Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


For about a month, I’ve been having this thing where you walk into an area and then all the automatic lights turn on.

The most striking was when I was walking through a light rain on this boardwalk kind of thing that I walk on each day. I’d been walking through the drizzle for maybe 8 or 9 minutes with the rain gradually increasing all the while. Eventually, it started going from light to definitely-not-light and I finally decided to open my umbrella.

At the exact same moment that I lifted my umbrella and opened it, all of the lights turned on down the entire boardwalk, from where I was to about 2 or 300 meters away.

what to do but say ‘oh’ :flushed: , and then continue walking home?

But it made me think about Timing and Alignment.


In my teens, I was into Paranormal stuff. :blush:

Maybe your Alchemist entities are doing something. :thinking:


I’m just thinking of it as Timing. The lights were going to turn on. They do every night. But on these particular nights, the timing of my actions was in harmony with their timing.


Not simply due to the installation of energy-saving lighting systems which turn on automatically when the sensors detect human activity?


It’s okay. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything.

No need to disprove a hypothesis because I’m not really proposing one.

But, no. There have usually been other people about when it happened. Also, the lights are probably more calibrated to ambient temperature and time of day I’d imagine.

They’ll turn on even if no one comes by and then they stay on until the next morning.

I just share it because, who knows, it may happen to someone else too.


Couple other changes from the last 3-6 weeks:

  1. Fairly effortlessly and organically have begun to integrate a second hour of meditation into the day maybe 2-3 times per week. Feels natural and not like a very big deal.

  2. More often now am meditating without the need for a particular object or anchor.

  3. Feel increased qi/energy sensations when performing magickal workings.

These all feel pretty straight-forward. I associate them with Alchemist and to a lesser extent Mind’s Eye.

Completed 3 months with Alchemist and Quantum Limitless stage 1 and am now 2.5 weeks into stage 2 with both programs.


Deal, experientially, with the phenomenological and ontological implications of nervous system and neural process. All phenomena are mediated by the nervous system; all experience is generated by the nervous system.

This is not mechanistic, materialist reduction;

it is method.


At the same time, engage and cultivate the symbolic-generative/receptive capacity of the mind.

this is magick


dont think i could ever get into magick just not my cup of tea, tell me how did you learn about it?


learned about it fortuitously, organically, and synchronistically. and willingly.

at this point, from my point of view, saying you could never get into magick is like someone saying she could never get into blood circulation.

Blood circulation is just a part of being alive. Everyone’s already doing it; already circulating blood. Now, the decision to study it or not is another matter. And I agree with you. If the subject doesn’t interest you, toss it.

Then again I feel that way about most subjects.

The one subject that I think all human beings need to spend time on is Ethics. We’re just too fundamentally dangerous to not study ethics. (I’d also personally prefer if the doctors would continue to work on their craft. I’d be loathe to part with the engineers. And chefs.)


Magick and mysticism? Yes, for me they’re pretty crucial. But does everyone need to pursue them? hmm… nah, not in detail anyway.

But if you’ve ever felt awe, at anything, then you’ve dipped your toe in the pool. And awe is one of the essential vitamins for the human spirit, so magick definitely has its place. (people who go without awe for too long get sick. those who overdose on it, also get sick.)

anyway, practical version:

meditated for a long time.

as a boy, read Jung and co.

eventually, it was the right time to engage mental/imaginal structures more actively.

heard someone mention an author. read his books. tried the processes. felt right.

and that’s the story of how I learned about it.


Woah. For me, 20 minutes feels too long sometimes.


@Malkuth and whats the recipe behind the SuperRich vocab?
(don’t say age)


ive always been into meditaion, and i guess you right am probably already doing magick hmm i think i look into it more, do some research and learn it one maybe next year or so


It actually takes a while to settle down. And there’s often this illusion (as in, objects in mirror are closer than they appear) where you feel like you’re really settling in about 5 or 10 minutes before the end. haha. but I’m a noob. and I know it. (clap my hands.) (know that song?)


Thanks @Rapsta. That’s very kind of you to say.



only if you really feel like it.

you are already doing it. manifesting. envisioning. creating.

magickal approaches are ways of systematizing what people are all doing.

one good take away from it is to take your creative power as a real power, and also to honor the images and forms that inspire you and move you.

Other than that, you can treat it as interesting anthropology material.


Ah that’s a good way of putting it. The alarm usually goes off just a few minutes before the end of the session by which time am really into the meditation.


I suspect that one effect of running a heavy stack has been lower bandwidth for taking in new stimulation or information.

I have found myself much less receptive to videos, books, etc.

This is gradually beginning to shift. But I can still feel it quite strongly. It does seem to interfere to some degree with the creative process.

I imagine that my mind has been quite occupied with the amount of material with which I’ve been confronting it to absorb.

This is an interesting observation though by no means conclusive, so I’m posting it here.


this will pass, do you see this as a sign of reconciliation
also even with this happening are feeling closer to achieving your goals


Thanks for the reply @NinjaFox.

My personal definition of Reconciliation is: ‘any and all changes that the system experiences in the process of integrating the subliminal directions’.

So, in my definition at least, reconciliation goes beyond the negative symptoms of adaptation.

I see (healthy and balanced) ‘reconciliation’ as the goal of working with a subliminal program.

Also, yes, I’m feeling the progress. And I’m highly appreciating it!