Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


Yes. I’m 47.

The behavioral aspects of IMBUE have been more noticeable so far. But, yes, I have noticed a bit of change from Male Enhancement. No need to contact my local newspapers, but it’s been enough that I’ve noticed.

Height? I’ve noticed nothing yet, but I’m not even thinking about it. I’m 5 feet and 7.5 inches. Shorter than average.

Facial Morphing. Hmm…I’ve wondered about that one. Again, I included these because they would be nice. I suspect that they can and will work. But I also think that they’ll work gradually and in line with the natural growth and change process of my body.


Project Hero must come in and save the day.


I am thinking about the effect of Informaticon. It seems to be very helpful.

The listening patterns that have naturally evolved for my stack are pretty harmonious with the recommendations in the new General Instructions document.

Where I really notice it is with DUAT Terminus2. I did a pre-bed meditation with DUAT last Monday, and then I found that things were just not lining up to do another one. I didn’t worry too much because it felt right. But I did take notice.

Then last night (Wednesday) I found a natural inclination and external opportunity to do another DUAT meditation. I think that things are proceeding properly. Seems to be a frequency of about 1 to 2 DUAT pre-sleep meditation sessions per week, and occasionally a third.

I did have dreams and heightened dream awareness. Then woke up today and did my Mind’s Eye Terminus2 meditation as scheduled.

Now I find myself naturally giving myself about 2 or 2.5 hours of break before I get into today’s stack. It all feels right.

**Edit for Accuracy - I checked my records and found that I’d actually forgotten a Wednesday night meditation from last week - but the same basic point still stands: 1 to 2 loops per week seems to be the pattern


Earlier this week, Monday or Tuesday, I experienced the subjective sensation of emptiness and unfocusedness. It was unpleasant but interesting. It was a state of decreased energy.

I let it be and it passed.


I do have a tendency, when I really care about something, to not take breaks.

Reading about Bloom and Rest Periods has led me to decide the following:

I’ll take a subliminal break from 1 January to 11 January.
I’ll take another break from 1 May to 11 May.

The first is the period before I begin Alchemist and Quantum Limitless Stages III.
The second is the period before I begin my new stack, with NAISSANCE Custom and possibly Dragon Reborn.


Another thing I’ve noticed:

Many of the ideas I get on Ecstasy of Gold are for other people.

That’s interesting.

Same thing happened with Libertine. When I first got it, I played a few loops. I found that my attraction to my wife spiked up while I played it.

I have some theories about how and why this effect may have happened. (Highly sensitive, Empath kinds of things).


This is Value Creation.

Entrepreneurship = solving problems for other people

Your next step is to find if enough people will pay for it, and then systemize it. :+1:t2:

Voila, Millions! :blush:


okay will not contact your local newspaper :sweat_smile:

5’7 shorter than average? man… I’m only 5’5 :sweat_smile:

Understood, I appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:


I’m okay with the physical parts taking longer. Fact is, I don’t really trust physical changes that do not happen somewhat gradually. That seems healthier to me.

Also, the fact that some of the other parts are very clearly happening relaxes me and assures me that the other parts are working too.

I don’t know how tall I’d even want to be at this point. I’d take more height of course, which is why I included the module. But I feel really open about it. I know—with my head if not always with my heart and gut—that everything is mental. I know that. I’ve seen people who seem physically bigger than they are because of how they felt and how they saw things.

I guess that’s the most important part to me. To feel right. Everything beyond that is kind of gravy.


Same thing on Mogul hence I gave SC some advice in that topic about women’s subliminals. :heart_eyes:


Woke up from this dream this morning in which a 3 or 4 part harmony was playing (4 if you include the instrumental part).

When I awoke, I tried to quickly grab my iPad-based DAW (NanoStudio 2) to record what I could remember. But it faded pretty quickly from memory, and I only got one part down. Couldn’t really remember the bass harmony, so the whole thing was kind of gone. haha.

regarding dream activity: I first woke up at 4 something AM today. visited our friend the bathroom and then did an hour of meditation.

after that, I went back to sleep and that’s when the dreaming happened. That’s one formula for increased dream recall. Bimodal sleep, I guess they call it. I tend to get more dreams on the second half.


current stack is called sol: IMBUE, Alchemist, Quantum Limitless, Mind’s Eye, DUAT, PATHS

So, this Friday 1/1/21, I’ll start a 10-day subliminal fast.

On Monday 11/1/21, I’ll resume listening.

At that point, I’ll begin:
Alchemist Stage 3
Quantum Limitless Stage 3

The rest of my stack stays the same.

11 January to 10 April: Alchemist Awakening and Quantum Focus

11 April:

  • Begin playing Alchemist Stage 4 and Quantum Limitless Stage 4

  • Design NAISSANCE Custom around Alchemist Stage 4, Quantum Limitless Stage 4, and Mind’s Eye

  • Order NAISSANCE Custom

1 May to 11 May:

  • Another Bloom Break subliminal fast

12 May:

  • begin NOVA custom stack: IMBUE, NAISSANCE, DUAT, PATHS


I’m thinking that I may possibly not even start Dragon Reborn in May 2021.

I’m not sure. I want to give my core stack the chance to do its work.

Guess it’s hard to say right now. That’ll be almost 5 months from now. It will depend on how everything feels at that point.

The significance of May 2021 is that suddenly my stack becomes lighter and trimmer. Mostly because I’ll be done with these 2 multi-stages: Alchemist and Quantum Limitless.

I’ll have only 2 core titles: PATHS Terminus custom and NAISSANCE Terminus custom.

The other 2 custom titles are for Healing and Fitness. I play the Fitness custom during workouts and the Healing custom in twice per week pre-sleep meditation sessions.

That does not sound very heavy to me.

PATHS has been playing since June 2020. (1 year old in June 2021)
IMBUE has been playing since June 2020. (1 year old in June 2021)
DUAT has been playing since September 2020. (9 months old in June 2021)
NAISSANCE will be new in May 2021, true. But its cores have been playing since May 2020 and July 2020. (so, let’s call that 1 year old in June 2021).

The only really new part will be the supporting modules in the NAISSANCE custom.

Does this mean that this will actually be a light stack?


So, yes. I’m reflecting on ENOUGH.

This Phase 1 subliminal journey that I’ve designed from the sol stack to the Nova stack.

It’s pretty comprehensive and it’s pretty great.

How about letting it be enough?

I’ve done a little thought-experiment: Think of all of the modules you will have run over this year. That is 60 modules.

Imagine them all firing and functioning at full-capacity in your life. Just imagine that.

I don’t NEED to add more. Rather, I want to invest in bringing out the most in what I already have. I front-loaded my subliminal journey. Created a heavier beginning where I’d need to work harder to integrate. But, we are now moving in that stretch towards the 1-year mark. That will be the time to let them unfurl and unleash 發揮.

Imagine all 60 of those modules working for you at full capacity.

So, yeah. I’ve been doing that imagination experiment. and it is pretty awesome.

Going to list out all of these modules in another post.


All of the modules of the sol stack


Emperor Fitness Stage 4
Sex Mastery X
Master’s Coordination
Extreme Exercise Motivation
Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
Sensuality and Handsomeness Improver
Facial Morphing
Epigenetics and DNA Modulator
Deep Sleep
Serum X
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Stop Porn and Masturbation
Physicality Shifter–Sexiness
Male Enhancement
The Architect
Stress Displacement

Alchemist: Pathfinder
Alchemist: Refinery
Alchemist: Awakening
The Alchemist

Quantum Limitless: Quantum Rebalance
Quantum Limitless: Quantum Activation
Quantum Limitless: Quantum Focus
Quantum Limitless

Mind’s Eye

Blue Skies
Negativity Displacer
Energetic Development XI
The Flow
Dream Traveler
The Architect
Deep Sleep

Ecstasy of Gold Stage 4
Power Can Corrupt
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Debt Annihilator
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Positive Being Attractor-Wealth
Secrets of Akasha-Wealth
Lion IV
Inner Voice
Divine Will
Power Awareness

And yes, that’s all from memory. Recited these so many times that they’re impressed into my memory. The 60 modules of my core stack, sol

I gave myself a year to gradually adapt.

The next year is not about changing or adding subliminals. It is about continuing to develop my Action game. This has been my slow but consistent focus since the beginning. Action has not come so easily to me. That was the whole point of integrating Alchemist and Quantum Limitless. Those are the areas where action comes more naturally, so I want them to be like the powerful lead dogs in the sled team. Integrating them all into a unit has taken time, but it’s worth it.

This is Phase 1.

And I guess it will stretch as long as it takes me to achieve the goals of Phase 1. Until then, adding in more is not a priority. I’ve already got a LOT.


That’s a word I haven’t heard of. Ah so since Renaissance means rebirth in French, Naissance means birth. Cool! Learnt some more French today


Am guessing by the cores it has, NAISSANCE has something to do with Spiritual Birth and Manifestation


Yes. Exactly.

Really it means 4 or 5 things at the same time. All of them summed up in the concepts you mentioned.


One of the first purposes of NAISSANCE is to help me to take action with PATHS (Ecstasy of Gold). That’s what the period following May 2021 is about. It’s getting started now and I hope that it will really pick up steam after May.

I want it to be an active phase when I find it easier to make moves and to put plans into effect.

A master spaceship; buried beneath an ancient forest for millennia. Until that one day comes when a guileless explorer inserts the activation key into its proper chamber. And slowly, at first, the massive gears begin to turn once more. The engines fire.

The ship begins to rise


My version of Dragon Reborn is the DUAT. Designed before there was a Dragon Reborn. Otherwise, I’d have just worked with that. Its function is to release and harness the creative flow of emotional/life energy. Blocked up and tied up in trauma-fueled fixations. Dissolving those blockages and healing the mindsets that first allowed them to develop.

That energy once freed then becomes available for building my life as I wish it.

Blue Skies
Negativity Displacer
Energetic Development XI
The Flow
Dream Traveler
The Architect
Deep Sleep