Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


The same occurs with me. Sometimes, that feeling hits me so hard that it literally knocks me off my feet.


That is because subliminal’s are spells, hence why they feel like Magick.

A subliminal is basically a technologically advanced spell, containing a bunch of information to manifest; so then, spells always have a cost – energy, so then why would you waste energy on a spell that does not align with the action you’re about to take? For example, why waste energy on a protection spell (Power Can Corrupt), when you do not need protection?

Why cast a spell for Wealth, when you’re working on Spirituality? There’s not one magician who casts spells just for the sake of it. Every Ritual or Spells is strategically utilized to sustain his magical reserves.

That makes you think… when you use a Module for physical changes and you ignore the manifestations regarding the action you have to take for that physical change to manifest, then are you eligible to say that the module did not work? When it fact it was you that ignored the synchronicity regarding the spell you cast to solve the problem you wished solved? I’d say no, but I also understand that most people are unaware of how the underlying mechanisms of manifestation work.

@Malkuth, hopefully, I’m not intervening in your journaling process here but I noticed your post and wanted to hatch in for a second so that I may share my perspective on the matter. I’m sure you’re at least a person that would actually take something home from what I just said.

And for those who don’t know what a Spell is, it is basically a symbolic action you can take for a certain specific outcome to happen. Why symbolical? Because the unconscious communicates in symbols. Subliminal’s are no different, they are simply a means of getting a message through to the unconscious, so that the unconscious may manifest it, and have no doubts, the unconscious will.


No. I had actually been missing the sound (or ‘sight’ is more accurate, I suppose) of your voice here on the forum, and the special perspective that you bring to things.

I think that there are many possible paradigms that can be applied to frame this act of Subliminal Listening.

That subliminals are ‘Spells’ is one paradigm that works very well. But it also must be recognized that such words carry a lot of baggage for many people and may be associated with distorted or extreme images that evoke a negative emotional or intellectual response. So some people may reject this paradigm or respond from discomfort.

You could also describe subliminals as ‘Prayers’, which would also work reasonably well. That word would also provoke rejection or discomfort from some people.

Interestingly, I’ve been thinking of them as Mantram for some time now. The technology of delivery to the deep mind is similar.

repetition. repetition. repetition. repetition.

Anyway, yes, I take value from what you wrote. Please keep it coming!


Chinese saying I like:


Could translate it:
If you can’t move the mountain, then move the road.
If you can’t move the road, then move the person (yourself)
If you can’t move the person (yourself), then move (change) your mind


In that case, you may also refer to subliminal’s as Thoughtforms or Servitors. You see so many different names (symbols) for the same thing. We communicate through symbolism.

Much love, Hermit :green_heart:


I was reading Joseph Murphy’s “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” recently. While his focus is on constantly doing the right affirmations, he uses the word “prayer” to refer to the influencing of the subconscious mind through conscious affirmations.



There is a similar phrase 山不转水转 with a different meaning. It just means that what is meant to happen will happen.


Quite an increased number of dream experiences these days.

That’s not something I usually focus on very much. But that’s also because they don’t tend to be so intense or insistent for me.

It has been 7 weeks since I upgraded Regeneration in my stack to the DUAT—a Terminus2 custom built around Regeneration and Asclepius. That custom contains Dream Traveler.


Blue Skies
Negativity Displacer
Energetic Development XI
The Flow
Dream Traveler
The Architect
Deep Sleep

For my own pleasure, I refer to listening to this custom as Visiting the DUAT, and I visit the DUAT 2 to 3 times each week during a pre-sleep meditation session. Having done that last night (the 2nd listen this week), I found that I inexplicably awoke at 5 AM this morning. Frittered around a bit. Did my scheduled Mind’s Eye Terminus2 meditation. Toyed with the idea of going for my daily hike at 7 AM, but then thought that I felt too tired and would probably benefit more from getting more sleep. To my surprise, I was able to fall back asleep. And that was when I had a number of dreams.

So, even I can dream. Lesson learned.

Let’s see, what else?

Well, the weather is changing and getting cooler. This is affecting the movements of the animals.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for me to see a wild pig or 5 during my walks. Tonight was no exception. Happily, they generally take extremely little interest in anything other than grass. I can imagine that eating as much as possible is important now, to stock up on that energy-giving fat that will tide them through until things start getting warmer and plants start growing more.

Some. Of. Them. Are. Very. Large.

I’m grateful that they are finding a way to survive.

I’ve moved to another part of the world from where I grew up. One thing I miss is seeing the migration of birds across the skies during these months of the year. They are awesome companions with whom to share Earth. Shout out Canadian Goose Massive.

Started these walks on about 4 June, 3 weeks before I began playing IMBUE, my vitality and attractiveness custom.

Weight loss was not a major goal, but it was still needed. I found that slacking off from my weightlifting had left a nice old inner tube around my middle. For an originally skinny boy, that’s a definite fashion statement. So, that’s been disappearing. If technology is to be believed, I’ve lost about 7 or 8 pounds apparently. It seems. Maybe.

I’m noticing an increase in vitality. So, thanks IMBUE.

I’ll be going to a doctor’s appointment this week to start the process of checking out some health issues that have been worrying me, and to see if my big plans to keep on living are feasible. (let it be so!)

I continue to love my subliminal set-up. It’s got a long-term focus. So I’m finding that pulling back on the frequent journal updates on here feels right. Giving it some space to breathe. On the other hand, it feels…sufficient. Every so often, I start thinking of what else I’d like to add (Medici’s definitely in my anticipated future), then I think of the modules and the programs that I already have, and I think, ‘Yeah, maybe later’.

One thing I am looking forward to is when three of the titles in my stack get combined into one new custom subliminal. That custom will be called NAISSANCE and I’ve planned its commencement to coincide with my birthday. On April 11, I’ll begin playing Alchemist stage 4 and Quantum Limitless stage 4. I plan to play those for a month. At around the same time, I’ll finalize the modules for NAISSANCE. The cores will be Alchemist stage 4, Quantum Limitless stage 4, and Mind’s Eye. (That’s the plan anyway). As for the modules? Well, who knows what wonders will have been unveiled by that time? We’ll see. Then in May, my birth month, I’ll begin playing NAISSANCE (unless some future innovation derails and redefines my plans).

I was reflecting that today is the first day of my 6th month of working with Mind’s Eye Terminus2. Also, 4 months into PATHS Terminus and IMBUE Terminus.

With Alchemist and Quantum Limitless, it doesn’t make so much sense to count since those multi-stage programs start a new stage every 3 months. But anyway, it’s been 3.5 months.

It feels like my trusty caravan that is transporting me to where I wish to go.




Sunday is my weekly rest day from all subliminals.

Nothing last night overnight. Nothing tonight overnight.

This morning’s meditation was excellent (for lack of a better word).

I carried out my morning practices and workings and felt energized by them.

A bit foot-draggy these days with work-tasks.

But I’ve got clear objectives:

  • Read Trancework by Michael Yapko

  • Prepare study schedule and begin working through it for licensure exam next summer

  • Begin note-taking for my own personal writing

  • maintain some of the specific work-related tasks. That one’s pretty broad. Today that involves reading and evaluating some reports. So, I’ll get some of that done first.


I just saw another beautiful aspect of what you wrote here!

Every encoded intention of manifestation requires energy in order to develop. It draws energy.

Okay, great. We accept this, but now think about this.

Imagine that you are manifesting a particular result–let’s say 25 million dollars in wealth, and imagine that 1) the energy source being drawn upon is your breath, and 2) you currently have no prospects for wealth and a negative bank account.

Not a great situation. Your breath may run out long before your result comes to fruition. Far from signifying that the working was unsuccessful, this actually indicates that the working was successful. The problem is that the energy source was insufficient, and because the spell was working, that energy was consumed.

Okay, great.

But now, think of another situation.

Rather than manifesting $25 million in wealth, your working is to manifest ever greater breathing capacity and endurance, and again the energy source for the spell is your breath. In this case, the exact opposite outcome may result. With every breath you take, your breathing capacity grows stronger and stronger. You’ve chosen a wise objective and you’ve tied it to an organically harmonious energy source. As a result, the spell feeds the energy source and at the same time the energy source feeds the spell.


I hope the image is expressed clearly. I’m not quite satisfied with how I’ve described it.

This is like choosing a goal/subliminal that harnesses your natural tendencies while at the same time improving your life.


Sure that works, however, manifestation takes time and so you have to take that into account also.


or we could refer tot he subliminal as…

a Sigil!

Each module in the custom is like a line in the sigil, symbolically encoding Intent.

and in that case, I would view my entire stack as a Hyper-Sigil. Each module contributes to one custom. But also, in this case, each custom and major program is also a module in a larger Hyper-Custom.

I would represent the hypersigil of my stack like this:

I’ll have to neaten that up at some point, but that’s the idea.

IMBUE is about vitality which is the foundation of everything that I try to do or enact.

Alchemist and Quantum Limitless are the twin pillars of my Vocation and Natural Calling. They are my nature and I’ve been doing the actions for those two programs since long before I ever thought of any subliminal. I literally can’t stop that type of action. I will always do something that comes from those centers. It’s just a question of whether I’ll honor and respect those aspects of myself enough or not. As a young person being told ‘you think too much’ or ‘why are you interested in that?’ it was a struggle at times to sufficiently honor them.

The growth of those capacities feeds right into PATHS of Wealth.

And enshrined in the center of it all are the twin engines of Form and Will. As you know, at its most basic, magick comes down to Form and Will. Form is the capacity to hold a vision or a structure in mind. Will is the power that comes from liberating and harnessing the energy of the heart, of emotionality.




As I said back in July

(and it’s already been 3 months since typing that :wink: )


I feel you @Malkuth, out of all programs Alchemist and Quantum Limitless align with me the most. Somehow you resonate with me, you have a lot of Air and massive thinking capacity, moreover, the ability to see things that others do not, capitalize on that.

The difference is our age, I’m you and therefore I have a lot to learn, I’m going to make a lot more mistakes which is totally fine. That said, there is literally no better analogy than relating your Custom to a technological advanced Sigil because it is literally that. From my perspective, it looks like you’re very well on your path and you certainly do not have to justify your subliminal use with me.

I resonate with this a lot, my daily actions align so much with both of those programs, however, I’ve been putting aside Alchemist for very long, the same goes for Daredevil. I’m not sure why, but there must be a reason and I’m just following my inner guidance as I’m experiencing life.

People are completely brainwashed, now with the ‘p(l)andemic’ going on you will notice that more and more. If you’re wearing a facemask, frankly, and I’m sorry but you’re acting like a complete idiot, it’s not doing anything nor is it helping anyone, in fact, you’re (unconsciously) contributing to the spread of a disease which has 99.97 mortality rate. That says enough about how many people are not thinking for themselves, how many people are made dumb, and under the control of the media.

I hate to say this but there’s a revolution happening as we speak and now you can clearly differentiate the wheat from the chaff as it is said in the bible. How many Ph.D.'s you have means nothing but the fact that for each one you have, you’re brainwashed more. Which is very unfortunate, there’s however a bright future ahead, luckily.


Basic empirical observation of the ongoing rates of infection and mortality in Hong Kong compared to those in the United Kingdom and the United States strongly suggests that the above statement is fundamentally inaccurate.

The primary measures in Hong Kong have only been two: 1) Widespread, near-universal use of face masks and 2) social distancing (very imperfect, due to the crowded, urban characteristics of the territory).

It’s a very eloquent case-study. I’m not very interested in debating this particular point. I am stating what I’ve personally observed to be the case.


You spend 30 years working to build a worldview, a way of looking at life.

Once complete, you apply that worldview in order to criticize and devalue the previous 30 years.

Can that possibly make sense?

Without the experiences, work, and sacrifices of the past ‘You’ who you love to criticize so much, today’s you wouldn’t even be able to form that criticism.


that last post was just an old thought that I found that I’d recorded. It made me laugh, so I decided to add it here.

One interesting thing:

I actually kept voice journals during the past year as I used subliminals. I never re-listen to them, but I’m backing them up to my computer now, so I have to browse them a bit.

It’s interesting to me that I can clearly hear the difference in my voice from when I was using Emperor. It’s a much stronger voice. I didn’t realize that. Interesting.

Well, I won’t be using Emperor for another long bit of time. But it’s waiting in the wings for when I’m ready again.


have you notice anything recently from the lion IV and sultan modules?


Nothing dramatic at the moment. I can feel the modules working under the surface and in the background. I’m just letting them do their thing for now.


“Is this life or is this reconciliation?”