Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


Hope we get a physical healing Ultima title (similar to Asclepius), and maybe one or more pinpointed Wealth/Business/Financial ones for inspiring wealth-genius and wealth-generating ideas and initiatives.

But now, back to learning the details of the titles we already do have.


Just from the descriptions, Rebirth is looking very timely. I know it’s not one of the newly Ultimized ones, but I seem to be craving or shifting towards a Rebirth at the moment.

Ah, Elixir partly addresses physical healing capacity.

It’s going to take some time for me to decide on how I want to use Ultima.

DREAMS and ELIXIR pair naturally with my DUAT Terminus2

The Legacy, Beast Within, and Beast Unleashed pair extremely well with IMBUE

With Alchemist? As Above (which seems like it might be good for meditation and energy work). So Below (seems like it would go well with magick and manifestation).

The Executive feels…important.


Like I said before somewhere, I view divination methods as structures and resources for shaping and strengthening your own intuition. As such, I don’t consult the Yi Jing as frequently as I once did.

But today was one of those times.

When I’m tired, overwhelmed, or when the mind is kind of unsettled, I may consult. The results are invariably tailor-made. Pretty impressive considering the book was written millennia ago. Then again, it’s reflecting the underlying patterns of the mind, which have not changed in that time.

Thinking about my need for transition and change in my career, I consulted the Yi Jing tonight. The overall guidance is to not leap from my current situation, but to use it as the launchpad for whatever I’ll do next. This fits with my plans, but I’ve been feeling frustrated and impatient.

Asking for general guidance in navigating this job, I received the 15th hexagram, 謙 (Modesty/Humility), with the 4th line changing. (For anyone who’s interested, the hexagram gives the overall situation, and the ‘changing line’ gives your current position/trajectory/heading within that situation.)

The commentary for the fourth line literally had this to say: ‘In such a position, modesty is shown by interest in one’s work.’

Interesting. And it fits with my overall decision and plan from before. But I’m going to need a bit of help. It seems to me that The Executive has arrived just in time.

One of my teachers is this man (already traveled beyond, in 2008):


One thing he says is that in life you need to know how and when to work with 理 and 情, or Reason and Sentiment. This seems like a time to go back to his advice. My work frustrations have not necessarily been driven by my highest view. I needed help and now ‘Twelve’ pieces of help have fallen into my lap. Maybe it’s time to take some deep breaths and get back to this shit.

Thanks, teacher.


Thank you @simon, I will notify you whenever I decide to get them. Tesla Q is going to be Quantum Limitless Stage 1 & 2 for now, Nostradamus – Mind’s Eye, Remote Viewing and Astral Projection, Da Vinci is currently Ascension Core.

Each one of those Titles will become updated as we go, getting Tesla Q next, where after Nostradamus and then I’ll upgrade Da Vinci, which I might as well swap out for Atlas Q or Terminus.

That’s the reason I went with Q to begin with :slight_smile:


So far, today, I have had one loop of PATHS Terminus and one loop (while on Zoom Meeting) of Executive.

PATHS Terminus Custom

Ecstasy of Gold Stage 4
Power Can Corrupt
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Debt Annihilator
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
Lion IV
Inner Voice
Divine Will
Power Awareness

Executive gives me an optimistic quality of being in movement. Like a cool, comfortable wind blowing me along. That’s just a psychic sense. I’ll wait to see how it impacts my behaviors and mind states.


This seems to get at what I was feeling over the last few days. But it was a cocktail. A reconciliation cocktail.

Frustrations about work and wanting to get away from it. Depression and sadness/grief about my daughter’s moving out, mixed with joy, happiness, and excitement about her taking her next step in life. Heavy subliminal stack.

Took my daughter to the airport on Thursday. Found that I just instinctively allowed the loops to drop off a bit after that. Especially on Saturday. Lower than usual work motivation over the week. Aversion to colleagues and work.

Took a 6-mile day hike on Saturday and found that I felt kind of empty at the beginning of it and kind of worn out near the end of it. Mind felt choppy and restive during meditation.

Then on Sunday night (last night). I was able to take a few small steps of activity in my work, and as I did that my whole mood shifted. Started to feel a lot better.

This morning I read the above post by @SaintSovereign and it seemed to pretty accurately describe at least part of what had been going on with me. Another bookmarked post.


Today’s Play

1 loop of PATHS during morning meditation
1 loop of The Executive during morning meeting on Zoom
1 loop of Quantum Limitless while walking home from office

Taking it slow. Got to respect these tracks.

Addendum: and one more loop of Quantum Limitless while listening to audio stories with son.



As an INFJ, I do this a lot. Have struggled with this too. Although, my current stack of Elixir Ultima and RegenerationQ seems to be breaking down my habit of “escaping and slamming the door”. Am being more expressive now and without any sense of fear or shame.


Aww shucks, man. All that together, hit me in the feels, my friend.


Thanks, @Raphael.

gets real out here sometimes.


@Malkuth - amen, brother.


I’m coming up to the point of shifting from Stage 1 to Stage 2 with Alchemist and QL. Thought I’d do a staggered or phased transition:

Phase 1: 2 loops Stage One to 1 loop Stage Two
Phase 2: 1 loop Stage One to 1 loop Stage Two
Phase 3: 1 loop Stage One to 2 loops Stage Two

After that, just Stage Two alone

Seems like a cool way to smooth out the transition. Reminds me of passing the baton in a relay race.



The more I act, the easier acting will be.


remember: results don’t only come after you are finished with the subliminal, they come while you are listening to it.


Extremely quick manifestation. Asked for wisdom and guidance. Got it in 3 days.

So many helpers for this at this point. I’ll just thank all of them collectively.


What you see is a body; what you get is a soul.

The soul is written on the body; but we’re easily distracted, and you’ll only see it if you look carefully.


you sure ab this bro lol


I didn’t write the post very clearly. You may not have understood my intended meaning. Probably better to clarify first before deciding whether or not you agree.


how its unclear? you wrote it very clear to me lol