Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


O Frabjous Day! Calloo, Callay!

Good one today. :slight_smile:

For anyone who has glanced through my journal, you may know that I’ve been walking quite a bit since early June. I started walking at that time, and then on 24 June, my vitality and fitness custom IMBUE Terminus arrived and that really infused the walk with purpose and energy. So, it’s been a great 4 months of walking.

But I used to run and jog. One of the reasons that I’ve been walking has been that somehow coincident with this COVID period, I found that I had a painful and long-lasting Achilles tendinitis. I discovered it after I tried to venture back out after a few months of quarantine. It was just too painful and it seemed like running would make it worse. So, I gave up on it. Eventually, the intuition came to try walking. That turned out to be sustainable and beautiful, and so I fell in love with walking. Used to go out 2 -3 times a week. By August that was 3-4 times a week. And by October it was 7 days a week, unless there was rain. shortest walk is 6 miles, longest is 10 miles. Powered by IMBUETM.

Well, tonight, I went out for my walk. and at some point, I started to feel a little drizzle. When I was about 2 miles from home, the drizzle strengthened a little bit, so I put on a hat and jogged for a bit. It was funny how quickly I tired from the jog, but I also sort of noticed that my Achilles didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as it did a couple of months ago.

I walked for a bit more and then jogged for maybe another 2 or 300 meters. Then walked again, then jogged again. When I got back home, I took a detour to the park next door. It has a 500 meter jogging/walking track. I decided to try to do a very light jog for one lap. And…

I did it! It was great. Negligible pain. My first 500 meter run since god knows when.

So, for anyone who is interested:
This result is after 4 months with my IMBUE Terminus custom. It contains Serum X, Epigenetics and DNA Modulator (and Inexhaustible, though I guess that’ll have a lot more to do). It’s also after 1 month with my DUAT Terminus2 custom which has Asclepius. Just remembered that.

I only use both of those customs Situationally or Occasionally. Meaning that each custom is associated with a particular activity that feeds the subliminal. Whenever I do a workout for more than an hour, I play a loop of IMBUE. And DUAT, I play 2 to 3 times per week in a pre-bedtime meditation session. I don’t play them unless I’m doing the associated activity.

This was a nice development! I’m grateful. I understand that healing and growth follow a wave pattern. So a slight peak may be followed by a compensatory dip. I’m okay with that. I can sense that the overall trend is in the direction of healing.


This healing is also after a Shemhamphorash working to the angel Mahasiah, who heals and overcomes disease. At any given time, I tend to have magick and subliminals working on overlapping areas. It’s all about that synergy.


Walking Thought tonight:

If you remove the mind from a human being, you basically have a pile of meat.

On the other hand, if you add the mind to a human being, it renders the human being empty of characteristics. Identified with temporarily confluent elements, yet in essence just knowing.



Went slowly as…something that’s very slow, but…

jogged my first 1K today since first getting the tendinitis.

Very grateful.


180 logged miles on my shoes since 1 October.


Noticing quite a bit more dream activity and dream recall lately.


Beautiful and talented

Georgia Anne Muldrow


So, as mentioned on @elementary_vision’s journal, I am most certainly noticing the effects of Alchemist Stage 2.

Here is the first paragraph of the description.

ST2 – Refinery

The stage where you will start massively growing your spiritual potential and develop the skills you will need on your journey. The Refinery will rapidly develop your energetics and the silence of your mind, allowing you to meditate like you have never meditated before.

I am absolutely noticing a gradually increasing inner silence that is very clear in my meditations.

My meditation sessions are very much facilitated. It’s happening in a very natural and organic way.

But I can clearly see a real difference because I was meditating for a significant length of time before I started using Alchemist. The contrast is quite clear.

I don’t have a million words to say about it, but I want to mark it down here because it’s significant and it’s real. One more example of a program performing as advertised.

Action in this case is natural and uncomplicated. So it confirms once again that if you’re at work on projects in the area of the subliminal, it is a very necessary and helpful thing; and growth can happen really straight-forwardly.


This one makes me smile every time.

Whole song is great but I always play and replay the pizzicato bit from 0:09 to 0:26.

Love the smile on that violinist’s face at 0:31 when the drums and flutes kick in and the whole thing comes together.


For my reference.


I’m noticing two developments:

  1. last night, i jogged (or slowly trotted) the final 1.5 miles of my walk. only minimal Achilles pain for the last few minutes. From 1K a week ago to 1.5 miles yesterday. It’s pretty clear to me that my tendon issue is healing. I still have a painful nodule close to the insertion point of the tendon, but it too seems to be shrinking in diameter. Amazing. Asclepius is in my Terminus2 healing booster custom. It’s working. And I also attribute this healing effect to my Fitness custom. My ‘jog’ is actually more of a slow trudge at this point, but that represents BIG progress right now. And I’m in no rush at all. Also, I found that my push-ups amount was jumping up fairly effortlessly. A few days ago, I found myself doing 56 continuous proper-form push-ups. And not just once but about 4 sets or so over the course of the day. The next day I may have been more tired, because only 50 or 51 felt comfortable. But in light of the fact that my current push-ups target is 35, that’s a very good sign. So, my IMBUE Fitness Custom is firing.

  2. The other thing is related. I’ve noticed that now–4.5 months after I started playing it–my IMBUE Terminus fitness and vitality custom in particular has started to feel much lighter and smoother. It feels, for lack of a better term, more subliminal, as in natural and easily ignored; even when I’m playing the masked version. It feels natural and light. That’s really interesting. And gives me a sense about where the rest of my stack may be headed as time goes on, as far as subjective feel is concerned. Out of all of my programs, IMBUE is the most straight-forward and uncomplicated, in terms of both its focus and the Actions that are ‘feeding’ it. Walking. Push-ups. Sometimes Pull-ups. 6 or 7 days a week. Not Herculean. Not dramatic or drastic. Just a steady flow of Action that feeds and is fed by the subliminal. And after 4 months or so, everything has started feeling very smooth. Alchemist (standard build) is my other program that gets the most regular and consistent feeding (daily meditation and magickal workings), but I consider the content of Alchemist to be a bit more revolutionary than that of my IMBUE fitness custom. In a sense, Alchemist has more work to do than IMBUE does. The point is, though, that all of my programs are in the process of kind of smoothing out and coming online. IMBUE has just gotten there first and is the most obvious to feel this way; but I can envision the others similarly adjusting over the next 4-5 months. In a sense, I view this as the true ‘beginning’ of working with a subliminal. My bandwidth is freed up, the content is being easily absorbed and integrated into my mind, and now I can put my attention less on the subliminal and more fully onto whatever my projects are.

So that’s my latest update.


Morning meditation with PATHS Terminus. I noticed the same light easy feeling of listening to the subliminal that i’ve been noticing with IMBUE Terminus. Feels like a certain significant point may have been passed, but I’ll see.


@Malkuth will you be adding a custom Ultima to your stack?


Yep. Yes, indeed.

Just keeping an open mind with it.

I created a custom Ultima to boost the area that I feel I need focused help with in this period. I’m looking forward to working with it. How about you?


It’s on the way.


Ah, right! I remember now. I was reading the exchanges between you and @WhiteTiger.

This is going to be interesting.

Here’s my custom.

Jet Stream Ultima

Financial Success Reality Shifter
Secret Source
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Current Invoker


The choice of these specific manifestation-type modules in an Ultima is interesting. What do you expect to get out of these? Instant manifestations?


Yeah, keep us updated! For now I am a lot focused on getting normal relationship with woman, and I’ve done a lot of progress. Getting laid is a lot less of a struggle than before. But! Eventually my focus will switch to money and carrer so your experience interest me :wink:


Hmm…manifestations are brought about by the adjustments and alignments that occur in the deep mind. I expect those modules to aid in smoothly bringing about those adjustments and alignments within me.

As to the type, frequency, and speed of the resulting manifestations? I’ll keep an open and optimistic mind, and let it come. And look for ways to do my part on the conscious level.

Back at you. My vast accomplishments in the area of sex and seduction could fill up a good-sized matchbook cover.


So, yes, your progress and experiences interest me too.


I’ll be honest, it’s frustrating sometime to see some of my friends who never had all this struggle with their relationship with woman and can get laid with like one different girl every week no big deal :joy::joy:

At the same time, wanting to get laid and changing my thought patterns about it is what led me to subclub and other self dev(I’m not so much self dev anymore, I’ve read the subtle art of not giving a fuck and it really represent more how I see life now). But you know the general “wanting more” path, and knowing myself. Even if I focus the next 5 years to completely heal my relationships with woman and ingrain Khan into my brain… I’ll still be able to pursue money partly and at 30, I’ll still be 30!! Like garyvee says : It’s never too late to start! (it’s not really an excuses, it just kinda release the pressure of my back). So for now, healing my relationship with woman and myself :blush: it’s still bothering me and I’ll work on it until I feel stable on this domain.

I’ve had amazing transformation in the past two years even if I’ve only done 2 month of “healing”, now I want to push it to the next level. For example, I don’t hate woman anymore!! Which is amazing! :slight_smile: some of my friends who get laid more than me are a little bit hateful. So, they might have a healthy sexuality, but relationship wise… Medium. So!

I know right now your focus is money, but do you have objective regarding relationship right now? :open_mouth: (or sex and seduction wise)