.


Blue skies is definitely a good one. Good to hear you’re getting the benefits of it!


Uhh…I guess it was good. (I’m kidding). But that was quite a ride!


Interesting, you’re the Introverted version of my Personality Type.

At least for now, I redid the test three times in a time-span of three days and got ENTP. Last time I did it, I was INTJ.

How’s your experience with Alchemist been?


Yes, many of the tests aren’t very well done. You might be better off at some point just reading the basic explanations of how it all works and then identifying your type that way. Originally, there was a book by Carl Gustav Jung called Psycholgoical Types. Jung had experienced a soul-shaking split with his mentor Sigmund Freud, and was about to undergo even more deep transformations. In part, this book was a way of making sense of the differences in worldview between himself and Freud.

Eventually, two brilliant women, Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabelle Briggs Myers, decided to apply Jung’s thoughts systematically to the categorization of personality. The result was the MBTI or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (developed in the 1940s and 1950s, after 2 decades of preparation). The short book, Gifts Differing, by Isabelle Briggs Myers and her son, Peter Briggs Myers. lays out the key points of their system. There have been many innovations or suggested additions to the system since that book was published in 1980.

Type preferences can be more easily observed under conditions of stress and time-urgency. A person can write her name with left hand or right hand, but if she only has 10 seconds to write and she wants to make the neatest result, she’s going to choose the one with which she’s most natural. If you are on television on a quiz game show and there are 8 choices of topic, you will probably choose the category that is most comfortable and natural to you. If you’re at home, just reading for interest, then you’ll probably be more relaxed and open about what topic to explore.

Type preferences work similarly. Everyone has all eight functions. Preferences are clearer in situations in which there’s not a lot of time or ease to play around with them.

The tests on the internet are often not able to elicit that kind of awareness in the test-taker. But if you observe yourself going through your life and keep the descriptions in mind, you’ll notice that some functions are more naturally fluent for you than others.

My type is INFP

It has been about 20 years since I studied this stuff really actively. There have been further innovations and developments in that time.

How’s your experience with Alchemist been?

It’s ongoing, and I feel like I’ve just begun. But I noticed an instantaneous response. Alchemist was the first program with which I noticed that effect that others have described here on the forum. It is speaking my language.

As soon as I started playing it, I felt a strengthening of my Will, Purpose, and Direction. Like how people describe feeling after they play Emperor or Khan. Not to say that I’m constantly conceptually certain about everything. It’s more of an internal feeling.

Since starting Alchemist, I’ve also experienced a more pronounced reconciliation cycle. That’s the cycle of growth (which proceeds by the laws of Rhythm, Polarity, and Vibration, in my observation). Basically, I feel it more.

It has been 71 days since I started Alchemist. I wish to stay on each stage for 3 months. The shift to stage 2 is planned for October 11.

I haven’t thought so much about the specific stated focus of Alchemist Stage 1. It’s called Pathfinder. I was already engaged in my path and happy with it before I started. I’m open to (balanced) continued learning, but there’s not much desperation to my search anymore. Ontologically, I feel okay. My principles for facing my existence are pretty solid. Cosmologically, though? That’s a different story. There is a profoundly vast cosmos stretching through countless dimensions. In that regard, I am a baby. I’m happy and grateful to spend the time that I’m given engaging with this Cosmos. There is so much here.

Stage 2 of Alchemist is Refinery. Stage 3 is Awakening. Stage 4 is The Alchemist.

Each stage deepens the process of organismic integration and engagement. The path of phenomenological enquiry. That’s good. It’s what I was planning to do anyway. But Alchemist energizes and empowers the process. I am here for it.


The MBTI test is too man-made to make conclusion about a persons personality type. That’s why I’ve had so many different personality types, as it merges & melts into different shapes & forms, according to situations in each persons lifetimes.

Quiet honestly I am neither Introvert nor Extravert, I consider myself to be more of an Ambivert. Same goes for Thinking or Feeling, I do but equally well and take not one over the other, it depends on the situation which one I opt for first. That being said, this test is mainly a depiction of the four different elements manifesting themselves in someone’s personality. Over the past few days I’ve been referencing these personalities to different Astrology Charts and from what it seems there are relations which are too common for it to be coincidence; as expected.

Life is intelligent, our conscious minds are not. That’s we’re most concepts and theories end, if they aren’t received by the Universe but rather created through conscious observation it will lack in depth and quality.

Moving onto Alchemist. Some have said Alchemist has helped them move, create and simply take action in life. Ascension, Ascended Mogul and Emperor have made me take the most action, at least aligned action towards a singular goal. It’s not that I don’t take a lot of action, I’m constantly working, being productive, enjoying life and simply experiencing but I’m chaotic and I lack the qualities to complete goals as there value to me are so adaptive, one they I might deem them important while the other day I do not.

It is said that Alchemist helps with this problem, have you noticed anything similar to what I just described? My goals in life are so adaptive that I never stick to one, all of the parameters like; success, importance, desires, etc are constantly adapting with me. It might be because I’m younger and curious about life, nonetheless it becomes a problem, a problem that needs to be solved someway or another. I value freedom, creativity and overal a free-will approach to life highly, I like to experience on my own.

How come you haven’t jumped straight into Alchemist stage 4? You seem to usually do this, what made your approach to Alchemist differ from the others? From what I understand, your experience with Alchemist was different from the other programs, rather pleasant, evolving and aligning with your underlying energetic compass – so I guess you’d want to take your time with each stage and really absorb and experience them before heading straight into the Alchemist.

That makes sense to me. I’m personally still figuring out my Major program; Khan, Alchemist, Stark and Ascended Mogul or a combination of those are my possibilities. I’d probably have to try each program for a month to feel them out. Nonetheless your insights will provide me with the necessary information as to which one to try first.

Alchemist seems interesting, at first it didn’t make sense to me run Alchemist, as my spiritual side is probably the most evolved part of myself, but then again it makes sense because it’ll highly enhance those qualities of mine. Khan seems like what I need, it has the dedication, drive and discipline of Emperor, with more of a social touch. One thing I’ve learned from using Subliminal Club programs is that there description really don’t do justice. It works so much with the unconscious that the approach towards all goals are so variable, that it becomes almost impossible to grasp there effect one someone.

Stark aligns very much with my personality and I’d love to combine it with Alchemist in a custom, but then it still lacks the drive and discipline for me; that’s what I loved about Emperor so Khan makes sense but it lacks the intelligence & creativity, lol. Khan, Stark & Alchemist in a custom is going to melt my brain so that ain’t no option either. How come there’s not program that fits all of my needs?

I’m currently running Ascension, and while it certainly deals making me ambitious, disciplined and passionate about my personal goals it lacks the business related qualities and it is too masculine in a way that it lacks social aspects. Perhaps Alchemist does all of it for me? So here I am.


Note to Self:

Don’t be an asshole.

Be the opposite of an asshole.

Be a mensch.


Man, I think you’re beautiful just as you are. Who cares if you follow the MBTI or not.

I agree. It does seem to be a re-interpolation of the same old, good old four elements. That’s actually Kiersey’s approach to explaining it. Though I never got into him very much.

Actually, I’ve only ever done that once. And it was with Emperor Fitness because that program didn’t seem so based on cumulative progress through stages. The various stages seemed to stand somewhat independently. Based on the sage advice of the good and wise @simon I decided to forego my usual approach.

Every other program I’ve tried, Ecstasy of Gold, Quantum Limitless, and Alchemist, I’ve adhered to the stage order, and moreover tended to err on the side of longer periods on each stage.

Cuz ahm uh SCAREDY-CAT!


But seriously, yeah. I don’t want to miss any important steps.

Emperor Fitness seemed to work a bit differently when I looked at the descriptions. So it seemed okay to skip to stage 4. So far, I’m damned happy with it. I’m increasingly amazed by how well everything works. Tonight in particular I got a strong blessing. Very happy about that.


Pretty tired right now and am about to descend into the bliss of sleep. But first I want to make a brief note of tonight’s great experience.

I was finally able to do my 6-mile walk again. We’re in rainy, stormy season, and it’s pretty touch-and-go every day. But today, I just decided to go out and see how far I could get before getting soaked. My luck held and I was able to do the whole walk with just some slight misting.

What is really most amazing to me is that the various elements of this stack are forming into one collective program. It’s like that glass structure created by Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen.


Two of the Customs have Mosaic in them. Maybe that helps.

I’m wasted now, so I’m not going to try to be super-coherent.

Basically, Alchemist provides the driving energy to all of my programs. But PATHS contains a powerful set of manifesting engines and focuses. Mind’s Eye adds to this manifesting momentum. Quantum Limitless is gradually coming online. DUAT is emotional healing and renewal, and so on.

But the point is, when I go out to walk, I play IMBUE, Health Fitness Physical Foundation program. As I walk, I invariably process and receive insights and ideas related to my important questions (i.e., related to other programs). This program might be viewed as superficially unrelated to the others because it is ‘physical’, but I find that physicality and movement are key elements to my overall creative process and thought process.

It’s easier for me to think and to bring ideas from higher planes into lower when I am in movement.

Tonight, as I walked, important insights came to me that will help me with my Alchemist and PATHS/Ecstasy of Gold processes. I can feel that they are all connecting and inter-reacting.

Okay, apparently this is as coherent as I’m going to get right now. Time for sleep.

Today, inspired by some comments from @d1gz, I realized that Sanguine could help to lubricate the inter-workings of my programs, and ease reconciliation and integration. The description actually says that once I checked.

The walk is 90 minutes long, so I listened to 30 minutes of Sanguine after IMBUE. It was subtle but I felt a definite effect. A sense of kindness welled up.


There’s a lot going on but I’m liking it.

Good night.


Sunday is usually my subliminal rest day and, for the most part, today has been. But during this morning’s meditation, I decided to run DUAT Terminus2. Ran it on Ultrasonic playing from a speaker. Usually when I meditate with a subliminal, I wear phones and play a masked track.


The light below us is Fire of Earth;
the light above us is Fire of Air (gas)


Walking and novel changes in physical world (Hippocampus activity and recovery). Lack of change, like a familiar house or another physical location lowers brain activity.

It would be interesting to find out more about that.

Thanks for posting this.

Not to get too jungian in here, but this has some parallels to masculine development into “Manhood”, a bit cliche I know, I know.

Primitive cultures usually had hazing processes to accelerate this. And curiously, self mortification as another branch of this idea.

The idea is strength against adversity, pillars of society.


@Malkuth what effects did you notice from Inner Voice so far?


First, I’ll paste the description here to keep me focused.

Our inner voice is with us 24/7, telling us things, informing us of situations, but that’s not always a good thing. It needs to be positive, powerful, and profound. An inner voice that does not put us down, but lifts us ever upwards. This module will change your whole mental landscape, transforming it into a positive space where good things happen.

and now that I’ve re-read that, mainly what I have to say is “Check.”

as in That is happening.

I’ve noticed exactly that.

But I’ve actually noticed it on a pretty consistent basis. Inner Voice is one of the modules that I was able to clearly notice very early on. (I’ve been running it in a Custom since Monday June 22, 2020. (So today is 3 months later! Cool!)

I’ve noticed an ever-increasing tendency to put together my perceptions, my narratives, and my observations in ways that serve my wellbeing. And, yes, I would have tried to do this anyway, but I’ve noticed an enhanced effortlessness and default, automaticity to it, such that it’s easy for me to believe that the Inner Voice module has played a meaningful role.

Happy with it.

What’s your experience?


My subconscious helps me to modulate my listening intensity and to arrange appropriate listening patterns from day to day.

I think, for example, that if I try to run the wrong playlist overnight I’ll often find that my headphones came out over night. Also, during the days, I’ll sometimes find that impromptu meetings or events pop up that affect how I listen and to what.

Last night, I ran an overnight playlist:

Woke up this morning to find that my phones were in and I’d listened to the whole thing. So that’ s cool.

Yesterday during the day, in contrast, apart from 1 loop of PATHS Terminus and Quantum Limitless, I did not get much chance to listen to anything.

Tonight is a rest night from DUAT Terminus2, but it’s starting to feel a little lighter. It’s possible that I may be adapting. I can envision a point when I might possibly be playing it on consecutive nights.

Hmm…Sanguine is probably also playing a role in making that possible.


So grateful for another walk today.


As a person with a long timeframe orientation, I tend to think of plans and projects as things that will ‘bear fruit at some point in the future’. I’m often comfortable with that orientation, but recently the thought has begun to arise: ‘This is happening now’. Also, ‘This is ready NOW’.

There are so many synergistic effects to subliminal modules and other practices that it almost doesn’t make sense to try to isolate out the influence of just one; but I still wonder how much EGO ADSUM is contributing to the trend I described.

Okay, let’s run through the routine one more time.

  1. I have four titles in my daily routine stack.

  2. My daily routine stack is divided into two alternating days: Day A and Day B. Day A has two titles and Day B has two titles. Each day combines one Terminus track and one standard Q Build.

  3. Day A = Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Day B = Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Sundays are rest days.

  4. My daily routine stack is also tied (thanks to Jordan Peele for contaminating the word ‘tethered’) to daily meditation practice. Basically, I play the Terminus track during meditation. I believe in, where possible, allowing different practices to support and reinforce each other. (Also, read somewhere months ago from @SaintSovereign that exercise and meditation are two activities that attenuate reconciliation.)

  5. I have two additional titles that are activity-dependent.


  • Day A: PATHS Terminus (1-2 loops; 1 during meditation) and Quantum Limitless Stage 1 (2-4 loops, usually 2 or 3).

  • Day B: Mind’s Eye Terminus2 (1-2 loops; 1 during meditation) and Alchemist Stage 1 (2-4 loops, usually 2 or 3).

The Activity Dependent titles are:

  • IMBUE Terminus—played when I do daily exercise/workout, and
  • DUAT Terminus2 —played as I go to sleep (usually MWF)

ULTIMA programs involve a whole different strategy, and until a few days ago I didn’t bother making time for them. I default to a long-term view so I didn’t care so much about temporary state shifts. That’s starting to change, and I am seeing how these tracks can contribute to the process in important ways. For now, I’m just using the one Ultima track that I’d never planned to use (funny how things tend to work like that): Sanguine Ultima. It is noticeably helping with smooth integration of this program.


I think that I’m repeating myself a lot here.

I just went back and looked at an entry from July. It was enough. It more or less captures where I am now. As usual, the thoughts get there very quickly, and the body works to slowly catch up in the time that follows.

Not quite done typing yet, but I’m getting there.

Back to the astrological pointers:

Mars: Pisces in the Sagittarian House

  • Pisces (Alchemist/Regeneration) in the Sagittarian House (Quantum Limitless)

Venus: Gemini in the Aquarian House

  • Gemini (Stark) in the Aquarian House (Quantum Limitless/Mind’s Eye)

North Node: Capricorn in the Virgoan House

  • Capricorn (Ecstasy of Gold/Emperor/Emperor: House of Medici) in the Virgoan House (not sure Sub Club has one strong specifically Virgoan program - nothing comes immediately to mind)

couple thoughts
Virgo is about Service, Tending, Healing, and Care through competent, detailed observation and conscientious attention. Many programs can help with that any of those modules for health professionals. (AEGIS: Survival Instinct has some aspects that would fit)

Virgo is the consummate Tender of Gardens, whether those gardens include literal flora or whether they include the potential of the young, the health of people and animals, or environmental/natural resources.

Capricorn works with discipline and commitment to bring about solid results, to realize a vision in real-world terms. Capricorn ‘walks the talk’. No bullshit; results.

My major programs categorized by Planetary Agenda:

  • Mars (Passion and Driving Will): Alchemist/Mind’s Eye/Regeneration/Quantum Limitless

  • Venus (Giving/Receiving Love and Appreciation): Stark/Quantum Limitless

  • North Node (Life Orientation/Purpose/Destiny): Ecstasy of Gold, Emperor, Emperor:House of Medici, Regeneration

It’s no wonder that these are my programs. They represent and collectively address my core imperatives and my identity.


So, I’m running Alchemist and Quantum Limitless concurrently at 3 months per stage (as is probably already mentioned somewhere above).

Stage I of both of these programs reminds me of the beginning stages of magickal work. It involves banishing and grounding. Not the dramatic stuff. Building a foundation so that when energy starts to pour through, the system is insulated, reinforced, and grounded; can handle energy without burning out.

So beginners often see those first stages as boring, and can’t wait to get through them and get into the exciting stuff. Yet, invariably, older teachers and practitioners seem to return to those early stages as advanced practices, and spend more time on them.

Alchemist Stage 1: Pathfinder focuses on purification and grounding.
Quantum Limitless Stage 1: Quantum Rebalance focuses on healing, rebuilding, balancing the neuroendocrine system

As far as my nervous system being healed, I’ll just trust that it’s happening. I’m unable to sense it very clearly. There are little things though that could possibly be attributed to Quantum Limitless Stage 1. For example, ease and fluency of insights.

It does seem though that as far as reportable results go, the more obvious changes probably start more with Stage 2 and into Stage 3.

Alchemist Stage 1 did present an immediately observable grounding effect, and since I started them together, maybe some of that is also about a synergy between Alchemist and Quantum Limitless.

These programs seem pretty important for me. I think that to achieve my Ecstasy of Gold goals, I’ll draw heavily on Alchemist and Quantum Limitless. My vocation, such as I understand it, is deeply involved with the capacities represented by those two programs.

So, as they come online now, and increasingly over the months to come, we’ll see how my process and my actions are affected and enhanced.


If you have the time, look at your whole natal chart