Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


Did you also think about Open Focus or Kriya Yoga? :smile:

Earlier today I listened to Shinzen Young making the same “exercising” metaphor, … about the same time you posted it. :slight_smile:


I used Holosync brainwave entrainment back in the early 00s. It started strong. The first time I played it (Awakening Prologue), I went right into an altered state. Hadn’t experienced that before. That kind of thing goes a long way with me. So I was onboard.

As I continued through, I got through about 4 more levels of that program. No more did I experience any dramatic state changes. The marketing was pretty horrible and over the top. I just blocked it out.

But one of the best benefits I got from the experience was that I got more accustomed to maintaining a regular ongoing meditation practice. Since then, I haven’t done anything else with brainwave entrainment. Sometimes I combined it with standing meditation practice.


I used to try various techniques and practices. But eventually I found joy in following my own intuition. I’ve found that I have a natural path to follow. It’s not really about achieving some end point, but about cultivating and deepening my relationship with experience. Feels good.


Anyway back to subliminals.

I had a good experience today. Surprised me, as they always do.

This morning I played one loop of Limitless Executive. (Yes, I bought it.)

During the day I played my regularly planned stack. Then at night I went out to walk and in the second half of that walk, I played my wealth Ultima custom, Jet Stream.

I found my thoughts about my business plans developing and taking shape, in a noticeable and significant way. It was awesome.


Everything counts. But generally, using cognition itself as a meditation object is a bit trickier because thoughts are very fast and also very distracting. People usually start out with things that are easier to keep track of.

Yes. But try to take the piss out of it. Don’t make it into a big drama, competition thing. Zen is nature.

Okay. So, what do you want to meditate for?

Try starting out with just chilling with music and attending to your breath and the sensations of your breath.


I consider myself a mentally strong and healthy person but I think a bit of meditation could make me even stronger and healthier in that aspect. I’ve always considered mediation (practicing it) as a waste of time but currently, I’m observing a shift in the way I think about it. On top of that, I know you do it on a daily basis and I must admit a lot of what you wrote and you do inspires me.

I shall start with Zen. Thank you very much for your precious time and valuable insights. :heart_eyes:


If you like to approach things in a practical, no-nonsense manner, just think of meditation as fitness and training for a healthy nervous-endocrine system. That’s one decent way to think about it. And it works both ways. In other words, if you find any attention-based practice that is beneficial for your neural-endocrine function, that practice can be called ‘meditation’, whether it matches the stereotypes or not.

I think this is accurate. Just don’t push the intensity too high or over-train (yes, it’s possible to over-train with meditation). That can lead to the opposite result.

That encourages and motivates me. I appreciate your generosity in sharing it.

Anyway, I hope it adds beneficially to your overall journey.


One can be too present for their own good! Really? :hushed: How? :man_shrugging:t2:


incoming stimulus overwhelms systemic capacity


those two guys are timeless.


Explains why you can use several dense subs.

You’ve expanded your systemic capacity to process incoming stimulus. :sunglasses:


i have been wondering about this.


I’ve read the deeper the meditative state the more agitated and disturbing the experience can be.
Not that there is necessarily an inverse relationship, but when people start to spend a lot of time in Delta brainwave states consistently, they can experience subjective difficulty. You’d think a deepening Delta would be akin to bliss but the theory is essentially it a deeper activation of real self, and what was perceived as the self now is debris on top that doesn’t like being shuffled.

Of course a subjective experience of smoothness could also correlate with an objective great session- in terms of parasympathetic nervous response, re-regulation, and neural communication/integration. (those all sounded good right lol? )I personally think if your doing it consistently and taking time to BE, or actively cultivate presence or stillness of mind, you win. Doing it is enough :slight_smile:

Edit: I continued this thread and my post become obsolete, but I’ll leave it anyway


Been having a lot more repeated number sightings in the past 3-5 days.

So interesting.


it’s funny how nostalgia can be a sharp memory of a dream, a mood, or a state of mind that you had some time before.

in the mirror of memory, that feeling can get amplified and transformed until it feels much more like an external experience you were having.


Restlessness and impatience are just enthusiasm with a slight head-cold.

If you feel impatient, don’t get down on yourself. The antidote? Train. Just train a little bit.

Training means different things for different people, but it basically comes down to: take the energy of impatience and invest it into something that makes your life better.


Vibing with this


Hi @Malkuth, curious on your IMBUE custom sub, how’s the modules with Physical Changes?


I’ve noticed slow, gradual changes happening. I feel patient with it. Feel pretty good about it.

Nothing bizarre. But I’ve noticed.


I see, i believe you mentioned your in your 40s? I’m almost 40, was thinking if the Emperor Fitness Height Inducer or the Facial Morphing will still make any improvement :sweat_smile: