Turn me into my dream character thread


Hmm… my favourite character…
Robin Hood. :heart_eyes:


I’m so glad this thread opened up again.

Anyone got any ideas on any characters and actual custom they’d use to support the idea of that character?



Robin Hood

  • PCC core
  • Mogul Core
  • All-Seeing
  • Intuition Enhancer
  • Awakened Perception
  • The Merger of Worlds
  • Natural Winner
  • Blue Skies
  • Torch bearer
  • Transcendental Connection
  • Dragon Tongue
  • Mastermind
  • Potentiator
  • Sultan
  • Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  • Master’s Coordination
  • Pragya
  • Yggdrasil
  • Omnidimensional
  • DEUS


Smart Hulk

StarkQ, Khan ST4, Limitless, Beast


Why Mogul?

Funny that Robin Hood also includes Tyrant and Sultan.


Robin Hood must include Master’s Coordination.


Absolutely! :slight_smile:

What would you put in it instead?


Would put Survival Intinct as he has to live in a very rough outdoors environment as well as Inner Circle for his merry men. Plus Leader of Men.

Robin Hood has no interest in making himself rich or living a opulent lifestyle. All that money he robs goes to the poor.


Daniel Ocean? (George Clooney’s character from Ocean’s 11)


@Apollo - one of my favorite characters. Frankly, I like anything with George Clooney in it. Even Batman Forever haha. He just plays himself in every movie anyways


Haha same here. Just suave, stylish, smart, alpha and yet non-threatening. No negative vibes at all.

Hmm I’m thinking Stark, maybe AM and Primal and BLU… :thinking:


That just might be it


This fellow is impressive. Somebody might need to run the right customized sub at a young age for 2 years in order to achieve what he managed to achieve.


Khan Stage 4
Stark/Power Can Corrupt
Alchemist Stage 4
Direct Influencing Aura
Secret Source
Sex Manifestation
Gorgeous manifestation
Ultimate Music Producer
Focused Arousal
Transcendental Connection
Awakened Perception
All Seeing
Glory Seeker
Fortunes Favorite
Pride Unbroken


Another secret project. :smile:


damn :rofl:
:crossed_fingers: I just can’t keep em to myself.


Going by who is getting mentioned in another thread…

I wonder what custom sub can make one be as successful as

The Donald.


I previously wanted to be a solopreneur type of guy, like Christian Grey, Harvey Specter, James Bond. The lone wolf alpha male. Only Emperor was enough for that. But recently, I am more inclined towards becoming a “famous” leader (with qualities) who other men are crazy followers of, a true leader of men, people cheer (or whisper) his name wherever he goes. Achilles, Maximus, John Snow, Aragorn are some that come to mind.


Anyone in real life and in modern times? Perhaps our modern world is lacking in real leaders.


I thought about modern leaders. But couldn’t find much. Maybe someone else can give some examples.