Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


Reconnect with Goals and Projects



Instead of wishing for your search to be ended and your wanderings resolved, embrace your identity as a Seeker and an Explorer. Resolve to do it well. Embrace the exploration. Rather than longing for answers, determine to ask questions well. And as you explore, as you ask questions, continue always to add to your toolbox, to your trove of resources.

This is your gift; it’s what you have to offer:

The constant journey and the treasures gained along it.


I’m starting to get better about keeping track of my daily loops in the Excel file. Now that I’ve learned from @raphael how to hide text, it’s also appealing to note it here as well (sometimes)

Yesterday's Daytime Playlist

Morning Meditation: Mind’s Eye Terminus2
Mind’s Eye Standard Q Build
Mind’s Eye Standard Q Build

Last Night's Overnight Playlist

DUAT Terminus2
PATHS Terminus
Sanguine Ultima
DUAT Terminus2
Alchemist Stage 1
Quantum Limitless Stage 1


Today's (planned) Playlist

Morning Meditation: PATHS Terminus
Quantum Limitless
Quantum Limitless
PATHS Terminus

(if it’s not raining) IMBUE Terminus (while I hike)

might do DUAT Terminus2 as I sleep tonight again

Love this hidden text feature.

So, two significant listening-related developments:

  1. yesterday I started to include Mind’s Eye Standard Build in my daytime playlist. Prior to that I’ve only played the Terminus2 build, and only during thrice per week meditation sessions. Yesterday was the first day of my fourth month since starting to play Mind’s EyeTerminus2 in that fashion. Hadn’t really planned it out, but the idea just came to me to start working with the standard build track now. I’m continuing the Terminus2 meditations, but now including 2 standard build loops on Day B.

It’s weird, but playing it somehow felt very comfortable. Today, I noticed an increased immediacy in my morning visualization. Seemed a little clearer, less ‘far-away’ seeming. So, that’s interesting. Anyway. Time will show.

  1. Last night, I decided to experiment with including two loops of my Terminus2 build Healing Custom, DUAT, in my overnight playlist. Woke up this morning with buds still in ears. Felt fine.

I have a number of additional experiments to try with DUAT Terminus2: a) listening every night from Monday to Friday, b) daytime loop(s), c) daytime loop after having played it the night before.

If these all proceed relatively smoothly, then I’ll cease with the experiments and just allow myself to improvise freely.

So far, it seems powerful but also quite manageable, at least with Sanguine Ultima there to help with the heavy lifting.

As mentioned above, increasingly I’m having the feeling of NOW. Not next year, not someday.

Anyway, the saga continues…


Hows SanguineU working out for you?


Some things are only priceless if they are given for free.

Like sex and affection.

The more you pay for them, the cheaper they are.

The harder you work for them, the less they mean.

Like love.


I’m using it for this:

Stacking Sanguine Ultima with another title in your stack at 1 loop every day (or every other day) will help counteract reconciliation generated by your subliminal stack while also enhancing the healing and mood lifting scripting in any of the titles in your stack.

and it is working well!



I think this may be my first non-sleep-deprived day in quite a while.


An interesting project:

  1. List out the archetypal associations and agendas of the Planets and Signs

  2. Use these agendas to categorize the subliminal programs and modules.


Since early June, I started this evening walk routine. Thanks to my daughter who took the walks with me the first few times. It started out as more of an amble. At some point, I started adding speed and intensity. That actually seems to line up fairly well with when I started running my IMBUE Custom (with Emperor Fitness, Extreme Exercise Motivation, etc.). Makes sense.

It’s getting marginally cooler, so I decided to go in the middle of the day today. That would have been masochistic back in June through August. Today, though, the result was not bad.

Realized last week or so that, ironically, the new hiking shoes in which I’d invested were the main trigger for my Achilles Tendinitis. brrrgrr. So, I went back to using my trusty old running shoes. I’ve put a lot of miles on those shoes in the last 3 months.

Wow. I actually just did the math, and it’s somewhere between 200 and 300 miles. No surprise then that today as I was lacing up the shoes, I noticed this:

The sole is beginning to detach. That’s kind of funny, and I guess I’d better replace them.


As a highly introverted person with isolationist and avoidant tendencies, I have often, throughout life, found myself pulling back and disengaging from situations. It’s a tendency that I’ve tried to work with over the years. It’s not only physical stimulation from which I pull back, it’s also mental engagement.

This has been a recurrent feature over the years of my life. Sometimes it has negative consequences and sometimes positive.

I’m noticing this tendency rearing its head right now. It’s the resistance to mental engagement with work tasks that I’m noticing right now. I’m actually not experiencing it quite as much in interpersonal situations.

I think that my work needs to change. I need to change it. I don’t yet see the pathway to accomplishing this.

I am in a rut and I want to shift. This conscious feeling and perception itself indicates to me that my subconscious mind is actively at work on this issue.

The way forward is murky. I can’t yet see what will be.


Haven’t listened to much today.

Mind’s Eye Terminus2 during morning meditation.
IMBUE Terminus during today’s walk.

I may do an overnight listen (was originally planning to). But I’m considering starting my rest period early.

I’m not sure yet. I’ll check with my intuition before I sleep.


Have you ever felt overexposed with all of those Terminus Customs? I’m looking at three Customs of my own – Tesla Q, Da Vinci Q and Nostradamus Q, now after some reading, experimenting and thinking it might be that I transition those into Terminus instead.

Making three Terminus titles in total. It’s not that I’m going for a full Custom with 20-modules like you, I’m probably going to stick around 10 to 14 and then increase and upgrade from there in the future. Of course it’s highly subjective but I might as well ask you, simply as a point of reference. What do you think?


Since we both know this, I won’t bother repeating it. I’ll just share my subjective experience, and trust you to apply your best judgment, as you usually do.

1 May, 2020 - I try my first Terminus program. Stark Terminus. As mentioned in the other thread with you, it was my most impressive response in the 9 months (at that time) of using subliminals. I am intrigued.

(I played 1 loop of Stark Terminus every day, but only during my meditation sessions. I felt that would provide a protective buffer to any intense effects.)

24 May, 2020 - I try my second Terminus program: Mind’s Eye Terminus2. I feel no disruptive effects or obvious reconciliation effects. I feel a strange soothing kind of deep massage of my mental state. (Still don’t know what that was. But I decided to keep working with it.)

I continue to play Terminus tracks only during daily meditation sessions. Now I alternate Stark Terminus and Mind’s Eye Terminus2 (with no rest days). I experience no significant disruptive effects (at least none that I noticed subjectively).

mid-June 2020 - The Q store is unveiled. I design and order my first Custom - PATHS, devoted to Wealth Generation. It includes the Stark Core (together with Ecstasy of Gold and Power Can Corrupt). I include the Stark Core because of my positive experience up to that point and because I work in an intellectual field. I also order it in Terminus build due to the impressive experience with Stark Q Terminus the month before.

This Terminus Custom replaces Stark Terminus in my stack. I am still only playing 2 Terminus tracks. I continue to feel no obvious difficult reconciliation.

mid-June 2020 - a few days after ordering the first Custom, I order a 2nd Terminus Custom. This one, IMBUE, is focused, primarily, on Health, Fitness, and Physically-Driven Wellbeing. As a reconciliation-reducing strategy, I decide only to play this subliminal during physical workouts and fitness activities. (The adaptation, I hypothesized, would already be built into this approach thus minimizing disruption.)

approximately 25-26 June - I’m now working with 3 Terminus tracks (PATHS Terminus (meditation), Mind’s Eye Terminus2 (meditation), and IMBUE (workouts).

(This still feels completely comfortable. Also, if it somehow didn’t, I’d be completely fine with discontinuing Mind’s Eye Terminus2. But no, it’s all good.)

11 July 2020 - I integrate two more Q Standard build titles (Alchemist and Quantum Limitless) to my stack. I experience no disruptively ill effects. But after a week or two, I do become aware of a general, gentle reconciliation rhythm. I call it ‘the undulation’. It’s a kind of gentle vibration between high energy of hope and optimism, and low energy of doubt and uncertainty. It seems to be on about a 1 or two week cycle.

6 August 2020 - I integrate Regeneration played at night. I now have a stack with 3 Terminus build tracks and 3 standard builds.

7 September 2020 - the final addition. I order and begin listening to a final Terminus2 Custom - DUAT. It replaces Regeneration and is meant to be listened to during sleep.

12 September 2020 - I experience something that I notice is reconciliation. After DUAT Terminus2 the night before, Mind’s Eye Terminus2 in morning meditation, and 2 loops of Alchemist, I’m 10 minutes into the 3rd loop when the following happens: I see that my son is ‘not carrying himself well’. He seems to be expressing too much of an indifferent, blase, ‘who cares’ attitude. I become angry about his attitude and angrily criticize what he is doing in that moment. Then I leave and think ‘wait a minute. what was that?’ I turn off the subliminal, and have a little reckoning with myself about what the hell we are about (spoiler alert: not that).

@d1gz informs me about the counter-reconciliation functions of Sanguine Ultima. I buy it a couple of days later, and return to the same listening schedule. No more reconciliation.

So, hmm…that was the details rather than summary approach to responding to you @hermit.

The takeaway from all that:

  1. You’ll find your own personal threshold for Terminus tracks. Below that threshold things can actually be completely fine, even pleasurable. Beyond that threshold, you may start to feel uncomfortable, or to act out in some way.
  2. Once you get to the grey area right at the border of that threshold, Sanguine can smooth things out.

Hmm…I’ll stop there for now.


533th post as well, interesting. I’m going to get a Quantum Limitless Terminus and move from there.


Composing music is therapeutic for me. This is a simple song I wrote years ago. Only has one word.

This is energy I need right now. If you enjoy it, then it’s energy for you too.


And this one expresses my mood now.

Need to mix all these old songs. I know the levels are off.


So, 12 happened. And I just finished downloading. (After doing a bunch of other things.)

This feels like a true wealth of resources.

I may not listen to any today, though. It’s Sunday. It’s a rest day. Also, I feel mentally not at peace.

Actually, I did not play my planned loops from yesterday. I did morning meditation with Mind’s Eye and I when I hiked I played IMBUE. I count those differently because they’re tied to activities (activities-based). But any of the planned pure listening loops did not get played. I think that my mind may be working on something, and I want to leave it to do that.

As I see it, I’m basically running three programs right now.

My next two planned Customs are scheduled for May 2021 (if nothing big changes). The first will contain 3 major cores (Alchemist, Quantum Limitless, and Mind’s Eye). So, I’m running those programs now. I’ll look at them as part of one whole.

My other Custom will contain the cores of Regeneration and Ultimate Artist. I’m running Regeneration now, but will wait for Ultimate Artist. I’m not creating very actively right now.

Other than that, I’ve got PATHS. Those three will be my Customs, as of May 2021.

IMBUE Terminus, again, I place in its own category. Relaxed, not urgent. And linked in real-time to workouts. It’s great. My only regret is that the Asclepius module had not yet been invented when I constructed IMBUE. It belongs in there. But that’s okay.

Q store Customs started in June 2020. I started running my programs at the end of June 2020. So, I’m about 3 months into my current program. This feels like the ‘Working Phase’. Basically, I’m looking at October 2020 through end of March 2021 as the Working Phase. By end of March 2021, I’ll be 9 months into working with the first two customs. April 2021 is when I plan to order my next two customs, and May’s when I plan to start working with them. (But, again, those customs are outgrowths of the exact programs I’m running now. Just with additional supporting modules.)

On the subjective side, as far as actual life, I can sense that I’m going through some kind of change process, but I’m not quite clear on what it is or where it’s taking me.


Solid titles. Looking forward to learning which modules you mix. :+1:t2:

Approach Q and T as different Builds. Forget the Power levels.
Like Masked and Ultrasonic are different sounds. Neither is holier. :blush:

If you respond better to StarkT than to StarkQ, then go with Terminus Customs. Else, don’t.

Avoid the trap of “I am alfa, I want mo’ power. Bring me the painz.” :smile:

Custom Wealth Stack Suggestions

Feel like I’m getting one of the effects usually associated with Emperor: decreased motivation to engage in tasks that feel off-mission. It’s almost like burn-out. Work-related tasks. Really had to deliberately make myself go through the motions.

I’ve started now and I’m feeling better. Just lining up tasks and getting them done. Took me a long time. It’s Sunday evening. But I’ll be glad for what I can get. This type of thing happened to me prior to subliminals, so I won’t completely explain it as a program effect.

This week, I sent my daughter off to university for the first time. I cut her umbilical cord when she was born (thanks, Doc).

It was an emotionally trying week.

So significant life transitions are happening. It coincided pretty well with Blue Skies and Regeneration, actually. I’d already been feeling kind of raw and open from running those.

I think the extra emotional/psychological burden also had its impact on reconciliation.


Ultima Thoughts

I do not yet have a settled framework for working with Ultima titles. But I know that I like them!

They remind me a little of this:

That ‘pen width’ option that you can find in any drawing or writing apps (that’s a snap of my journaling app).

The fine brush of Ultima lets me fill in spaces that the big brush of my major programs might take longer to reach.

I think this Ultima line of products is so awesome.

Gonna list them out here


As Above Ultima
So Below Ultima
Beyond Limitless Ultima
Godlike Masculinity Ultima
Libertine Ultima
Limit Destroyer Ultima
Rebirth Ultima
Sanguine Ultima
The Beast Within Ultima
The Beast Unleashed Ultima
The Commander Ultima
The Elixir Ultima
The Executive Ultima
The Legacy Ultima
True Social Ultima

I see these tracks as playing a supportive role to the major programs of my stack. They’re actually a grounding influence since they invite you to clarify and narrow down how your big picture goals play out in the day-to-day flow of life.