Ultima Experiment - Observations By Hermit


Stage A is Stark. We’ve got something else.

I’d loved to try Stark also it indeed does make you feel very light, talky and appreciative of the world around you, to live your life with joy and bliss and strive after your accomplishments relentlessly with focus and dedication.


I’m not involved in that something else :flushed:


From what I was told it is going to be the debuut for the Ultima product line. The first program ever to be released from subliminal club on Ultima.


Good to know. So you’re not involved with Ultima 2 (A)?


I could be but I decided not the merge the results in order to get a crystal clear unaltered observation.The download is there for everyone, so I did download it, perhaps I’ll try it someday after the testing, but from what it looks like I’ll be getting a Custom.

I’m still figuring out which modules to go for though.


Nice. I’d do the same if I were you. Enjoy. Looking forward to hear your experiences.


Just looked to the right and saw 66/66 and 6th of July on post reference, when I see numbers it’s always like my subconscious points them out to me, I believe you know the feeling.


Looking forward to yours as well @Sirchiropractixalot


After the loop has ended I feel a deep gratitude for being alive. I had the urge to listen to some music and upon listening I automatically started to clap my hands and swing my arms in the air, because I just love to be alive.

All of these results only after one loop? This is insane. I must admit that the energies at current because of the full moon eclipse yesterday with all of the planets aligning are energetically uplifting already. It must somehow be accelerating my results as yesterday night I felt reborn.


@Hermit: Universe, how many 6s would you like my subconscious to point out to me?

Universe: yes


I downloaded my Ultima Special on 3:36 lol. The three’s and sixes are coming at me today. See them as energy gateways, everything in life can be calculated with mathematics and this is no coincidence as mathematics are the underlying energies of EVERYTHING.

It makes no sense that it says 3:36 though as it wasn’t even sent to me at that time. And I literally created the notes files right after it.

And then when I went to intuit the meaning on sacredscribes I come across 12:55 –


Interesting. How frequently do you notice these things? daily? hourly?


Depends on the days. I experience them most frequently on Eclipses, Planetary Alignments or generally on days where there is a lot of energy. On those days it’s hours on end, one number after the other. On other days it really depends on the manifestations I have going on and many other parameters. To make an average of an average day I would say at least 10 times. Yet on the energetic days the numbers are more crazy in terms of seeing the same number and repetitions of the numbers so many times.


Each singular number found in the same amount amplify the energies of that number. So 1111 would be a way more energetic number of the 1 energies compared to 111, it increases exponentially. The most important numbers are the 3,6 and 9 as those are the Middle Pillar, and immersed out of all other numbers to create a balance.

Seeing repetitive 3’s , 6’s and 9’s are very important. The most powerful numbers are those 3 repeated.


The energies of those alignments make me see from a state of elevated consciousness whereby I am aware of everything on a much larger scale and almost have solutions to literally everything and anything as I receive the answers from the Universe itself.

Now with the combination of yesterday’s alignment in conclusion with today’s new Ultima experience I feel like that state is reinforced not only through energetic adjustment but also directly through mental adjustment as I went through the audio. Of course all planes are connected so an energetic adjustment also changes all other planes. Yet affecting each planes gives indifferent results, as an example; audio subliminal’s affect the unconscious very different compared to visual subliminal’s. Because the brain’s receptive system of each physical organ attributed to those brain way compartments are different, and the frequency produced in those different parts of the brain are merely light electromagnetic energy produced from the soul.


Had another thought to really report this and show you guys:

This is totally tripped up stuff, as Ultima Special has to come out of the Zip which was only downloaded at 11:41 lol. I just received this thought and on my way here on the clock from my web browser it was 11:11…

(The Universe can indeed affect Artificial stuff. Your brain can affect random number generators also, dependent on the amount of etheric energy you have at your suspense. – the Universe has a infinite amount.)


Yes baby,


Interesting. I hit this at 12:34


19:11 for me


I tested the Ultima Special last night at four loops, and I’m experiencing this also. The effect is so profound right now, that I’m even questioning if it’s placebo! The creator of the damn program, lol. Just in a bit of disbelief.


Please note, Hermit and myself are testing a different file. He’s testing the “Ultima Special,” a release candidate for the first official Ultima sub. The rest of the testers are testing StarkQ, painfully recreated to work with Ultima.