Ultima Experiment - Observations By Hermit


Ultima Special you are running is actually Beyond Limitless. It is to “Supercharge Your Creativity and Intelligence” From reading your log it seems to have a different effect.


Because it is not the scripting that changes your identity but the experiences themselves, and you’ll get a hell lot of experiences in a very short period of time on Ultima.


Well, that’s the main thing I observed, and enhancement of intelligence and creativity. I even mentioned in a private chat with Saint that I thought it was Beyond Limitless.

Beyond Limitless was actually one of my favorite Superchargers, at least from it’s description but it never really worked for me. On Ultima Beyond Limitless is something quiet different, it surely enhances recall of information, communication between conscious and unconscious, flow and creativity, but also fame, attention and solving problems easily and swiftly.


Hence why we switched from the guided meditation + ultrasonic format of the superchargers to pure subliminal.


This was a very good decision, I couldn’t agree more. In the past the superchargers really weren’t much of a deal for me, I loved the Stacking Modules as I could really use these at there appropriate times to shift my state, Ultima took this to another level.

Was there anything else in Ultima S besides Beyond Limitless, I’m really wondering what all the crazy social interactions where about? There’s something about Ultima that brings results to the forefront that I haven’t experienced ever before, like ‘out-there’ effective, beyond what people grasp as normal, giving drug like alternations in consciousness.

Probably going to keep Ultima S as my daily Ultima dose, is this the finalized version?


Yes. I tested it myself. See no reason to change anything for now.


My first experience on Beyond Limitless comes very close to what was described in the Beyond Limitless Ultima Thread. Now after a good week and the conscious connection between the unconscious scripting, the entirety of the scripting came alive.

I believe my productivity was raised but unfocused and I regard this state of distracted focus to the lack of Stark scripting during the experiments. Once I pull all of my cards and lay all-in on my Custom, this will be even more then pinnacle of dreams.

I was thinking about creating photographic memory with a subliminal program not even a week ago, and yet here you have it. Storing memory is bound to space/time and the connection to that memory is increased by the emotion of experience, all photographic memories are due to great visualization capacity in tandem with a vivid connection between the conscious and unconscious mind. Which makes me belief that there must be Mind’s Eye scripting in there, am I correct?


I myself am excited by the prospects of using BL Ultima with my custom that will feature QLQ ST4 and Mind’s Eye at Terminus level.

Also, @Hermit imagine if BL Ultima is already socially effective on its own then how would a True Social Ultima fare… :smiley:


Looking forward to True Social Ultima, I also like Sanguine Ultima, but will use Beyond Limitless Ultima as my daily drive.


The memory recall on Ultima Beyond Limitless is literally crazy, I can pull out memories or information our of my unconscious from literally years ago, things I didn’t even knew I remembered.


It’s the 11th that I’m on Ultima Beyond Limitless, and I’m not sure what they’ve covered in this Title, but I’m literally experiencing improvements in all facets of my life.

Feeling crazily ecstatic, I’m having energy for days, I need less sleep then usual to be rejuvenated, feeling exponentially confident whereby my social wit and charisma has accelerated greatly, I’m having endless creativity and can easily pull any necessary information from my unconscious.

I’m feeling so good that I don’t even know if I want my Custom right now, actually I cannot belief this how this subliminal is affecting me. Knowing that the effects will increase overtime, I’m really starting to wonder what they’ve blended together in Ultima Beyond Limitless. It seems to enhance any titles I’m running alongside it, I did a loop of Ascension yesterday and this morning the effects became even more present then ever, throughout the day they increased dramatically and now the effects are through the roof.

Am I dreaming?

Common Hermit wake up…


Are you listening once a day now?


During the testing period, I limited my usage to twice. Ever since testing was over I’ve been listening once a day, but I might to an additional loop every now and then if I feel so.


Did you notice any difference in results based on listening to one or two loops?


Well that’s hard to measure, I guess not as it only gave me reconciliation in the beginning. Now, the effects did improve a lot overtime, and I do feel like I got accustomed to most of the script so another loop wouldn’t hurt.

Basically you will have increased results as long as you can handle it, if another loop causes reconciliation then you’ll have reduced effects.


How can i miss this worderfull thread? Be reading all this and post forward. Im following it :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Beyond Limitless Ultima is amazing, took a two days break because it was hitting me very heavily.