Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)

January 1, 2021

5:46 to 6:46 AM - first meditation of the year
(without subliminal)


And so it begins, one of the first for the year, continue and dint break you chain


well fucking said!

i don’t even drink, but i’ll drink to that!


At this time of year, there are certain tasks to be completed for work.

I got this pile of 12 reports that I needed to review and evaluate. The writing level is not the best, but I’m reading for content, critical perspective, etc., not for proofreading. The average report length ~65 pages.

I’m on the last one now. When this particular task comes up, I’m often not too pleased. The next time this one comes up is April or so, and that time there’ll be 18 of the things. But we’ll deal with that later.

Day 2 of my subliminal washout is drawing to a close. For inspiration, I just re-read the section on bloom in the new Sub Club manual (4.5 ‘What is the Subliminal Processing Limit?’).

And the beat goes on…


These days I’ve switched to morning hikes to take advantage of the sun’s rays which balance the cold air.

Got to see some crested birds out singing.

Also met up with this dude

Grateful to be grateful


Day 3 of Subliminal Fast draws to a close.

So far, I’ve had slightly more active dream recall. Last night and the night before.

Other than that, we’re more or less sailing smoothly.


Day 5 of subliminal fast/washout begins.

Continue to have higher-than-usual dream recall (and maybe activity?)

This is the first time in around 7 months that I’m having an extended break from Mind’s Eye Terminus2. And that’s the other thing I’ve noticed.

This morning I had easier-than-usual access to mental imagery. Not quite stable or vivid but noticeably enhanced.

Makes me think that a 2 week on, 1 week off schedule might be good for Terminus2 programs. Or even 1 week on, 1 week off. I’ll tag @SaintSovereign in case this point is relevant.

Thought last night while walking:

the Subliminal script is to Genotype as Results in my Life are to Phenotype.


Day 6 of Subliminal Fast/Washout.

Think I remembered a dream when I woke up this morning. That was a while ago. Don’t remember anymore.

Been using music during my meditation. With a 60 minute sleep timer. So when the music cuts off, I know it’s done.

Evening meeting today. So if I want to get my walk in, I’ll need to do it earlier. As in soon.

Grateful to be alive.

Any other thoughts?

Not right now.


We’re wired to interact with narratives as if they are concrete, real phenomena; and to have very little perspective on those narratives.


Day 7 of my 10 day subliminal washout.

Lots of work to do these days. Hmm…no notable observations to share at this moment.

3 more days of this washout. Then 3 months and 3 weeks until I start to assemble and order the next Custom.


Thoughts today:

My whole subliminal strategy and approach is based on identifying a comprehensive vision and then working towards it consistently over the long-term.

This mostly came together in June and July 2020. But the build-up occurred from September 2019 to June 2020.

Basically this one year, from June 2020 to May 2021, is about grounding and foundation building. The first 5 months took a lot of mental energy. But by November/December, I could feel that the foundations were solidifying and ‘taking’. I have, in a way, been fortunate that this part of my process has coincided with a period of time in which world events aligned with staying close to home and protection; gathering, storing, and building potential energy.

It occurred to me today that even in May 2021, I will probably still not begin Dragon Reborn. My own Healing and Systemic Alignment Custom–Duat has barely had a chance to unfold.

I think that Dragon Reborn will, for me, be a title to run after my life has gotten to a better place and has plateaued. When the realities and dreams I’m summoning and building now have manifested and become normalized. When I find myself becoming complacent. That, intuitively, feels to me like the time I want to run Dragon Reborn.


And now, once again, for the litany:


sol (May 2020 to May 2021)
IMBUE Terminus Custom (since June 25 2020)
Alchemist (since July 12 2020)
Quantum Limitless (since July 11 2020)
Mind’s Eye Terminus2 (since May 24 2020)
Duat Terminus Custom 2 since September 8? 2020
PATHS Terminus Custom (since June 22 2020) * (But PATHS is built on Ecstasy of Gold which is since September 2019)

in May 2021, sol evolves into

IMBUE Terminus Custom
NAISSANCE Terminus Custom
DUAT Terminus2 Custom (contemplating rebuilding this as a Terminus build)
PATHS Terminus Custom


Or put alternately:

sol (1-year stack)

IMBUE Terminus Custom (6.5 months in)
Alchemist (6 months in)
Quantum Limitless (6 months in)
Mind’s Eye Terminus2 (7.5 months in)
Duat Terminus Custom2 (4 months in)
PATHS Terminus Custom (6.5 months in) *Based on Ecstasy of Gold (16 months in) and Stark (8 months in)


Day 9 of my 10-day subliminal washout

I just completed a meditation session that felt just as absorbed and settled as the ones I’ve been having with Mind’s Eye Terminus2.

What does that mean?

No freaking idea. But it happened. So here it is in my journal.

One more day of rest, and then we strike off into Alchemist and Quantum Limitless levels 3 and also the rest of my usual stack.


Do you have a new or overall sense of the washout, in addition to your mediation depth staying qualitatively as strong even without ME T2 (and I imagine your daily sub attributes are fairly cemented in your at this point)…do you feel everything integrating and settling or particular bloom?


no, i don’t.

on my walk last night, I was thinking, ‘hmmm…I wonder if it would take a much longer break period to see all of this really play out.’

maybe after all of the heavy input of the past 7 months, it would take longer to really let everything bloom. But, I’m not doing that right now. I’m still only in the middle of my current heavy stage (or, to be super-technical, about 2/3 through). This washout is more of a brief rest stop, I guess, when all is said and done.

So, no, I don’t really feel like I’ve fully felt the integration and/or bloom.

3 month and 3 weeks more. Then an 11-day rest stop and this happens:



First stage ‘drops away’, the ship becomes lighter and more maneuverable; and we’re in to the 2nd stage of Phase I of subliminally-supported growth.

That’s when I expect to experience more integration and bloom. Bunch of bandwidth will be freed up at that point.

But as always, we’ll see.


Don’t give up.

Do not give up.

If you are defeated, it will be in the mind first.

Doubts are only thoughts.


@Malkuth all my love to you :heart::heart:

I don’t know - maybe you need it right night or not - but I felt incline to express this to you :blush:


Thanks @friday… Appreciate the energy. Life…happens.

So, morning of the 10th day of this subliminal washout. The last day. Woke up pretty early. Meditated from 6:45 AM to 7:45 AM. Grateful for that. Work to do today, so I got up and am now getting into that.

Gearing up for tomorrow’s return to subliminals. Who knows what the next three months will bring? As I walked last night, I thought of the many non-human animals who are amazing f***ing warriors. Out there in the cold, making it work. :pray:t5:


The coherence of this man’s thinking is really striking