Ultima Experiment Journal by Matt


Social situation was interesting. I was very tired, but seemed to laugh a lot or found things funny. So mood was good. Creativity was not on top, we are working on something new and I felt a bit blocked. Probably need a good sleep to recharge.

I am still in a talkative mood. That’s why I felt compelled to write this post. Maybe I should write in my personal journal. Or retry working on the creative project.

But it’s already late. My sleepy phase seems to be over.


Day 11

Yesterday I was tired and my body decided to sleep at about 1:30 am.

Today I woke up at 7 am. I will see if that’s enough sleep for today’s activities.

I dreamed about a memory from childhood. I let my sister on my computer and was frustrated, because I could not longer use it.

Before that I had a connected dream of uploading all my videos accidentally to Facebook and fearing that something shameful could be part of it.

Started „Stage 2 (A)“ at 7:05 am. Time seems to fly by a little as I already the first 20 minutes have been done and it seems to me that I just began writing.


  • physical - relaxed. Sleepy
  • emotional - good mood
  • mental - some fog

During listening:

  • physical - relaxed, some tension in the neck
  • emotional - optimistic about the day (although I haven’t been before)
  • mental - optimistic thoughts, time seems to fly by fast

At the end of the second loop I notice having funny thoughts again and doing jokes for myself. This could be a pattern. I don’t know if there is humor scripting, but I guess not. Maybe it’s a forgotten part of my personality coming out.

I slept for 2x 1 hour during the day. I feel better. Less tired.

5 hours after listening:

  • physical - relaxed, a bit tired
  • emotional - general good mood, but also irritated about little things sometimes
  • mental - positive thoughts

I observed during a video conference that I am more talkative than normally.


During hobby project in the late afternoon I noticed that I was less talkative and more self-conscious.
When working by myself on a creative project, me and my friends were pleased with the result.


Day 12

Sleep pattern still broken: Got to bed a 10 pm and slept until 4 am, then ate something, got back to bed and slept until 8 am.

I had an interesting dream last night, which I sadly forgot. Dream journaling could help with remembering.

Starting 3 loops at 8:30 am.

This time the time does not seem to fly by, but seems to be slower. I am still in the first loop. Probably will get better when I start working on something. I have decided to take a break after 1st loop for 30 minutes.

I can feel the difference between this and Stage 1. While being motivated and energized on Stage 1, I now do not feel that way. I have to drag myself to do things.

Loop 2: time still seems slower.

11:45 - starting loop three. Trying to focus on the good stuff instead only on being tired. Start writing in my personal journal.


  • physical - relaxed
  • emotional - good mood
  • mental - clear


  • physical - feeling tired
  • emotional - boredom
  • mental - time seems to be passing by slow, thoughts about being tired and bored (rumination)

5 hours later:

  • physical - tired
  • emotional - neutral
  • mental - rumination, less focus

At 3 pm I lay down to sleep because I was so tired and slept till 6:30 pm.


Reminder for tomorrow: just one loop!
I was still using the pattern of three loops because it worked well with stage 1 for me.
Tomorrow I will listen to just one loop.

Three loops is definitely too much because I needed to sleep a lot lately. I will try to reinforce my old sleeping pattern by going to bed at midnight and getting out of bed at 8 am.



Day 13

Sleeping pattern is still out of order. Yesterday I was so tired that I began sleeping at 10 pm and woke up at 6 am. Got back to bed and slept until 8 am.

Starting one loop only at 9:20 am.


  • physical - tired & relaxed

  • emotional - a bit irritated

  • mental - focus good, sometimes rumination (about negative thoughts)


  • physical - sleeping

  • emotional - fine

  • mental - time feels really slow


  • physical - less sleepy

  • emotional - feeling good

  • mental - outside I had a lot of thoughts, when I am working on something or talking to someone there are less thoughts


Day 14

No news about sleeping pattern, got to bed early, woke up at 4 am, have been sleeping again until 8:15 am.

Starting one loop at 8:30 am.


  • physical - fresh & relaxed
  • emotional - feeling optimistic
  • mental - stillness of mind


  • physical - tired, drained
  • emotional - feeling sad
  • mental - time goes by slowly, reading an interesting book I am sometimes distracted


  • physical - fit, relaxed
  • emotional - optimistic
  • mental - some creative ideas

At 3 pm I decided to run another loop.

Edit: After the first loop I also did some household chores which I normally procrastinate.


Day 14 - Loop 2

During listening I become a bit restless. I want to do something, anything. Cannot wait to socialise later. For now reading is the activity of choice. While reading time flew by fast. Maybe listening to Ultima Stage 2 in the morning is part of the effects I report?

Tomorrow I will start in the afternoon.

6 hours later, I noticed in retrospect effects like being talkative with my friends. It seemed like superficial talk. I sometimes noticed that and tried to stop it, but a few minutes later I began again to talk a lot. I know this behavior from drinking energy drinks.

Now I am running a third loop at 9:55 pm. After that I will have a look at the effects and plan to go to bed.

Edit: Reading during listening to the third loop was again focused. After that I played a computer game because I somehow got the idea I could excel at that. It was a bit frustrating because the mouse did only register double clicks and the game did not do anything with a single click. I put important functions on the keyboard and played that way. I want to excel at something, but probably not at computer games. Already had an idea for a mini game I could program myself. This is something I wanted to do for a long time and it could improve my coding abilities. I will read until I am tired and then go to bed.


Day 15

I am starting at 2 pm today. Hopefully, the first loop will be better when listened to not directly after waking up.
Read about Sanguine Ultima - will try that when the test is over.


Day 15

Got out of bed at 12 pm. Still feeling tired as I write this (1:30 pm).
Will start with one loop at 2 pm.
As the test is coming to an end I should really think about a possible custom subliminal.
I liked the effects of Stark Ultima, like having creative ideas and beginning to act on them.
On the other hand I would like to do an Alchemist custom subliminal.
And the first custom subliminal I thought of was build around Ascension Core and Inner Circle Core. I still like that one.
We will see.

30 minutes before testing:

  • physical - tired, relaxed
  • emotional - feeling neutral towards feeling good
  • mental - thinking about creative projects for the future and about doing some exercises to feel less tired

I did a few body exercises and already feel less tired. I could do some of these every morning.

During listening of first loop:

  • physical - more awake, still a bit tired
  • emotional - feeling good, excited about projects I am working on
  • mental - time seems to be passing slower, but without feeling bored

I just looked at the Ascension/Inner Circle sheet I created and I like it a lot. This is the chosen custom. I hope I can use two cores in a 10-12 module subliminal.
Now I have 20 minutes left for the first loop and I decided to read more in the book „Mindset“.
After listening I begin to do some household chores.

Today I did see a few strange-looking people, I had this before. I remember one alcoholic with a red face and two junkies. There was also one guy screaming for no reason. This happened to me on one subliminal before (Stark Terminus). I do not know if it has anything to do with the subliminal, but just see a pattern there.

Anyway I got my household chores done.

Before 2nd loop:

  • physical - getting tired again
  • emotional - feeling good and optimistic
  • mental - time seems passing by fast, thinking about solutions for my projects and finding good solutions

At 4:40 pm I start the second loop.

During listening to second loop:

  • physical - relaxed, more energised (wanting to do something), very thirsty
  • emotional - feeling good
  • mental - time passes slowly

During listening I got some things done, so my guess is that the productivity scripting is now working. At the beginning of stage 2 I didn’t feel like doing stuff, but now I am easily motivated again.

I have to admit that I am a bit afraid of my programming project or I just do not know how to start. So I am still planning that.

4 hours after listening to the second loop (9:40 pm):

  • physical - still fit
  • emotional - feeling good, sometimes bored when I don’t know what to do with my time (wanting to do something!)
  • mental - creative thoughts, time went by fast

I was feeling a bit irritated when a person was talking loudly about her travel plans on her phone outside, so that everyone could hear it.
Today I just listened to two loops with a break of 1:40 h in between.
I seem to be coping better. Starting in the afternoon also seems to help with this subliminal. With Stage 1 it was different because it was a good way to start the day. I could work very focused on my projects during listening. Stage 2 seems to take longer to get effects which might be because it is a Major Program.
Procrastinating on my programming project pushes me into unease.

Tomorrow I will also listen to two loops after noon as I was happy with the results I got today.


Day 16

Today I got out of bed at 9:40 am after 5 hours of sleep.

  • physical - awake, energized, relaxed
  • emotional - feeling good and motivated
  • mental - optimistic thoughts

At night, I did plan different custom subliminals which were similar, but I could not choose a main core yet.
This morning I thought: Why not build a custom around a name embedded StarQ.

Just read that Stage 2 is now done. This was a great test.
I liked that I could work very productive on Stage 1 A and B. The being in the now feeling was also very noticeable.
On Stage 2 my sleeping pattern first became a bit broken, but started to get better at the end of the test.
What I noticed at the end of Stage 2 (StarkU) is that I had some ideas for creative projects I want to work on.
Yesterday at night I planned the computer game I want to create more with some basic functionality.
I also chose the platform I want to create the prototype in. This could be an interesting path for the future.
I dreamed about creating a computer game since I was a kid and also created some simple ones then.
That this idea came up now I attribute to StarkU.