Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


It’s working, @mnemosyne. For the first week, I did not notice or feel much of anything. Then last week on, I think, Monday evening; I experienced a shift. It was subtle but very noticeable. It seemed that my mental set had changed.

I found that I, pretty abruptly, was working with improved questions about wealth and wealth generation strategies.

Then I heard this guy talking in a fun interview.


He was not talking about wealth building, he was making points that I found interesting about some contemporary issues. So I checked him out further, and I saw that he’d written this book recently:


I got the book and it feels like what I want to work with right now. It was serendipitous.

I’m feeling a growing sense of capacity to enact my ideas.

I think that the Ultima track is involved. I also sense it working as a kind of WD-40 for my stack. Lubricating and facilitating integration and action between some of the different parts.

So, that’s that so far.



time to walk



from October 1 2020 to November 30 2020

331 miles logged. Supposed to change shoes at 315 miles, but that assumes you’ve been running. I’ve been walking. Wonder for how many more miles I can use these?


Found this:,your%20shoes%20every%20three%20months.

Basically, I should replace my shoes at 3 months or 500 miles. Interesting.


Eff results, I want to be tuned into the process;

Eff goals, what I want is a lifestyle.


When I first started with the long walks/hikes back in June, I was also sprinkling in pull-ups workouts. Those got derailed after a while though because the park would cordone off the pull-up bars whenever there was a spike in COVID cases. People would move the barriers, but after a while I felt averse to the whole thing. So I just focused on walking, and forewent the pull-ups.

For the last 2 or maybe 3 months, I think the barriers have been down. But by that time I’d gotten into a groove of doing my long hill-walk every day, and I also somehow felt too tired or something. But the motivation was growing in the back of my mind. Lately I’ve found that the weeks on end of 6-8 mile hill walks every day were overtraining my legs. Legs have not been getting enough time to rest and heal. Always a bit sore. This necessitates a shift in activity and that, in turn, allows new opportunities for variations in my routine to emerge. I’m still walking the same distance, but not always up a hill.

This Monday, I finally got back to the pull-up bar. I walk over to the park, do a set. Walk about a kilometer and do another set, and so on, for 5 sets. Gets me pretty close to the 8 K or so minimum that I try to walk. And is leisurely enough that my legs are starting to heal and recover.

Yesterday, I also returned to the 0 to 10 K running program. My achilles tendinitis seems to be healed enough for me to restart this. I also have respiratory issues so there’s a longer adaptation curve at the beginning sometimes. I don’t care about that. There’s no rush.

I want to be running 10 K in an hour daily. For me, that’s a good level. I’ll aim towards that routine. Once it’s comfortable; I’ll modulate between 90 minute ~6-mile walks and 60-minute ~6-mile runs.

That’s beautiful.

I’m in no rush. I hope I can be there by April or May and then hang out there for the rest of the year and beyond.

Today, I walked three miles up the hill to come to my office. Now I’m resting and working, then I’ll walk back home later.


Digging in.

Mindstates been a bit…Windblown this week.

Who knows what that’s about. Just was.

Grateful for this ridiculously bounteous existence, and for a couple of moments to appreciate it.

Now. Time to dig in. There’s shit to do. Let’s get to it.


A body lies open in the fishermen’s yard/ like the
side of a ship where the iceberg rips/
one less soul for the soul cages/
one last curse on the fisherman’s lips


I’ve been noticing a change. It started gradually maybe a month or so ago. I started feeling more mental bandwidth available.

The subliminals are not loading as heavily on my mind.

I’m starting to compose music again. I’m starting to feel like listening to podcasts and audiobooks again. It’s feeling easier to read.

It seems that a certain point has been passed as far as adapting to my subliminals. That’s pretty interesting.

Even though I have been working with this stack for about 4-6 months, in a certain way it feels like I’m just beginning.

I guess it took a lot of energy to get this particular configuration up and running. I’ve had to pour a lot into it over the past 6 months. It’s not that I took no action. I’ve been taking certain actions all along, but it’s been kind of deliberate. Step-by-step.

I think things might be flowing a little easier now. We’ll see.

As far as transition points go, I’m currently still running Alchemist and Quantum Limitless, together with my customs.

In January 2021, I’ll move to Alchemist Stage 3 and Quantum Limitless Stage 3. Then in April 2021, I’ll move to Alchemist Stage 4 and Quantum Limitless Stage 4. In May, I plan to create a custom built around the Alchemist and Quantum Limitless Stage 4 cores - an Inner Power custom.

So my next big transition is in May 2020, when I start running that custom.

At that point, it’ll be my Wealth custom and my Inner Power custom as my two main programs.

Supporting those, I also have my Vitality and Fitness Custom and my Inner Healing custom.

The Wealth, Vitality, and Healing Customs are ongoing and will not stop for the foreseeable future.
The Inner Power custom will start in May and then will also be ongoing.

Those four programs cover the core and foundation of everything I want to achieve in the next few years.

And that’s it.

All of this time that I’ve put in has been to ensure that those four programs run powerfully and smoothly. This half-year has basically been conditioning. And frankly, everything from now until May 2021 is still somewhat under the category of ‘Conditioning’.

It was worth it to me to spend a year adapting to the programs. Once everything comes together, I hope, I’ll be able to move, build, and create effectively and powerfully.

That’s the idea.

Quarantine period has been like Hibernation period. Building the subterranean and internal structures that can support dynamic growth and development once things start to open up and flow more.


Think you’ll go to DR anytime soon? I know you’ve got a long plan and all but I feel that you’d be one who could benefit a lot from it.


You are the only person, that I’m aware of on the forum at least, to successfully stack so much so systematically and for so long/ consistently. I imagine it took an incredible amount of energy/ bandwidth to process everything being run. If your bandwidth is coming back online fully now, then it’s likely your bandwidth without subs has been enormously expanded, like training in heavier gravity, and going back to normal. It’s likely your hibernation will lead to a quantum leap in the coming months. Like your roots have set in and now the tree will actually start to grow and fast.


I know I’ll get to it sooner or later. It’s just a question of when. I’ve been reflecting on this question. Trying to read others’ experiences to get a more precise feeling for how it works and how it impacts people. The effect that is most exciting to me so far is its seeming capacity to optimize and even augment the expression of the other programs you are running. It seems to clear blockages.

But the timing question. My mind is still working on that one. When would be the best time to integrate it? That’s what I’m wondering.

Anyway, thanks for your comment.


It’s funny. I really do feel like I’m just starting. I guess it’ll always come back to action for me. And I feel that I haven’t taken very much action yet. There’s still so much more to do. I feel that without action there’s no way to tell if you’ve truly gotten the most out of a program. You know?

It’s also interesting because my actions are coming online kind of in order.

IMBUE was the easiest. Exercise. Pretty straightforward. Just go out and exercise.
Alchemist was the next. Meditate. Do Magickal workings. I’ve even been returning to the Psalms lately. Hopefully that part of life is going to keep unfolding organically.

Now we’re at Quantum Limitless. Reading is finally an option again. And there are two books that seem timely and important. So, they’re on the table right now. There’s also this licensing examination that I’m aiming to take in the summer if quarantine lifts enough to make that feasible.

If things continue in the same way, I’ll be ready for some business and wealth-related actions and projects soon. Once I kick off those, I’ll consider myself to have truly begun the journey.

Thank you, @Azriel for subtly planting those seeds of positive imagery (as you do). It’s much appreciated.


Okay, so. Not sure what I’m about to type. Just feel like updating my journal.

(clock ticks)

4 weeks from my next transition. January 11, I’ll move to stage 3 on Alchemist and Quantum Limitless.

As mentioned above somewhere, I’ve been doing this layering thing with the multi-stages. Like a relay race handoff. I start playing 1 loop a day of the next stage, maybe 1 or 2 weeks before the transition date. On the transition date itself, I increase that to 2 loops a day, and continue playing the completed stage 1 loop a day. Then after a while, I switch to just the new stage.

That means, I’ll actually start exposing myself to Alchemist stage 3 and Quantum Limitless stage 3 in about 2.5 weeks. So, that amazing experience is coming up on the horizon.

Basically, the first quarter of 2021 is exploding into prosperity with Alchemist stage 3 - Awakening and Quantum Limitless stage 3 - Quantum Focus. That’s pretty amazing. And once those reach fruition, well. it’s spring time. April 11.

Another thing, I’m considering that in May, I may begin a year (possibly) with Dragon Reborn. Again, 3 months per stage. That would mean that in May 2021, I would begin NAISSANCE Terminus and Dragon Reborn.

One thing I’m thinking about is processing efficiency.

After 6 months, I’m feeling this easing of processing load. My heavy stack feels easier. It feels like it’s finally becoming truly ‘subliminal’ in the sense that I can now ignore it and let it drift beneath the surface as I move through my daily life.

At the same time, this is only the beginning as far as how long I intend to work with this stack. It could easily come with me to 2022.

1 Physical/Energetic Vitality - 2 Meaning and Mystical Development - 3 Neural Integration and Mental Processing/Learning - 4 Imaginal Focus and Strength - 5 Systemic Healing - 6 Prosperity.

That’s the full-stack. And it basically supports carrying my life to where I want it to be. It had a very heavy front-end and a long adaptation phase, but that’s because I made it to be complete. A holon (shout out to @Azriel and Ken Wilber).

Now that it’s engaging more fully and deeply, there’s no reason to switch. Not until I’m satisfied with where my life is with regard to those 6 interdependent aspects.

As mentioned, in May 2021, aspects 2, 3, and 4 will combine into one Custom.

Then the stack will become:

1 Physical/Energetic Vitality custom - 2 Inner Strength custom - 3 Systemic Healing custom - 4 Prosperity custom

looks positively light in contrast.

That will be the ongoing core stack. And by May 2021, all of them will basically have already been played for about a year. Even the new custom will be made of cores that were already played for about a year.

Anyway, what I’m wondering about is Processing Efficiency.

How, I’m wondering, does your mind process a subliminal after you have worked with it for 1 year or 2 years? I’m imagining that the load or stress put onto your system may become negligible by that point.

I’ll continue this in another post.


(continued - part 2)

what I’m wondering about is Processing Efficiency.

How, I’m wondering, does your mind process a subliminal after you have worked with it for 1 year or 2 years? I’m imagining that the load or stress put onto your system may become negligible by that point.

My metaphor here is of the subliminals as kind of Backpack-based Gear. (Think cyborgs)

In this metaphor, a subliminal program is kind of like a physical attachment that you can add onto your backpack. Let’s say Ascension is like a glider (10 pounds). And Emperor is a jetpack (30 pounds).

Each program adds to your functionality, but it also has a mass/weight. So if you’re going to use Emperor, you’ll be able to streak through the sky at high speeds, but you’ll also have to get used to carrying that 30 pounds. Eventually, after you’ve used the program for a long enough time, your muscles have grown and adapted to the weight. The 30 pounds feels like 20 pounds, then 10 pounds, then like nothing at all.

So, you can see how the metaphor works.

A person who starts out with a stack that has Emperor, Ecstasy of Gold, Khan, and Quantum Limitless, will be like this:


He’s got everything he needs. Unfortunately, he can’t get up to use any of it. Stonewalling. He’s not even gradually building strength because he can’t even stand up at all.

So, cool. We start off gradually, and start to bring in various elements.

Eventually, though, you can be like this:


or this:


Heavy weight, but you’ve got it. You can walk. Even run. And you’re getting stronger. You’re putting in the rest days that allow you to adapt.

Eventually, you can wear that backpack or rucksack and do everything pretty comfortably.


This is all a metaphor to help with thinking about how we adapt to our stacks. And I know that I’m mainly thinking about one dimension. Sheer mass. Kind of artificial since as we always say, a light program can still be extremely challenging.

Compare a 30 page book of 4th grade math questions


just one theoretical calculus problem


Clearly, size and mass is not everything.

Anyway, the practical context for all of this right now is that I’m thinking of how it might be to add in Dragon Reborn in May 2021. I am NOT planning to remove my Core Four. But I am thinking that by that time, I may be sufficiently adapted that adding in another program will not be much of a problem.

Just thinking about the logistics of gradually layering in additional programs over time.

Too many people to possibly @ on this post. I think I just won’t at anyone. hahaha.


man, just randomly remembered the taste of feijoada.

Now, I’m wishing I could eat some.




I do have a tendency to overestimate how long it will take to be ready for something.

I just looked back at my journal from July and remembered that my original plan was to start Alchemist and Quantum Limitless in February 2021. Then I thought, ‘Hmm…you know, I think I’m fine!’ and added them both in about 2 weeks later.

That was a choice though. I could have played more loops of my two Terminus programs instead, and possibly have progressed faster. Instead, I chose to have a more gradual exposure, but to bring in these two programs because I felt that they would, in the end, add something important and necessary to the equation.

Now in February 2021, I’ll be one month into stage 3 of those programs. What a trip.

So, who knows, maybe there’s a chance that I’ll bring in Dragon Reborn earlier than May 2021. But, hmmm…right now, I have no idea. May 2021 seems nice and round.


I’ve mentioned this already, I think, but it’s pretty interesting. I’m observing a striking and noticeable effect from Quantum Limitless Stage 2 since last week. it’s mostly in the form of an increased desire to organize and express my thoughts and ideas.

Since I have 1 month until my scheduled transition to the next stage, I’ve decided to try increasing from 2 loops to 3 loops. That may not be necessary; but i’ve decided to try it out. I’m also bringing in 2 loops of Alchemist Stage 2 in the same day.

It looks like this:

That’s a Day A rundown. Tomorrow is a Day B and I’ll do the converse arrangement: 3 loops of Alchemist ST2 and 2 loops of Quantum Limitless ST2.

If I find that it’s hard to focus or concentrate on work over the course of this week, I’ll throttle it down and go back to my normal arrangement. But, in theory at least, I’d like to slightly increase the exposure over this last month of working with each stage of the multi-stage programs.


Man I’m doing intermittent fasting right now, and I’m done with my window. This made me so hungry.


I’m reading your journal currently, I haven’t finished yet but I would have a quick question. Do you think you could bear Naissance right now? If you could give up on QL and Alchemist that is. I’m just wondering why you’re playing those titles instead of going to that custom straight ahead. Would it be too much for you to play three Terminus customs right now? O it’s about tackling the matter organically?