Ultima Experiment - Observations By Hermit


Overview of my Observations on Day Four;

Past few days have been harsh energetically, at first I thought it was due to the subliminal even though I knew there was a portal opening on 7/7, not to mention the end of a threefold Eclipse season aligning with Saturn Retrograde and so on. A very powerful gateway has opened and the whole collective of Humanity has now been catapulted in lower 4-D.

Note – I took a break from listening yesterday, so far I’ve listened to 4 loops in total, with the one I’m listening right now being the fourth.

Onto my observations:

Spiritually {energetically}: An increased connection to the Divine, to what’s around me, to myself and in particularly to my Higher Self. Somehow I belief this is an effect of the Mental changes and not directly due to Spiritual scripting.

Mentally: whenever I use Ultima S, I instantly feel a shift in my focus and concentration, like having increased mental willpower, which is very useful. A definite increase in IQ and creativity, it’s somewhat to early to say as I believe intelligence increasing subliminal’s take time, but who knows what Ultima got in store for us. I also feel in the zone, and very focused with what I Am doing, time-dilation is still occurring.

I must admit with Ultima S, most results seem to be attributed to the mental plane. There’s really a lot going on here, especially when it comes down to creativity and pulling out the exact needed words and phrases when communicating with someone. As I said in previous posts, I do feel myself to be in heightened state of consciousness and sensitivity.

There’s literally so much going on here on the mental plane that I might even forget to note down the most important observations, such as a deep sense of knowing what to do and how to do it with everything related to mental faculties. Will go more in-depth tomorrow, I haven’t had the chance to build up the effects due to the incoming (draining) energy of the full moon.

Emotionally: I Am emotionally satisfied, a sense of loving myself resides throughout my emotional landscape. Much like being at ease. Furthermore I’ve found myself to be very assertive, I’m not sure if it is due to the subliminal though, there may in fact be other causes to this effect. Anyway, at first I felt an instant shift in emotional behavior, although it isn’t as much present today, it’s been an emotional week for everyone and the weather here hasn’t been all to pleasant either. I do feel a presence of peace and love within me, but I guess this is my baseline.

Physically: Muscles twitches still going on, now in different places. Probably isn’t due to the subliminal’s themselves, rather an energetic development of some kind going on in my body. I’ve always had weird and strange symptoms of all kind of things, that doctors couldn’t attribute to anything. Nothing particular on the physical front, at least not that I am aware of as of yet.

Took me 4 days to get this thing rolling, mainly cause of the circumstances and also because I believe this one is more dense compared to the previous ones. Nonetheless it’s a very effective subliminal and effects certainly build up overtime.

I have this inner feeling that tomorrow is going to be a break-through. There was an immense change in energy today, tomorrow I’ll be doing lots of meditating, rituals and what have you to come with an in-depth explanation of what it is that this subliminal does exactly.

Also today a loop was fine for me, no side effects only a build-up of effects where as on the first day I could feel a shift around 30 minutes in, either it was to much or not, I don’t know.


If Ultima S was a SubClub cake consisting of two - three of our titles, which ones would you choose?


4 loops weren’t enough for my to observe that, at least not due to the incoming energies, I’ve been feeling bloated out. Yesterday was a reset day, and today I’m feeling way better, so looking forward to tomorrow.

Besides 3 different friends have sent me a message asking me whether I had nightmares past two days. So I can only constitute that the nightmares weren’t caused directly by the subliminal’s.

If I we’re to make a bet, I’d say probably a stage of Quantum Limitless I reckon it is Quantum Limitless Stage 3 due to the ‘flow state’ effect, yet the effects weren’t so focused so it may also be stage 4, either way it could also be because it contains to much information of the other titles.

Quantum Limitless, Ascension due to the assertiveness of today and then Mind’s Eye as I did have an increase in visualization abilities (there’s nothing else I could attribute to Mind’s Eye though). Coming close? We’ll see. I’ll let you know at the end of the week.


Haven’t listened to any Ultima S loops in 16 hours or so, and still feeling enhancements in my cognitive functions, especially creativity and connection between conscious and unconscious mind.

Definitely some kind of Quantum Limitless, or even Ultimate Artist due to the creativity going on here. It’s really easy for me to find words in conversations, the exact words needed and appropriate at the time. Not unlike previous test where social conversations would flow easily through a deep connection with the now and the person itself, it’s really more like a deepened connection with my unconscious mind.

Probably going to pull the trigger today and run 3 loops instead, although it already is 14:44 here, as I just checked and if I were to do that I’d prefer to spread them throughout the day. But we’ll see, I’m about to go do my meditations and rituals after a loop of Ultima S.

Haven’t had any parties or huge social interactions where I could test the Aura or social attributes of the subliminal, which is quiet unfortunate.

I’m really eager to know what it is that this subliminal is working on so that I could actually take action on it. With the previous build social interactions and parties or even listening to music where great actions to get the subliminal activated even more so.

Will report more later.


As my reconciliation was an inability to focus, be productive or have mental willpower to visualize I can almost say those three are the prominent attributes of Ultima S.

With that being; increased mental faculties, optimization of visualization and mental willpower in combination with manifestation and last but not least increase in alpha male behavior and productivity.

Really feeling Ascension, Quantum Limitless and Mind’s Eye. The most obvious effects where Quantum Limitless then Ascension and followed by Mind’s Eye. There wasn’t to much to be correlated to Mind’s Eye, but it is quiet possible that those effects haven’t really started to come alive in me as I have no experience with that scripting, where as I have the most experience with Quantum Limitless and then Ascension.

It can also be to early to constitute anything, it just feels that I have only reaped a small amount of benefits compared to the subliminal’s capacity of delivering. There’s so much going on here and the first few days I wasn’t so vivid as I used to be, now everything is coming back together and I’m hoping to give and in-depth review either later today or tomorrow. It really takes me time to sit down, observe and be aware of what it is that is happening, cause if you just go about your day you’ll only notice the obvious differences and I’m trying to look for something, I don’t know what and it should be a change caused be listening to the subliminal, which isn’t always easy as there’s so much changing in my life on a daily basis due to my energy work.

So it’s really a game of observing, noting down, correlating and finding the causes of each effect. As I might observe an effect that isn’t directly caused by the subliminal and the other way around, in this case only time will tell as I get to observe, correlate and differentiate more causes from effects.


Overview of my Observations, day 5

The amount of flow and connection I feel between my conscious and unconscious mind is literally insane. Everything comes to mind, my mind is clear and crisp like it has never been before and I totally feel like the God of Gods. Feeling back like day one of using this subliminal only with effects being even more pronounced. Words and letters flow to me like no others, is this some kind of ‘Writing & Creativity’ focused subliminal’?

It feels like I have inspiration for days and I can write weeks on end without stopping. Definitely feel like writing informative books and letters to those who need them.

Okay well I feel like I’m at the point where I can really discuss what this subliminal is all about, which I previously really couldn’t. Haven’t played any loops for today, yet the effects are still ongoing, which must mean I was in a state of reconciliation the past days, probably also due to the massive clearing and cleansing which was going on. Reconciliation is inevitable when you’re not feeling good, because the unconscious will always have the belief of the how the conscious should be and if that’s not in alignment then the beliefs will simply be reconciled – it’s that simple.

@SaintSovereign is this some kind of William Shakespeare inspired subliminal?

The following parameters will be have added descriptions upon listening to my first loop of today. Actually my hands are hammering the keyboard right now pulling all of the words straight out of my unconscious. Never wrote sentences this quick, is this really due to the subliminal, I’m actually not sure but I certainly did also notice it on day one.

Spiritually {energetically}:




By the way if I would have to swap out one of the above I’d probably be Mind’s Eye for Ultimate Artist or so, I was thinking about it last time but now that I think about it, I’ve been feeling really creative lately, actually it was some of the first things that I noticed.



Ultima S just went beyond my expectations. Can’t even start to explain what happened to me yesterday evening. I went to a campfire party, and what happened there was truly amazing.

I finally got a glimpse of the extroverted aspects of Ultima S, and let me tell you, they’re Out of This Fucking World. I cannot evening begin to describe it into detail, so many things to talk about, it was totally crazy.

Not sure what to say, there’s really to much to say, I can write a book about yesterday evening. But since Ultima has been released a few hours ago I’ll let the experience be yours.


Go ahead and tell us — the experimental title you’re running isn’t Sanguine Ultima. It’s a new title that will be released soon. :wink:


Ultima A felt more Sanguine, but I do not belief that one was regular Sanguine, as there was way more to it then that, but yeah with Ultima you never know.

As for Ultima S, I belief there’s some crazy fame, attention and status scripting in here. Literally everyone wanted my attention, no matter my previous relationship with these people everyone was acting like they knew me from somewhere or another even though I never saw some em before. On top of that conversation just flowed smoothly and effortlessly, past relationships that faded got cleared up all out of nothing. In a way everything felt very Godlike as it seemed so smooth and effortlessly, every piece of the puzzle just fitted together, somehow everything was divinely orchestrated or something. I really can’t wrap my mind around yesterday evening, the amount of events that I’ve been waiting for so long just came together yesterday. Honestly I don’t even want to go in detail as it contains to much of my private life that I like to share publicly, but let’s just say if this what due to the subliminal, then I can only constitute that people will be waiting in line to get it.

The whole evening I was in the center-point of attention, not to mention all of these guys taking me apart for a private conversation… and that’s only a fraction of what happened.


I kind of want to go to another social event to see what happens, because I really can’t belief it was due to the subliminal. Surely I had an amazing week and a lot of strange things happened, but yesterday… was something totally different.


Let’s just say… you just quoted the script directly in a few places. :wink:


lol, makes sense why I had reconciliation in the beginning, perhaps the subliminal is very oriented around extroverted experiences instead of introverted experiences, which I’ve been doing all week long. I was in total Hermit mode preparing for next week, arranging my bureau, cleaning-up, reading books, etc didn’t really have much social interactions this week.

So with that said, it might be helpful to give testers some guidelines on what to take action on, obviously without giving anything away about the scripts. That would make it so much easier to observe effects and results. I guess this is also the main reason why Ultima A was so clear for me, as the day of my first loop I went to a party with three or four people there being dj’s and we had a lot of fun toying around with music, especially me as I was inside the damn music due to the subliminal, lol.


Did one loop this morning and I’m having some brain fog again… yesterday I had none of these problems when I went outside to have fun.


Actually this might also be worthwhile to mention but yesterday evening I build out three different business ideas for three different persons, which where actually highly interested in what I’m saying and are now contacting me through all means possible to know more.

I’ve had enough already… lol


So apparently testing is over, which means I’ll be taking a break today and maybe even tomorrow from listening. Can’t wait to know the composure of Ultima A & S, we’ll know soon enough.

Going to be flushing out all of the ongoing scripting and make a decision on my Custom, or perhaps I’d keep on running Ultima S, it feels like I haven’t uncovered much about it.


24-hours later I’m still feeling major effects of Ultima S, even more so then before.

A friend invited me to another social event, where before I probably wouldn’t go, this time I took it as an opportunity to get another impression on Ultima S, and in general to acknowledge the effects of past experience.

Oh gosh, even though I haven’t listened in 24-hours the effects are still ongoing and ever more pronounced then before, this is really crazy. I’m starting to belief Ultima Technology is distinctly a booster, but overtime will totally change your paradigm.

Ultima is something that will totally change people’s paradigms very deeply in only weeks, mainly due to the outstanding experiences you gain by it. Just imagine totally living another reality for 3 weeks – you’ll be a changed men.


very interesting the effect you are getting! Did you also have the spasm around your groin with Ultima Special or only with Ultima A?


Only with Ultima A, it lessened on Ultima S although it was still prevalent. Honestly, I do not think it was caused by either of those subliminal’s. None else had these effects anyway.


If anything it was due to Quantum Limitless Stage 1, which is was running before the testing. Yet that would mean it’s effects we’re very long lasting.

I believe they’re merely Ascension symptoms.


I am deriving similar conclusions