Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


What do you think it meant?


the one you think i missed :grin::grin:


i know u meant while you are listening but not while its plugged in your ear
but while listening as in using the sub and filling your subcon mind with the scripts guided by ur intention

but all this doing is change subcon beliefs systems, wen belief its changed it continue to manifest results and change in ur life
u can be thrown away the sub in the garbage (finished) and still getting the results from belief system that created from the sub



and revised.


i need shiny angel icon like you
thanks you archangel bless me with ur divine


Absolutely :ok_hand:. A good reminder for me as well.


I already posted this on The Music Thread last year, but I love it so much that I’m posting it again here.


(Don’t want to derail White Tiger’s journal, so I’m posting this here)

Reading this post triggered an intuition:

What people frame as battles over truth, at a deeper level, are often battles over attention.

On subconscious, instinctual, unacknowledged levels, humans are much more concerned with attention than we are with truth. We talk a good game, sure enough. But our actions show what’s really happening.

We want to influence the frame. What people are paying attention to, and how they are paying attention to it. In a social context, those are the elements that determine the narrative. ‘Truth’ much of the time is a rhetorical device or strategy that we use to control the frame/the narrative.


you are who the fuck you are



A little different.

Didn’t find much time for listening to my scheduled playlist during the day yesterday (Wednesday), so I listened overnight…


not scattered impressions. not hypnagogic imagery.

straight-forward, relatively concrete and coherent dream.

(hmm…although now that I think about it, the ongoing stimulation of the masked tracks likely affected the depth of my sleep, and possibly kept me at a depth at which dreams were more readily accessible. Still, it is interesting that it was one coherent dream with one narrative. Also, I’ve played overnight stacks on a number of occasions in the past year, but this is the first time that this happened. It feels distinctive.)

Woke up and was kind of struck by the immediacy and the reality of the experience. Not so much ‘vivid’ as ‘solid’. Also, there was a very clear situation that was instructive and straight-forward to learn from. (Along the lines of: This is why it’s good to be generous or This is why it’s good to wear a seatbelt or that kind of thing.)

Periodically throughout my life, I’ve had very prosaic dreams. Like, sitting at a table drinking tea and talking with someone or that kind of thing. Less symbolic. This was sort of in that direction.

This felt unique and striking enough that I decided to make a note here.

My stack is divided into Day A and Day B

Day A:
PATHS of Wealth Terminus custom
Quantum Limitless

Day B:
Mind’s Eye

I also have two ‘Situation-Tethered’ programs:
DUAT - Bedtime Healing Custom (tethered to bedtime - I do a pre-sleep meditation. It’s not ‘discipline’. I’m a light-sleeper and that sometimes helps me to go to sleep.)
IMBUE - Fitness and Attractiveness Custom (tethered to exercise - if I’m exercising for an hour or more, I play it)

That’s my stack.

I was reflecting on the elapsed times thus far.

Elapsed Times

PATHS - 4 months
Quantum Limitless - 3 months, 1 week. (But this is a 4-stage program, so technically it’s 1 week into stage 2)

Mind’s Eye - 5 months
Alchemist - 3 months, 1 week (1 week into stage 2)

DUAT - a bit over 1 month
IMBUE Terminus - 4 months

Ranked by ease of active engagement:

8 out of 10
Alchemist (high-ish)

7 out of 10
Mind’s Eye

6 out of 10
Quantum Limitless

3 out of 10

Ironically, PATHS is my core program. Highly valued. But this area does not come as easily to me. I’m working on it.

I felt the effects of Alchemist from the first loop that I played. PATHS, in contrast, is built on Ecstasy of Gold, a program I’ve been playing since September 2019.

My temperament and vocation are most clearly captured in the titles, Alchemist and Quantum Limitless. I feel that the more I work with them, the easier it will become to engage with PATHS. In the meantime, I continue to play it. I feel that when the time comes for very active engagement, I will take off like a rocket.

Mind’s Eye and DUAT are Manifestive Counterparts.

Magick is, in a nutshell, the combination of Form and Will. A structure is imagined clearly and then the power of Will–Genuine Emotionally-Fed Intention–is poured into that Structure, carrying it into being.

Mind’s Eye is Form. DUAT (Regeneration, Blue Skies, etc.) liberates the flow of Emotion and Will.


Another DREAM.

Okay, okay. Guess it’s time to start keeping a dream journal.


Hey @Vanno,

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Planning for May 2021.

That’s the next major transition point.

In the meantime, I pay attention to new Q modules as they are released and I possibly (probably) revise and adjust my plans.


In the thick of things.

I’ve been putting more emphasis on offline journaling.

As was pointed out, I’m applying a long-term, integrative approach to subliminal use.

Have been clarifying what actions feel most proximate and accessible.

Think I got a little more clarity on that.



I use two Terminus2 build strength programs.

Mind’s Eye Terminus2: since May 24
DUAT Terminus2: since September 6

With Mind’s Eye, the effects were more mysterious and impressionistic. 3 months in, I had this sense that my imagination was more powerful. My practices and rituals had more of a subjective atmosphere around them. But at the end of the day, it was difficult for me to be concrete about describing the effects. The clearest thing was that after 1 to 2 weeks with Mind’s Eye, I had an extremely noticeable stirring-up of Shadow material deep in my mind. That made a big impression on me.

With DUAT Terminus2, I started feeling quite concrete effects fairly immediately, and this continues now. I felt an upwelling of emotions of love and sadness (Regeneration and Blue Skies). I’ve begun having more involved dream experiences (Dream Traveler). I also finally had very specific reconciliation experiences (shortly after beginning use. they’ve calmed down now, thankfully).

So, two very different experiences with Terminus2 tracks.

But this is still not conclusive:

  1. Did the second Terminus2 track work more quickly because my mind had acclimated and grown accustomed to Terminus2 as a delivery method after 4 months (at the time) of consistent use?

  2. Was it primarily related to the variance of content between the two programs?

  3. Or was it more idiosyncratic, and more about my personal ability, readiness, and potential vis-à-vis the two programs.

  4. Was it the fact that I did not have very specific goals or expectations for Mind’s Eye, whereas my context for DUAT was somewhat more grounded?

Maybe a combination of all four? Maybe some other factors are involved?

What I can say is that DUAT Terminus2, in contrast to Mind’s Eye Terminus2, seems to be proceeding in a more straight-forward, observable manner.


Be patient with yourself.

And don’t ever give up.


I’m noticing Yggdrasil and Jupiter in action more now.

A similar thing happened about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I posed a question and asked for the answer. Some time later, after I’d released it, an elegant, well-formed, and somewhat surprising answer/solution just appeared.

Alchemist and Quantum Limitless also appear to be in center-stage at this time.


I find that there’s a particular feel to results that are strongly connected to the subliminals. It’s very similar to the feel of magick. A situation or outcome develops in a very natural way, and as you’re contemplating it (usually relaxedly) this sort of déjà vu-like recognition comes…(‘wait a minute…’), and you suddenly realize you’re looking at the result.

That’s how it happens to me anyway.

There’s a kind of ordered, symmetrical, synchronistically-patterned feel to it.