Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


Great to see success with a Terminus custom!


I may begin to consolidate all of my records-keeping and journaling here. It’s seeming a bit unnecessary to switch between different journals. We’ll see if I find any truly necessary use for the other one(s).

This morning had a meditation session with Mind’s Eye Q Terminus2.

When that was done, I went out and did another 6 mile hill-walk with IMBUE Terminus physical health custom. That took about 90 minutes. I played one loop masked of IMBUE and then I switched over to Ultrasonic and played another 30 minutes of IMBUE while I listened to a podcast. My sister recommended a great podcast to me called ‘How I Built This’. Which involves successful entrepreneurs telling the stories behind their brands. (Is it possible that this recommendation was not manifested by Paths of Wealth Terminus? I’d say not.)

So, today as I walked and listened to IMBUE, I also got to experience part of the story of Holly Thaggard, who built her company/product, Supergoop, into a profitable multi-million dollar business. Not bad for an elementary school teacher/harpist with a good idea.

Got back home. Took the obligatory and much appreciated shower-baptism to sluice all the sweat back into the Water Cycle. And now I’m here typing this brief description.

A good start to the day.

Am thinking about reintegrating qigong and taijiquan practices. Just need to consider the scheduling. A lot easier to take action with a physical health subliminal.


What meditation are you doing currently?


zen meditation


Reconciliation time.

Feeling that stuck, vague feeling.

I’m several days into running two new Custom Terminus-level subliminals. Both with major, impressive components. (Started Paths on 22 June. Started IMBUE on 25 June. Hard to believe that was just 2 days ago.)

Add to that, my mindset has a bit of desperation energy to it, and it looks like a pretty clear combination.

Internally, I’m looking at my circumstances like “CHAAAAAAANGGGGEEEEEEE!!!” I wouldn’t classify it as full-blown ‘lust for results’, but there’s a drivenness to how I feel, and it makes the lack of a clear path feel all the more frustrating.

i’m a little grateful at the same time.

I am calling on A LOT of growth to happen. To me, for an initial cycle of transformation, 90 days seems like a fair interval. I figure that by the end of August is when I’ll start doing an initial temperature check.

I’m so lucky that this is the summer time when I’m starting and my schedule is not crazily overwhelming or oppressive.

Just now, I switched gears by composing some music. Sometimes I like working in unorthodox time signatures like 5/4 or 7/4. It felt good, but also adds a little bit to my vagueness of feeling.

This is the growth process.

Notes to self:

Stay flexible.

Don’t throw oil on fire and think that’ll put it out.

Take a step back.


With my previous pre-Custom routine, Sundays were designated subliminal-free days.

Guess I’ll keep that up for tomorrow.

But I’ll revisit from time to time to figure out what the optimal set-up seems to be.

LIstened to to two loops of IMBUE today, but haven’t listened to a loop of PATHS since yesterday morning’s meditation.

That’s probably about right. Got to give yourself a chance to grow.


My functional time period for this current phase of development goes from now until 11 February 2021. That’s the point at which I’m hoping to have made significant changes with my two subliminals, PATHS Terminus and IMBUE Terminus.

It’s about 32 weeks. A little bit under 8 months.

So I can calm down and get to it.

I can trust myself and the process.

After that point, I plan to continue playing my soundtracks, but I hope that my brain bodymind will have learned and integrated, to a significant extent, the lessons that are inherent in my subliminals. And habituated to those two custom subliminals to the point where I might possibly be ready to begin Phase II, which involves roughly a year of Alchemist and Quantum Limitless (on top of the continuing custom subliminals).

On a practical level, by February 2021, I hope that I’ll be experiencing a growing link between my ideas and real-world monetization. This is my intention.

The date is not arbitrarily chosen. Part of it is personal, but one public part of it is that 11 February is the final day of the current lunar year.

At any rate, 8-9 months is enough time to birth a new life. Maybe it’s also enough time to birth a new reality. And to begin integrating new sides of my self.


My mind is in a very negative space right now.

But paradoxically, this is encouraging.

It suggests that something is really happening.

But I still better manage it.

Whatever it may indicate, negative is still negative.


I woke up today from a Deep Sleep.

nuff said.

I was surprised to see the time, and I was fully rested and restored. This is very rare for me.

I am also finding it easier to fall asleep on many nights.

Today, Sunday, is my subliminal rest day.

My son and I have a routine of listening to an audiostory or audiobook when he’s going to sleep, and I usually throw on a loop of Limitless behind the audio of the story. So, I guess I’m hearing that most nights. (Aegis: Covid is actually on that same play list, so that plays too. By that time, he or both of us are asleep, or often I’ve left the room.)

Other than that, though, no subliminal exposure today.

Seems important. I was getting hairy reconciliation yesterday and I feel better today but I’m still on the tail-end of that. There’s this particular cocktail of irritability and negative, blaming thoughts that’s a tell-tale sign for me of something going on in my body chemistry. It also happens if my immune system is heavily loaded and trying to fight something.

This morning was great, with a (non-subliminal) meditation session, and a couple of other routine practices. I’m planning to go out and do pull-up-walking routine later tonight, once the temperature drops a bit.

I’ve been re-opening and revisiting my Cantonese learning resources. And am thinking of dusting off my old Taijiquan routine. It usually takes me about a week to remember the whole thing:

Here’s the video I’ll watch to refresh my memory. And this is actually my teacher! (from 2 decades ago).

This version is straight from the old VHS tape, and is cheesy in the best way possible.

Here’s a cooler, more modern version that he made years later (wow! DVD version!) :slight_smile:

I’ll probably still use the old one first for nostalgic reasons.

and here is my favorite Tai Chi music (love to listen to this while practicing) :


Guess I slept too much yesterday. Last night I was not able to fall asleep again.

But I tried something new. I’ve thought of doing this in the past, but last night I actually did it. I’ve always thought, ‘why not just meditate until you get tired?’ So, last night I tried it. Didn’t even use a timer or anything so I don’t know how long I actually did it for. It was still technically my rest day, so I didn’t use any subliminals, just bare-boned meditative attention. I didn’t really get tired, but I did notice some slight shifting in the texture of my awareness.

After some point, I laid down again, but sleep was still elusive. Eventually, I got up again after 4 AM and did my actual formal meditation session for Monday (with PATHS Terminus). That went by smoothly and quickly. Afterwards, I eventually tried to lay down again, and eventually started getting a bit more sleepy. Got up around 9 AM and prepared to head to office for meetings starting at 11 AM. After the meetings, I played PATHS again on my phone as I headed back home. Then as I had another meeting via ZOOM I played another loop of PATHS using iTunes. Apparently, ‘Repeat’ was selected because I’m almost 30 minutes into a 4th loop now. I’m guessing I’ll make this the final loop for today.

If I’m up for it, I’ll do a 6-mile hill walk this evening with IMBUE. Didn’t do any yesterday. Or I may do the pull-ups walking instead. We’ll see. Either way, it’ll be combined with IMBUE, unless I don’t do any physical exercise at all. In that case, today will be more loops than I’ve been doing over the past month.

I just like my Customs more and more the more I think about them.



Just did 115 pushups, divided amongst 5 sets.

As far as I’m concerned, IMBUE is already working.



Some things don’t matter completely unless they don’t matter at all.

Unless they’re play.

Take your tasks seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously.


Hey @SaintSovereign,

I finally followed your advice from maybe 2 months ago and ran more loops per day of a Terminus build. It was my custom Paths of Wealth Terminus. I played 4 loops today. Sort of scattered a bit over the course of the day.

Tonight, I felt a stream of ideas related to my business plan. And then this:

My son, 12 years old, walks up to me and said ‘You know how your job is ‘X’, right?’. I said, ‘that it is.’. He then proceeds to say my friend and I were doing this thing that I think is kind of related to your work.

And then he spontaneously spells out what is one of the central points of my Business Idea. hahaha. If I wanted a synchronicitous encouragement, then that was it. It’s extra meaningful because one of my dreams is to create a business that my son could one day help out in or even take over in some way if he wanted to. So, that was pretty cool.

Boy do I hope that this works.

Anyway, thank you in advance!


Well, 4 loops of my custom Terminus yesterday, and I’m not feeling any reconciliation (yet). That suits me just fine.

So, today.

Early morning meditation: Mind’s Eye Terminus2

6 mile hill-walk with IMBUE Terminus. Good start to the day. Think I might play a couple more reps of the above two programs.

About an hour into the hill-walk a vehicle drove by with a large advertisement on the side that read: AEGIS. So, I decided to play another half-loop of Aegis: Covid during the remaining half-hour of my walk. I’m sure we were all hoping that this title would not remain relevant this long. I’m really glad that we have it.

So grateful for another day of life.

And we’ll leave it at that for now.


Used to play these all the time when my daughter was a newborn:



Those have got to be somewhere in her subconscious (and mine).


This must be a different Macross from the one I know.

I remember the Macross with the Zentredi, Lynn Minmei and the fighters that looked similar to F15s.


Yup, that’s Robotech. Or from what, I remember it was called Macross in Japan, but later marketed in the US as Robotech. And your Macross is the same as mine.

This one came later, and I never really actually watched it. Just loved the music from it.

The last song is from some other movie called Escaflowne, also famous for not ever having been watched by me. But, boy do I love that music. Yoko Kanno is legitimately one of my favorite composers.


Some people get confused because Robotech (US) was adapted from three original and distinct, though visually similar, Japanese anime television series ( Super Dimension Fortress Macross , Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA ) to make a series suitable for syndication.[2

I really loved that show a a kid, thanks for bringing back those memories. I think Im watching it again soon.


Not running at present due to stubborn Achilles tendinitis in left foot. But walking has been great.


Slept in til 9 AM today.

PATHS Q Terminus meditation
Experimented with not doing qigong breathing. Had some insights. Also had much more leg discomfort, but tolerable.

Played IMBUE Q Terminus as I walked to the park and did 5 pull-up/walking circuits.

Track finished right at end. Nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Walked over to food shop. Bought lunch stuff. Now will shower and cook for family.