Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


Subliminals are primarily about building and training and growing.

A subliminal guarantees that your building, training, and growth programs will have successful outcomes, and that’s how it should be used.

So while you play the subliminal, engage in building, training, and growth activities.

Put your focus on those activities and allow awareness of the subliminal to drift into the background.

Enjoy and appreciate the results as they manifest.


Training Protocols

This is in line with the theme of Building, Training, Growing.

But sometimes it’s preferable to keep one’s plans personal and private.

For one thing, I find that sometimes sharing a plan can be a distraction from carrying out that plan. Sometimes. Sometimes not. I guess it usually is. In the time that you spend explaining or answering questions about your project or your practice, you could have actually been doing that practice. Often, it’s only once that practice has become a very deeply ingrained aspect of my life that I really feel like talking about it.

So, this is more a placeholder and a reminder.

Not sure.


Mind’s Eye Action;

Right now you’re an expert on what you don’t like, what you can’t do, what you don’t want.

That’s fine.

Now become expert on what you do want, on what pulls you and appeals to you; on what inspires you. Get to the point where you can effortlessly call it to mind or talk about it easily and extemporaneously.


The effect is now observable, beyond the shadow of a doubt:

After 5.5 months of three times per week meditation-paired listening, Mind’s Eye Terminus2 is, for me, associated with smoother, easier meditation sessions. This (admittedly, subjective) effect is marked and significant. I feel that I noticed it starting at around the 4-month mark and it is gradually deepening.

For comparison, I also meditate with one other Terminus track (~4.5 months, also 3x per week) and one other Terminus2 track (~2 months, 2-3x per week). Moreover, Sundays are subliminal-free meditation days. All sessions are 1-hour in length.

Among all of the above conditions, the sessions with Mind’s Eye Terminus2 are notably smoother and easier. It feels, mentally, like being in a flotation tank with significantly reduced pressure, friction, and stress.


@Malkuth do you feel manifestations come easier now?


Haven’t yet noticed any dramatic improvements from baseline, @SubliminalUser. But I do feel optimistic, confident, and hopeful (which is possibly a good sign). I will let it breathe and let it work.


Thanks again for articulating this insight, @Hermit.


So true. Something about sharing a plan creates this false sense of accomplishment when in reality nothing has been done.



sol is my name for the hypersubliminal or master subliminal that I’ve been playing over the past 3-5 months and that I plan to work with for the next 5.5 months and beyond.

it is made up of 6 interlocking parts:

  1. IMBUE Terminus - Vitality Custom

  2. Alchemist Standard - 4 part, multi-stage standard build - Systemic, Energetic Integration

  3. Quantum Limitless Standard - 4 part, multi-stage standard build - Learning, Processing

  4. Mind’s Eye Terminus2 (and Standard) - Imaginal, Manifestive Power

  5. DUAT Terminus2 - Healing and Integration Custom, Liberating Emotional Creative Flow

  6. PATHS Terminus - Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance Custom

These six foci combine to encompass my core life-view

The focus of this year with sol is to lay the foundation and the seed of all that comes afterwards. Any programs that I run afterwards will be outgrowths, extensions, and expressions of this core.

Laying this foundation involves significant energetic investment. (shout-out to @Hermit )

I am temporarily slowed down as my being works to process, integrate, and energize these blueprints for development.

Taken gradually, however, the process has been extremely doable and sustainable. Meditation, exercise, and other resources are invaluable supporting elements; lubricating, nourishing, and facilitating growth.

May 2021 does not spell the end of sol, but rather its first transformation, as it condenses and reconfigures into 4 interwoven customs, known collectively as NOVA.

Interestingly, it seems that the parts of sol are coming online in the order listed above. As each focus activates, it seems to energize and empower the whole and to in turn help with activating the remaining foci. I originally noticed the most growth related to IMBUE and Alchemist, and currently I’m finding that it gradually grows easier to take action related to Quantum Limitless.

I will welcome it, however it unfolds.

Basmala - Wikipedia


Really like this, how you broken down the sub use and have them as parts of your life, keep going with this will love to hear what happens once you reach the end of transformation


Loving all the sigils you make on your journals. I have always been drawn to symbolism and sigils are a great way of conveying such meanings.


Today was the first time I felt anything really strong from any Ultima.

And very fortunately, it was my custom. I was quietly wondering if maybe these might not work the same for me. But I experienced a very noticeable state shift. And an optimistic boost in and focus of motivation. I needed to acclimate for a week. That’s how long it took for this to happen. It is excellent.

(I wasn’t really deeply invested in any other Ultima before this. So I only gave haphazard listens. With this one, it’s an important part of my ongoing routine. Oh, and I glossed over the fact that I did experience increased dream frequency and recall when running DREAMS Ultima. That did happen very clearly. So, it would be more accurate to say that this was my most dramatic and subjectively clear response to an Ultima track.)

JCast's Dragon Reborn Journal of Journaliness

I think it’s also worthwhile to say that I’ve experienced an interaction effect between Alchemist Stage 2 - Refinery and Mind’s Eye Terminus2. Alchemist and Mind’s Eye are complementary programs in general, so this makes sense.

The following is from the Alchemist Stage 2 description.

ST2 – Refinery

The stage where you will start massively growing your spiritual potential and develop the skills you will need on your journey. The Refinery will rapidly develop your energetics and the silence of your mind, allowing you to meditate like you have never meditated before.

It also says:

Any spiritual skill you desire to learn and especially the practices you have found during ST1 will come extremely easily, helping you to more quickly start deriving benefit from them.

I’ve mentioned somewhere above that over the last 3-6 weeks, I’ve found that when I meditate with Mind’s Eye Terminus2, I’m now experiencing a very smooth, stimulating, flowing mental quality.

Today I had two simple insights:

  1. The first is experiential not really conceptual. It has to do with attending to the flow of sensation as a focusing object for stabilizing attention. This was more immediate and compelling in today’s practice.

  2. I’d been trying to come to a straightforward, personally satisfying description of what the Alchemist program is about. Today, what came to me is that, for me, this program is about the integration of Soul with various aspects of myself and of experience. There’s a kind of invigoration of Soul and then an integration of soul with various dimensions and aspects of experience and being.


Informaticon is interacting with Quantum Limitless.



Not only do I not like to count my chickens before they hatch; but, on the contrary, usually, I’ll let the chicken spend a couple of decades playing banjo on the front porch of its chicken coop, after having lived a nice full life, and then die a comfortable death of natural causes, surrounded by its closest friends and family, and only then–after a suitable mourning period–I may admit to myself, “Okay. Yes. That was a chicken.”



Haha! Now that’s High Fantasy. We shall call it The StormChicken Archives :grin:


sing it Mac


I don’t want to talk about results; that seems too early.

What interests me is Process.


This year has, in some ways, been about the fruitful use of Hibernation.