Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)


After 10 days of subliminal washout, I started back up on Monday 11/1 and have spent this week getting acclimated.

The return to listening has corresponded with my move to Alchemist Stage 3 and Quantum Limitless Stage 3.

I’ve been with Alchemist and Quantum Limitless for 6 months now, but each stage is like a new program. So this next few weeks/months involves a significant adjustment period, and I’m not stacking programs as densely as I would closer to the end of a stage.


Sunday. Rest Day.

My first week of Alchemist Awakening and Quantum Limitless: Quantum Focus.

Also, my first week back from a 10-day washout.

I’m still following an AB alternating-day structure with subliminals.

Day A: Monday, Wednesday, Friday —emphasizes PATHS (wealth custom) and Quantum Limitless

Day B: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday —emphasizes Mind’s Eye and Alchemist

Today, though, none of them are playing.

I am amazed at this journey. The next three months will be with Awakening and Quantum Focus.

Wonder how these three months will develop.

Many people talked about 2020 ending and I was happy to see it go, but I kind of won’t feel like the year has really changed until February 12 when Chinese New Year happens.


Okay, Monday. 18 January 2021.

Today’s plays:

6 AM to 7 AM (-ish): Meditation with PATHS of Wealth Terminus custom. I always meditate with the masked version.

(went back to sleep)
(then, hours later after waking, etc.,)
Quantum Limitless Stage 3
Quantum Limitless Stage 3
PATHS of Wealth Terminus custom (another loop)
Quantum Limitless Stage 3
(all Ultrasonic, as I worked and dithered)

break for a while and then

PATHS of Wealth Terminus custom (3rd and final loop) - that’s finishing now.
then, maybe, 1-2 loops of Alchemist Stage 3

Today/Tonight as I hike, I’ll play
IMBUE with Vitality Terminus custom (1 loop, probably masked)

Tonight as I go to sleep:

DUAT Terminus2 Healing and Systemic Alignment in Sleep and Dreams custom
Paragon Ultima (1 loop)
May drop in a Quantum Limitless Stage 2 loop

I’ll watch in the coming days to see if this seems to be too much content.


Con Game/Pimp Game 101 (i.e., Bullshit Game 101)

  1. identify target(s)/mark(s)
  2. set agenda for conning the chosen mark(s)
  3. identify mark’s areas of insecurity, incompetence, or just plain deficiency
  4. create narrative as follows: ‘The reason that you continually suffer from [insert area of insecurity] is that you have not realized [insert agenda]’
  5. continually push narrative in implicit, explicit, friendly, unfriendly, simple, and complex ways. Be sure to mix the narrative in with other legitimate, non agenda-related topics, points and interactions. This increases believability and organic appeal.
  6. advanced pro-tip: for increased effectiveness, actually believe in the Con’s agenda.
    Aim to maintain belief for at least as long as the con is in play, preferably longer if this is to be a long-term or large-scale multi-target con

voila! you are now a successful asshole who can con and pimp targets.

Good luck, asshole! Enjoy pimping!

For more advanced tips, observe religious leaders, gurus, politicians, influencers, teachers, philosophers, evangelists, activists, and humanity-at-large.