Ultima Experiment - Observations By Hermit


Last night I had similar deep story telling dreams, similar to the dreams that I had on day one of Ultima B. This is the second that time Ultima B triggered this for me. If it does that a third time then I can assume Ultima B carries out some deep and profound healing, I can certainly state that I didn’t experience any reconciliation whatsoever as of yet. Anyway it does feel like there has some emotional healing going on, somewhat likely to regeneration then I would say, I’ve been very restful and at ease since using Ultima.


I really wanna know what healing module this is to put it in my custom. Or maybe it is just the build method that makes it so great :thinking:


Completely agree with A as a party drug. You hear the music differently, if that makes sense…


High 5!! Me too.


Well there’s healing in almost every script, if I must make an estimation I would say it is something along the line of I Am, I haven’t used that before but it certainly feels like being more of myself.


Went to another party yesterday, as two of my best friends had there birthdays on two consequently following days. Had a lot of fun, and a lot of experiences where I could observe from, yesterday.

So, as it was the second party this week, both on Ultima A, I can definitely say that I observed an increase in Social Behavior, much similarities between the experience I had on True Social. On top of that, I just feel more like being my self, my true self.

Okay, so the dreams have been crazy to say the least, now also on Ultima A, yet the dreams when I was on B where a little bit deeper and out of all odds. There’s definitely some sort of healing going on, and there’s no doubt in my mind that it is affecting my social life. It feels like it is peeling away layers of bullshit that I have cursed myself with over the years.

Music is still rock & roll in my ears, and I can totally BE the music, listening to music has been a very uplifting experience.

Still feeling grounded and down to earth, thoughts are clean and clear and I am very well aware of the physical reality around me.

As for physical changes, I’ve been having crazy muscle twitching and spams, most of them being are my left shoulder joint, but also throughout different parts around my body, shoulder has just been more pronounced and more twitching/spams. Seems like there’s some kind of energetic development going on, or perhaps it isn’t even caused by the subliminal, yet it did start on the first loop of Ultima A, where I was having spams around the groin and pelvis.

Ultima - New Beginnings

Very good summary of the results of Ultima

I agree with everything besides the muscle spams because I just have not experienced them (or maybe am not aware?).


The scripting in Ultima is 100% custom, never used in any other title. This was a deep collaboration between @Fire and myself. He scripted, I developed the build based on our past results. I think this one is “it,” the game changer in subs.

The scripting in Ultima will be added to the Q store eventually, and probably used in new titles because it’s incredibly powerful and potent. It just has a tendency to cause burn out if you use it too much. That being said, we have some news next week regarding all this…


Please elaborate. Just a little bit. In what way?


Do I understand correctly that you mean that the modules in the q-store will get updated to that scripting? Or are you talking about new modules entirely?


Oh man. I can’t wait to find out…


Does that mean that we have to purchase high-end headphones in order to benefit from Ultima-scripted subs?


To add to that, will there be an ultrasonic version eventually or is it impossible to make one with the tech?


New modules. Ultima is its own product line.


No ultrasonic. It’s embedded in the Ultima file.


What makes Ultima so incredibly powerful and potent, and what do you consider powerful and potent?

Is there any conclusion that you have made through the feedback that we shared in our journals, anything that you can share at this point? What’s the muscle spams all about, lol, or am I really the only one having them.


I guess your pelvic floor is tight which can sometimes result in pain (CPPS), problems with bowl movements or even erection problems. The spasm in your pelvic floor (around your groin as you have said) means that this part is relaxing from its tightness which is a good sign.


It’s not I have previously experienced, but it could be as I’m keen to experiencing issues in the urinary system, it’s pretty common to having sun sign in Scorpio. Nothing I’m concerned of though, I’ve had many things in my life and all of them miraculously solved themselves. From eczema to allergies, astma and Henoch-Schönlein Purpura if you’ve heard of that.

Whenever I go to a doctor though they seem to notice odd and strange symptoms from me that they can’t attribute to anything. I’ve been to the hospital plenty times to test for some kind of urinary problems, I went to the bathroom a lot back in the day and it was probably because I was dehydrated even though I was drinking 4 to 5 litres. They never found anything related to a what they signify as a ‘problem’.


I always end up solving everything myself, lol! If there’s even anything to solve, your body acts to things not being in balance that’s all. (Or things getting into balance) :slight_smile:


What tools/processes do you use to solve these yourself?