Ultima Experiment - Observations By Hermit


Is the Special closer to Test A, if so there seems to be a large difference between (A) and Test (2).


I experienced some reconciliation after two loops. I had a business dinner tonight so I decided not to listen anymore, overtime the reconciliation had faded. Business meeting went awesome as expected.

Will report more on this tomorrow. One thing I did notice, and maybe it is to early to tell but the effect certainly didn’t last as long compared to stage one. Perhaps this is caused by me experiencing reconciliation. We’ll see tomorrow.

Are you testing Stark Ultima then? Or something else else…

Strange that you’re experiencing this as well, is it even in the script, lol?


For me it’s been totally different. I can’t yet pinpoint exactly how it is differnet, but hey it’s only been a day.

So far this Ultima Special looks very promising.


No, I meant different than the other testers. You and I are running the same file.


Either it is just me or Ultima Special is really densely packed.

I’ve noticed a reduced duration of effect, which may also be caused be a more densely scripted program as you look at the proportions. If that’s really the case, then it’s only a matter repetition in order to increase the effect even longer. Ultima A was giving me somewhat of a 6 hours long duration of effect, which is in the case less smaller, I’d somewhat like 3 hours.

There’s really three options here; either it is more densely packed, another option would be that there’s physical transmutation going on which I am not yet aware of, and thirdly I wasn’t aware of the effects in general as I was already vibrating to that state.

Spiritually {energetically}: monastic sense of inner peace and calmness. Where the previous Ultima experiment really balanced out the external environment and increased awareness in the external world, I believe this one is somewhat more focused on the inner planes. Ultima A was really grounding and Ultima Special makes me incredibly high; creativity, psychic senses are intensely increased, making the world around me seemingly more sensitive. In order to keep it balanced, I’ll be carrying alongside me some grounding crystals, probably Hematite, Shungite and Black Tourmaline.

Mentally: a profound shift has happened on the mental plane, as of yet I can’t quiet explain it. When running Ultima Special it always feels like my brain is going straight into Elipson waves. Either this could be the former or it may also be caused by the earlier theory on Ultima S being a densely packed subliminal. I feeling very spaced out, in the zone, time delations and all that. Now with that said, I do believe that there’s some sort of mental scripting in here, perhaps even development of physical/mental faculties.

Emotionally: music still uplifts me to some degree, although on Ultima A it was more like a grounded feeling of partying music with Bass was the rock and roll of my day. Indifferent from Ultima Special where I can instinctively flow with and take detailed observations of the highs, I’m more attracted to all types of electronic music such as drum & bass, house, trap, etc. Which I found quiet interesting, I believe the two would balance each other very well. A thing that I did notice from this one, which I didn’t from last one was an instant spike in emotional frequency, a change in mood, in Ultima A there was deep healing going on but emotional shifts only happened when listening to music, though a deep balance was kept through being grounded into the moment. I’d love to have this effect on Ultima Special as well, but who knows what the special has in store for us, it’s only been 3 loops in total.

Physical: nothing abnormal, calmness and an increased heartbeat, sense of relaxation through my body.


Great report Hermit

I would be interested in testing the Ultima Special too after Stage 2 is over.


me 2 friday.


It’s still an experiment for now, but if concluded positive and working then it’ll likely end up as the first release of Ultima.


First few days on Ultima Special been though to say the least. Either it’s been the full moon energies (and the weather hasn’t been pleasant either) so I can definitely account it to that tho. But I’ve been experiencing some crazy brain fog, not brain fog in a sense of not being able to concentrate or focus, rather a feeling of overexposure and brains continually processing something very dense. Not sure what’s going on as of yet, now it is morning and my brain feels somewhat clear again.

Tonight, I finally had the opportunity to have some deep sleep. Instantly had profound dreams which I can most likely attribute to Ultima S.

When my dreams are down to earth, I somehow always dream about Schools, Teachers, Homework , other students, the combination of those or separate from another. Every single time, it’s something related to that, at least when my dreams are down to Earth, very often I dream way crazier about things not even terrestrial. Now with that said, in the dream I lost my shoes, and there’s only one other time that this happened, which was on the Emperor Experiment and at that time I taught it was due to New Beginnings.

In the dream, I saw some people with machete’s knifing others down to the ground, and believe me this isn’t the first time I experienced this, so it’s quiet common for me. Every dream in a school or teaching environment always has some sort of violence in it.

Here’s the interpretation I found on the Internet:

Spiritual meaning of shoes in dreams – "In several spiritual dream dictionaries, shoes are correlated with how you cope in society and are associated with stability. To see shoes in dreams denotes you’re anchored and address life in a welcoming but concrete manner. Given the fact that shoes are the basis of our everyday lives, spiritually, shoes can represent safety.

We often need to put on our shoes before we can go very far in our day-to-day activities. Shoes often imply the start of something fresh or the first steps toward a purpose. If you launch a new business or start a new phase in your life, shoes are expected to appear in your dream. They are often an indication of how you feel about this new course at the moment.

Shoes are the symbol of your private commitment to move in a specific direction. They tend to connect to a desire to perform a lot of effort to acquire something right away. However, you may be struggling with self-identity problems. It can also reflect poverty, absence of mobility, or incomprehension."

Symbolism of shoes in a dream (sneakers) – Dreams about shoes are relatively prevalent. These dreams can reflect your craving to transform or pursue a new direction in your life. They could also imply a sign of your spiritual journey. Shoes in a dream could also symbolize your future ambitions or perhaps a career advancement.

To interpret a dream about shoes, the type of shoes is an important facet. Hence, sneakers in a dream may be a sign of duplicity. They may also symbolize the need to recover from a particular circumstance immediately.

Dreaming about stolen shoes – If you had a dream about someone stealing your shoes, such a dream might signify both possible losses and gains.

In my dream, I had to remove my shoes for some reason, there we’re a pile of them and when I went to pick mine back up to we’re them, they we’re either lost or stolen. I’m assuming they we’re stolen as there was literally a pile of shoes from different people. Either way it could also be that I couldn’t find them, last dream on Emperor they we’re lost and not stolen.

Dreaming about not wearing shoes . If you were barefoot in a dream, such a dream might reveal your carefree nature. This dream might also be a sign of poverty or no support and security in life. This dream might also be an indication of lack of confidence and low self – esteem.

Dreaming about stolen shoes . “If you had a dream about someone stealing your shoes, such a dream might signify both possible losses and gains.”

Dreaming about losing your shoes – . "If you lost your shoes in a dream, maybe such a dream is a possible sign of an ending of a relationship with someone close.

This dream might also signify a refusal of your love offer by someone.

Dreams about losing or forgetting shoes might be a sign of your reluctance to move forward in some situation in your life.

Sometimes such a dream might be an indication you don’t understand completely something important.
This dream can sometimes reveal the need to work on some relationship. Maybe this dream suggests you need to go on a trip with that person in order to sort things out with her."

The Biblical Interpretation of Shoes – "Shoes are a special dream symbol. Shoes are mentioned very often in the Bible usually symbolizing our direction and life path.

Shoes often symbolize our faith and readiness to be of service to God. In some cases they symbolize the protection we receive from God, and the desires granted to us by the Universe. A dream about shoes could also be a message from God that we have wandered off from the right path in life.

In the Bible, shoes have many different meanings.

Shoes were usually considered dirty, and people were asked to remove their shoes while walking on Holy ground.

Taking off shoes was in some cases considered an act of redeeming and exchanging. Namely, one person drew off his shoe and gave it to another person, which was an act of verification of the transaction.

Removing shoes from the feet was in some cases considered a symbolical transfer of power. The removal of shoes could also be considered as an act of cleansing the impurities and sins before addressing God.

Priests were often without their shoes while performing their religious ceremonies and rituals. Believers often used to enter their sanctuaries bare feet."

My shoes actually we’re dirty, but they’re also dirty in real life. They’re my sneakers which I use when I go out with friends not to mess up my other shoes.

Dreaming about losing a shoe or shoes – "If you dreamed about losing one shoe, this dream is not a good sign, and could indicate being under the influence of some evil spiritual forces, focused on ruining your relationship or marriage.

In some cases this dream could symbolize being manipulated in your relationship, and that could be a consequence of an evil curse.

Losing both shoes in a dream is also a bad sign and indicates difficulties and trouble in your love life and marriage. This dream should be considered a warning to try to save your romantic partnership.

In some cases, a dream about losing shoes could symbolize disgrace and poverty."

Dreaming about being unable finding your shoes – “If you dreamed you weren’t able to find where your shoes are, such dream is not a good sign, and often indicates loss of something significant. It could sometimes be a sign of major issues occurring in some areas of your life, which will be difficult to deal with.”

Dreaming about shoes being stolen from you – “If you dreamed someone had stolen your shoes, such dream usually is a bad sign, possibly indicating relationship or marriage issues and problems.”

Dreaming about forgetting or losing your shoes – "if you had a dream about forgetting your shoes somewhere or losing them, such dream might reveal your unwillingness to move forward in some situation in life.

You might feel unprepared to make some important steps regarding your future and life in general.

In some cases, such dream might symbolize forgetting about something very important in real life or not understanding something."


Interestingly, we are running different subliminals but still have the same dream themes.
By the way, is playing soccer or just playing with a ball something that is reoccurring in your dreams in the last days too?


Okay so I found it, this is definitely it.

“Sneakers mean new approaches to old problems. Worn shoes indicate a new love. To see your own shoes in a dream means a new start.”

In my dream it we’re my sneakers, which we’re my own shoes and they’re worn. And then I end up losing

“In many spiritual dream dictionaries shoes are connected to how you interact in life, they are associated with protection and in dreams to see shoes means that you are grounded and approach life in a welcoming but down to earth way. Shoes spiritually can represent protection. They are a foundation of our daily lives. Whatever the day we always wear a pair of shoes. Shoes themselves are extremely personal. Everybody has a preference for their appearance, design and make. As shoes are quite significant in our waking life we could just follow the Freudian viewpoint that our dreams are symbolic items influences we have experience in the waking world. Sneakers for example featured in a dream represents that you feel you are feeling like you are walking in somebody else’s shoes”


Never. Always dream about the same thing, unless my dreams are out there on other planets, or spaces I cannot even recognize.

Always about Schools, Teachers, Other Students or in School environments, with other Teachers or Other Students.


I guess I have huge Trauma about those things, as I always loved education and wanted to improve and learn yet Schools we’re never giving me the education that I needed, and they always kept me blinded. Not sure, I guess the future will tell, I’m not so bothered about it at this point. Reforming the education system is one of my missions.


I believe Attachment Destroyer will really benefit you then.


Attachment Destroyer & I Am will be mandatory in my Custom, still contemplating on Ares or Februus. Most likely won’t have them in there as I believe Stark contains Februus and Ascension contains Ares.

I don’t need that extra focus on Ares or Februus, if it would be one of them I’d be Ares to be honest.


Just a minute ago I saw the Mirror Hour 12:21, which indicates that I should be wary about a betrayal in the near future. No coincidence as the stealing of my shoes in my dream indicates something similar. It also says that I should pay attention as there are friends talking about my in a bad light and that I should be cautious of who’m my friends are. That I should avoid people who have a bad opinion of me and make better choices of who my friends are.

Attachment Destroyer will come really handy here to be honest. I always spend time and energy on friends unconditionally and I’ve been betrayed many times, yet I’ve always had compassion and forgiveness for there dis-awareness of life. I always thought that somehow the Universe will repay for my actions (law of cause and effect) and while that did happen quiet a lot, I feel that it’s time to get rid of those who don’t serve my highest and best good, even though I want to uplift them along my way, it’s not for me to decide there path and destiny.

Mirror Hour 21:12 also tells me that I’m currently under the thralls of Black Magick, and that someone is using rituals or power of the occult against me. Which was also indicate in the dream of last night. If there’s really someone as stupid out there to try this on me, they’re highly mistaking.


Oh shit I also saw 1221 & 2112 yesterday
but I thought that would be a good sign haha.

Also noticed a big blue bruise on my arm. I was wondering where this was coming from as I can’t really imagine where this could happen.


This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re undergoing to same. Every number has multiple meanings and it is always up to the person to intuit the meaning for himself.

I’m sure it isn’t a person, but an entity itself as this always happens before and after a major energetic event, those who light up in the Astral get hit the most. They may try there best :slight_smile:

Jup, me and friends have them as well. Scars from fights in the Astral that have manifested in the physical through the dream state, much like Nightmare on Elm street to give an example, lol.

Don’t worry about it though, we’re slaying them;



I don’t want to go to off topic here on the thread but could you die from fighting in the astral?


Let’s not go there and refrain from the experiment. Anyhow we can always discuss this privately.