Ultima Experimenta: Hailing Hydra never felt so good


I really want to listen to Libertine…


Very interesting. Who is The Ancient One though?


In SubClub, this honor belongs to @Hermit.


I just had an experience where I was falling asleep, but heard my alarm ringing very loudly. I had difficulty getting up to turn it off despite my best efforts to prevent it from waking everyone else up. It’s like sleep paralysis and I called out to my Soul “hey Soul, come back we need to take care of this”.

It couldnt really be my alarm as the music was different. I still have the tune in my head but cant figure out the title. I think it’s by The Killers… I dont even listen to them.


T2 is definitely still experimental, hence the warning on the Q store. Terminus is stable, gives reliable and consistent results.


Day 3:

Listened to the first loop of Ultima (A), had to stop half way to go to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, I thought of something extremely controversial regarding the principle of Oneness. PM me if you want to know more.

I am feeling more positive. In the past, seeing pictures of women that I’m sexually attracted to with their current/ex partners would make me sigh heavily. Today I saw some of such pictures on fb and while I started sighing, my Inner Voice said “It’s not your fault. This was before they knew you.”

I also became aware of how often I forget that Consciousness is the only reality, and I have everything in my power to influence my reality according to my desire. Especially with these subs.

2nd loop, nothing remarkable. 3rd loop, fell asleep while listening. Nothing remarkable too. Will edit this in 4-5 hours if needed.


@SaintSovereign If you can talk about it now, what about Ultima makes me want to listen to Libertine real bad? And can I?


Pre Day 4:

I dreamed that I strangled a classmate whom I’ve not see for 11 years to death :open_mouth: In this dream she was blind. This was after 3rd loop of (A) and meditation last night. And when our teacher was talking to me about how she died, I was very guilty.


Day 4:

2 loops of (B) so far, about 6 hours apart. I finally got down to do this task that I’ve been putting off for way too long. Nothing exciting, other than the lack of sleep is putting me in a constant State Akin To Sleep. will report back after the 3rd loop.

Nothing much to write about, except that while in meditation I felt and visualize my body being surrounded by a white light, and I jumped into a huge whirlwind in the cosmos.

edit: Oh, I too felt some muscle twitching, but not while listening. Mine was on my right lat, left arm.


Day 5:

First loop of A, fell asleep shortly after. Nothing earth shattering.

Family member commented that I am more tired than usual. I think it’s time for a 1 day break after today…

Second and third loop of A in between meditations, I noticed a little bit of muscle twitching.


Okay I have no idea what’s going on, I listened to the third loop and it ended at 130am. Went to sleep, only able slept for about an hour. So now I’m awake after an hour’s sleep, but not tired :open_mouth::hushed:


Keep in mind that we’re not looking for earth shattering, just any result – no matter how small, that could be attributed to the subliminal.


Got it. I will recall yesterday and add in anything if needed.


Deciding if I want to take a rest day today, or run (B) then rest tomorrow :thinking:


So I decided to take a rest.

Went out with the two women I met earlier this weekend. Same thing happened, one left, leaving me with the other. We talked about sex, but not in great detail due to the environment.

FYI, before we met, I used Neville’s instructions in “I become You” and visualize being her, telling me that she craved my penis. For good measure, I even visualize myself suggesting to her the exact same thing.

We were on the same cab back, but I was too pussy to ask her to hang out longer and push the envelope :roll_eyes:

I had 2 alcohol beverages, but surprising, my alcohol tolerance improved. I’m not sure if the subs had anything to do with this, but I’ll take it.

Knowing the Law intellectually isnt good enough. I need to BELIEVE in it. If I did, I would have asked her to hang out fully expecting that she said yes.

But I am also happy that I managed to be with her alone, and I create that opportunity through manifesting.

Inner Voice Is telling me to get my 2nd custom sub, comprising of Sex Mastery Q, Godlike Masculinity, Primal, all the aura modules and 9 result enhancement modules. Go through the sexual quantum leap program so that I radiate a Masculine Vibe that non-verbally implies my ability to effortlessly facilitate female ejaculation… Or maybe that’s my Outer Voice.

I am still waiting for an opportunity to turn things sexual instead of creating it. I believe this will be solved by the above. I am gong to call this project Great Ace.

I also felt uncomfortable when they were talking about their exes. Not even sexually, but I did.

I fully believe in myself to overcome this problem.


I am going to take another day off. For the longest time, I drank alcohol for 2 consecutive days in a row…


Since Stage 2 is dropping tomorrow, I will be taking 3 rest days from subliminals. Really looking forward to it.

I feel like I need less sleep on these subs, but when I’m awake I could be A LOT more energetic…


How are you going to take 3 rest days in a 24-hour time-span lol.


I’ve been resting since 2 days ago lol


Day 1 of 2(A):

Felt asleep after about 20 mins while listening to it, woke up and the track was already over. Did feel slightly (just a wee bit) anxious while I was wake, seemed to be processing it. Feeling energetic now.

Listening to the 2nd loop now.

edit 1: Fell asleep while listening to the second loop too. This time it just flew by. 1 hour felt like 20 mins. going to wait for a few hours before listening to the third loop.

edit 2: Fell asleep on the third loop. I think have to do this one seated up… I am awake at 6am after 5 hours of sleep…